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British actress, Michelle Lukes, is a name that a true cinephile would surely remember, if not an average moviegoer. Hands down, she delivered her performance of the lifetime as Lisa Torres in the BBC drama Doctors (2009-2011).

Learn more about this elegant lady’s family, career, and her boyfriend looking at this article designed in a wiki-style format.

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Michelle was born on February 24, 1984, in London, England.

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Michelle hails from the family where her parents come from distinct backgrounds — and is the only child. Her father is British whereas her mother is Chinese.

British actress Michelle did her education from the Bristol Old Vic and successfully won Newton Blick Award for her versatility.

Plus that, Michelle, trained herself at the Royal Ballet School in London to become a dancer.

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Michelle’s career graph is not that hard to comprehend. The earliest work of Michelle is known to be a movie called Alexander (2014).

Little after, she landed herself in the cast of numerous movies such as Empire: The Lost Legion (2014), A Christmas in New York (2016), and Go Back To China (2019).

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Similarly, Michelle also worked on numerous TV shows. Some of the popular ones’ names are Casualty (2006), Doctors (2009-2011), Strike Back (2010-2015), Halo: The Fall of Reach (2015).

Not to mention, for a talented actress as Michelle herself, it must not have been a big deal to accumulate the net worth she has done now. A perfect example of ‘Beauty With Brain,’ Michelle stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters).

Married, Boyfriend, Husband

Maybe it’s an inherent property of her genes, but the fact remains what it is: Michelle does not like to flaunt her relationships on the Internet.

No wonder, it was hard for many people to know her present relationship status (Feb 2020).

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However, she referred to her relationship a couple of times. In 2017, Michelle had a boyfriend from Farmington, Connecticut. The fact can be easily tracked through her social media as she mentioned him timely in her socials.

Similarly, she had another boyfriend too who dumped her by email, circa 2014.

That being said, there was no news whatsoever about Michelle getting married.

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