Meet Mialisa Bonta, famous as Rob Bonta’s wife.

In March 2021, Rob hit the news after Governor Gavin Newsom nominated the California State Assemblyman nominated for the California General Attorney.

Read this Mialisa Bonta Wikipedia and learn unmissable facts about Rob Bonta’s wife including her age, job, and maiden name. Furthermore, discover her Facebook, kids, and height.

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Mialisa Bonta Age

In early 2021, Mialisa Bonta reached the age of 49. Similarly, 26th January 2020 is her birthday.

Born in 1972, Mialisa inherited the zodiac sign Aquarius at birth.

Mialisa Bonta Maiden Name

Her maiden name is Villafane. What’s more, she was born Mialisa Tania Villafane.

Mialisa hails from Bronx, New York. Meanwhile, her husband, Rob was reportedly born in Quezon City, Philippines. The couple settled in Alameda, CA.

Enid Magalio Rosario is Mialisa’s mother and perhaps, her only known family member. A native of New York, Enid is a graduate of Bronx Community College and Audrey Cohen College. She studied Business Administration and Government & Public Administration in the respective colleges.

As of 2021, Mialisa’s mother, Enid was working as a project director for the City of Oakland. Around the time, she also resided in Richmond, California.

How Tall Is She?

Mialisa Bonta reportedly stands few inches shorter than her husband, Rob Bonta. To be more precise, she has a reported 5 feet 6 inches in height.

Talking about her weight, Mialisa weighed over 64 kilograms. Also, she has curly thin hair.

Social Media Reach

Interestingly, Mialisa is present on all three major social media platforms.

Until 25th March 2021, Mialisa entertained 123 and 434 followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively. Meanwhile, she had a whopping 2.1 thousand friends on Facebook.

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Mialisa Bonta Education

From 1980 until 1989, Mialisa attended Friends Seminary.

Mialisa received her B.A. in Psychology from the Yale University in 1993. She then studied Administrative Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

In 1999, Mialisa acquired her JD from Yale Law School.

Mialisa Bonta Job

As of March 2021, Mialisa held the job position of Oakland Promise’s CEO. She first landed the gig in July 2019.

Beyond her assignment at Oakland Promise, Mialisa also served as an Elected School Board Member for Alameda United School District, Political Candidate for Alameda USD School Board, and Founder & CEO at Literacy Lab.

Between November 2012 and October 2014, Mialisa served as the Executive Director at Bring Me A Book Foundation. Before that, she was the Principal of Oyen Consulting for 5 years and 2 months.

Previously, Mialisa was a consultant at Teachspace and Partners In School Innovation.

Mialisa joined Breakthrough Collaborative in September 2007 as a CEO. She would leave the company as a senior advisor in the Summer of 2009.

Her long list of employers also includes Stupski Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, and LEAP.

According to online sources, Mialisa’s net worth crosses $800 thousand.

Mialisa Bonta And Rob Bonta: Wedding, Kids

Mialisa met her future husband, Roba Bonta when they were freshmen at Yale. They would begin dating shortly after that.

In 2020, Mialisa and Roba celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. The couple had tied the knot in August 1997.

Mialisa and her husband, Roba would go on to have 3 kids. Their firstborn, Reina arrived in 2000. Iliana and Andres joined the family in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

Reina, the couple’s oldest child, followed their paths and attended Yale. There, she was pursuing film and media studies.

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