In 2021, Keylie Rihn became an overnight sensation after the premiere of “Pig Royalty”. Alongside her parents and siblings, she starred in the Discovery Plus series.

This Keylie Rihn wiki attempts to answers questions about the reality star’s age, boyfriend, and job. Likewise, it highlights her height, family, and more!

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Keylie Rihn Age

In late-2020, Keylie Rihn reached the age of 2020. She is 3 years younger than her sister Kammi Rihn.

On Keylie’s 18th birthday, Kammi penned a sweet message on Instagram. It read— “Welp Sis, you’re finally legal. Happy 18th birthday. I know we don’t always get along or see eye to eye, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world. PLEASE MAKE GOOD DECISIONS AND DO NOT DO ANYTHING I WOULDN’T DO! Love you, sis! #181818

Reportedly, Keylie celebrates her birthday on 25th December. Also, she is a Capricorn.

Keylie Rihn Family

Keylie Rihn was born to her parents: Josh and Jody Rihn. So were her siblings: Kammi and Kannen Rihn.

As of 2021, Keylie resided in College Station, Texas. Whereas, Sabinal, Texas is her hometown. Her middle name is Alexis.

Having tied the knot in 1987, Keyline’s parents celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary in 2020.

For Keylie, her parents are her greatest role models. In her March 2019 IG post, she shared— “To mom & dad, I truly don’t know how y’all have put up with me, but I’m so glad you do. Everything I do, I strive to make you both so proud. Y’all go above and beyond to make me happy and always push me to do my best. There is no way to thank you both enough for all you do. I could not do it without y’all. From many ass chewings to good laughs, it was all worth it. Thank you for being the greatest parents a girl could ever ask for”.

How Tall Is She?

Looking at her Instagram photos, Keyline Rihn stands above 5 feet 6 inches in height.

Like her older sister, Keyline has tattoos (one of them is inked on her right arm). Plus, at one point, she even pierced her navel.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of 24th March 2021, Keyline had already accumulated over 2,200 followers on Instagram. Equally popular on Facebook, she had around 1500 friends on the social media platform.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Keyline enjoyed entertained around 800 followers.

Keylie Rihn Job

If rumors are anything to by, Keylie Rih was still attending college in 2021 while holding a job on the side.

Previously, Keylie had attended Hondo High School.

Along with her family, Keylie lived and breathed stockshows. She even won an admirable $30 thousand which paid her college tuition.

Back in 2018, Keylie finished 1st at the Honda FFA 2nd Annual “PM” Invitational. Her father even shared a photo of the trophy on his Facebook.

In “Pig Royalty,” viewers watched Keylie and the Rihn clan competed with the Balero family in the pig competition. Per reports online, it was the Balero who came out top during their match-up.

When possible, Keylie must lend a hand on the family business, Rihn Showpigs.

Keylie Rihn Boyfriend

In 2021, Keylie was still dating her boyfriend, Micah.

Back in Summer 2020, Keylie and Micah celebrated their 6 months together. Simple math tells us that the couple began dating in late-2019.

In a September 2020 IG post, Keylie labeled her boyfriend, Micah “my forever wedding date”.

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