Genc Legrand earned his mettle in the showbiz as a method actor. However, it was his romance with Destry Allyn that kept him relevant.

Keep on reading and discover wiki info regarding Genc. Furthermore, find out his net worth, age, and height. Also, become familiar with Genc’s movies and family background.

Who Is Destry Allyn?

Before getting into life and career about Genc, let’s read a thing a two about Destry Allyn.

Destry Allyn is the youngest daughter of legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.

Born in 1996, Destry turned 23 years old in late-2019. What’s more, she celebrated her birthday on the same day as fellow Sagittarius Corinna Kopf.

Youngest in the Spielberg-Capshaw household, Destry grew up alongside 5 siblings including Mikaela.

Given her father’s reputation, Destry could’ve pursued a career in Hollywood. Instead, she gained fame as a competitive equestrian rider.

Before Genc, Destry shared romantic ties with Vine star Matt King.

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Genc Legrand Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

At the start of 2020, Genc Legrand turned 23 years of age.

Likewise, Genc grew up celebrating his birthday on 4th January. Born on 01/04/1997, he owned Capricorn for a Zodiac sign.

A man of many talents, Genc excelled in basic Jazz dancing, cooking, and painting. Likewise, he spent ample time playing badminton and soccer.

According to, Genc is a polyglot — specializing in 4 languages (English, French, German, and Albanian).

Genc Legrand Bio — Family Background, Nationality 

As of 2020, Genc Legrand resided in Los Angeles, California. Originally, he hailed from Europe — Geneva, Switzerland to be more specific.

As such, Genc most likely possessed a European passport.

Despite numerous tries, media outlets couldn’t obtain Genc’s family background that includes his siblings and parents.

However, several publications noted Genc once ran with the last name Tairi. He never revealed why he changed it to Legrand.

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Genc Legrand Height, Weight, Distinct Features

True to his age, Genc appeared fit and healthy. Moreover, he possessed an immaculate sense of fashion.

Genc Legrand reportedly stood around 5 feet 11 inches in height. Similarly, his weight shouldn’t surpass 78 kilograms.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, FB, Twitter

On 59 people followed Genc Legrand on Facebook (as of 5th July 2020). Meanwhile, his Twitter profile stayed dormant.

Elsewhere on Instagram, Genc possessed 693 followers. On the platform, he had uploaded 21 posts.

Genc Legrand Net Worth, Movies, IMDB

Pursuing higher education, Genc landed in New York, America. He then studied method acting for 2 years at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

According to his official website, Genc loved straying from method acting and embraced spontaneity. Also, his characters ranged “can range anywhere from a distraught low life to an intelligent scholar.”

As for his credits on movies and TV shows, Genc served as a badge PA on the set of “West Side Story” — Steven Spielberg’s latest project.

Sadly, an IMDB profile detailing Genc’s work didn’t exist (4th July 2020).

Although lacking in an official confirmation, Genc Legrand allegedly owned $100 thousand in net worth.

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Genc Legrand & Destry Allyn: Dating, Engaged, Married

Genc Legrand commenced dating Destry Allyn in October 2017. Two months later, they were enjoying a boat ride in The Bahamas.

As of July 2020, neither Genc nor Destry shared how they began dating.

In October 2019, Destry raved about their one year together. Via IG, she shared:

“Damn… time flies. Happy 1 year little egg!! Wouldn’t be able to function with out your cooking skills, your love, your care, your motivation, and our shared humor.”

According to Destry’s December 2019 post, Genc was her first boyfriend and now-best friend.

In early-July 2020, Destry took to IG and share the news of their engagement. She posted a photo of her kissing Genc all the while sporting a diamond ring. In an accompanying caption, she wrote:

“Holy cannoli, I’m engaged!!! 💍💕😍
I am so excited to take on life with my best friend! This is the best day ever! I love you so much @legrandgenc !!! 😊😍🥳💍💕”

Immediately, fans and friends alike took to the comment section and congratulated the engaged couple.

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