Stephanie Denaro is a new face to go viral for her racial commentary in a bakery. She was labeled the ‘Bakery Karen’ when her viral moment was captured and shared on social media.

So people started searching for Stephanie’s true identity. To learn more about her delve into this Stephanie Denaro Wiki.

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Meet Stephanie Denaro AKA Bakery Karen

On 23 March 2021, Stephanie Denaro earned herself the name ‘Bakery Karen’ after she spewed racial commentary at a bakery employee. The incident happened when she arrived at the bakery without wearing a mask. One employee of Davidovich Bakery asked her to leave the premises which eventually led to Stephanie losing her cool.

The video taken by by-standers was posted online that made her go viral.

Stephanie Denaro also actively involved herself in protesting against Covid-19 regulations. She widely shared in public and on Instagram that Covid-19 was a social construct. Time and again, she criticized the mandatory use of masks which was made compulsory due to the pandemic.

Moreover, she was also known for causing tension in public vehicles and in Target among other places.

The ‘Bakery Karen’ also advocated the reopening of the school while the pandemic was at the peak moment. She and a group of other parents sued New York City government for the closure of schools.

The New York native also sued the Administration for Children’s Services among others for the alleged injuries that endured when a social worker and NYPD officers removed her kids from her home.

Stephanie Denaro Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Stephanie Denaro turned 38 years old in July of 1982. She celebrates her birthday every year on 26 July. That made her a Leo by her zodiac sign.

Stephanie Denaro Wiki — Parents, Hometown, Political Affiliation

Stepanie Denaro Dawes was born to her anonymous parents in the United States. She hailed from her hometown of Queens in New York. While she never openly shared details on her family members, some sites noted Rosemary Denaro and Anthony Denaro as her family members.

Moreover, Stephanie Denaro never spoke about her political affiliation as of this moment. But, since she donned the Make America Great Again hat in her post in December 2020, it notified she was a Trump supporter. So, it wasn’t hard for people to jump to the conclusion that she was a Republican.

That said, at one point, Stephanie even endorsed Bernie Sanders. However, she switched her support for political affiliation in a matter of few months.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The only social media Stephanie Denaro was on was Instagram. Her IG account earned a total of 5847 followers in total as of March 2021. Other than that, she didn’t have any presence on Twitter as well as Facebook.

But, she was widely talked about and shared on all of the platforms.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Stephanie Denaro stands not more than 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Whereas, her slim body weighed about 58 kilograms (127 lbs).

Furthermore, the hate comments that she received were mostly directed at her physical appearance. She was compared to meth and crack addict because of her pale look on her face. Moreover, she has a mole on her chin and dark circles around her eyes which happens to be her distinct features.

Stephanie Denaro Job, Career, Education

Very little is known about Stephanie Denaro’s career. She graduated from the New York University in 2000.

Stephanie Denaro pursued a career in creative writing. She is a poet and an author who wrote a couple of books. Some of her works included The Fairest One of All (2013) and Ameircan’t Romance (2016).

Much of what Stephanie pens came right out of her experience as a young woman coming of age. She also briefly worked at different burger joints.

While in NYU, she also performed in several dramatic and comic roles under the direction of Dr. Robert Jeske. She performed her poetry in various school publications and showcases. Following graduation in 2007, she continued developing her voice as a writer and political organizer.

Her work, American’t Romance was written in the ‘gonzo’ style of journalism. The Lower East Side Story, a love affair that caused the author to reverse her radical political ideology for the sake of something much easier to believe in that true conquers all, even when all hope seems lost.

Stephanie Denaro Husband, Kids

As per Stephanie Denaro’s social media, she is a mother of three kids. As The Sun reported, she has three daughters and a son. However, she never shared further details related to her husband on her social media. But since her kids inherited part-African American heritage, the father of her child was without a doubt a Black man.

Almost no information on her father helped draw the conclusion that Stephanie Denaro and her alleged husband might’ve separated. Being a mother of three half-Black kids, Stephanie faced criticism for spewing racial slur from far and wide.

People who flocked the comments section of her Instagram also felt sorry for her kids and felt concerned about their health and safety.

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