In every industry, people expect children to follow their parents’ footsteps and continue the family legacy. While some meet such expectations, very few exceed them. Mikaela Spielberg – the adopted daughter of legendary filmmaker Steven Speilberg – is trying to join the latter group.

For an in-depth look into Mikaela’s net worth, married status and biography, take a deep dive into her wiki details!

How Old Is Mikaela Spielberg? Wiki, Bio, Mom

In 2019, Mikaela Spielberg turned 23 years of age. Every 28th of February, she gets bombarded with birthday messages from near and dear ones.

Mikaela’s middle name is Georgia. Details concerning her adoption procedure evaded the prying eyes. So did the info about her biological parents.

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Adopted as an infant by dad Steven Spielberg and mom Kate Capshaw, Mikaela is siblings with Destry Allyn, Sawyer, Max, Sasha, and Jessica.

Mikaela parents were married in the year 1991. Between 1976 and 1980, her mom Kate was in a marital relationship with Robert Capshaw. Meanwhile, her dad Steven shared holy matrimony with Amy Irving from 1985 until 1989.


Mikaela Spielberg with Steven Spielberg (Pic – E Online)

All thanks to her parents’ vast wealth, Mikaela led a life of luxury growing up. Her education, as well as lifestyle, were of the highest standard. She attended the Crossroads school.

Because of the scrutiny placed under her by the public, Mikaela developed a borderline personality disorder. By her admission, she also battled anxiety, alcohol abuse, depression, and an eating disorder. What’s more, she was also abused and groomed by the so-called predators.

Concerning height: Mikaela stands a little shorter than five feet & six inches stature. Meanwhile, she owns 64+ kg of weight.

At the time of writing this article, Mikaela owned a little above 2k followers on Instagram. She went by the moniker “Vandal Princess” on the platform while describing herself as a “plus-sized pixie” in the bio.

Videos, Net Worth, Adult Entertainment

Circa February 2019, Mikaela Spielberg made headlines after sharing that she was joining the adult entertainment industry.

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Upon the announcement, Mikaela faced criticism — even promoting her to make a statement.

Speaking with The Sun, Mikaela opened up about her desire to do “erotica.” She described it as “pictures and videos for private customers or the public — if that ever arises.”

Further in the interview, Mikaela shared her plans to get a dancing license. Admittedly, she only wanted to do solo videos. Anything beyond that would risk the relationship with her significant relationship.”

Expounding on her decision to join the adult entertainment industry, Mikaela said:

“I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body. Frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body…and I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul.”

Mikaela then asserted that her videos would satisfy many people. The results, in turn, could make her happy.

When asked about her parents’ views on her decision, Mikaela claimed they were not upset but intrigued. She also predicted to receive their full support on her future endavours.

Quoting a source, Page Six later reported that Steven and Kate were embarrassed for Mikaela’s siblings. They, however, respected her decision.

Should Mikaela begin producing adult movies, it would undoubtedly become a hit because of the exposure gained over time. The earnings could further solidify her wealth. Additionally, she is one of many heirs to her dad Steven Spielberg’s $3.6 billion net worth.

As promised, Mikaela launched her OnlyFans profile. She set $15 as the monthly subscription premium.

Husband, Boyfriend, Fiance

Coming to her dating life: Mikaela Spielberg once used to address a man Chuck Pankow as her boyfriend.


Mikaela Spielberg and fiance Chuck Pankow (Pic – Page Six)

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By February 2020, Chuck had become Mikaela’s fiance. The adopted daughter of Steven Spielberg broke the news of them getting engaged in the above mentioned The Sun interview.

Per the interview, Mikaela prized her relationship with fiance Chuck. Out of respect for their relationship, Mikaela confessed to engaging only in the solo stuff.

Mikaela’s relationship with her husband hopeful Chuck was far from simple. The 26 year age difference between them startled everyone. As of Feb 2020, there was no word on whether or not if the aspiring adult actress’ mom and dad approved their romance.

According to Mikaela, she and husband prospect Chuck resided in Nashville, TN at the time, Meanwhile, her parents lived in LA.

To those in the dark: Chuck is a Nashville-based professional dart player who also works as an exotic animal trainer and handler. He was nicknamed “The Pacemaker.”

Arrested, Jail, Domestic Violence

Mikaela Spielberg got arrested on the wee hours of 29th February 2020 for allegedly attacking fiance Chuck Pankow.

After the arrest, Mikaela was booked into jail and charged with misdemeanor domestic assault with bodily injury. In addition to being assigned on a 12-hour hold, she had to fork out $1k as bail money.

Following the initial hearing, Mikaela’s next one was set for 9th March 2020.

When asked about the bust-up, Chuck stated the incident was nothing but a misunderstanding. Contrary to the rumors, he claimed to be not hurt.

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