Meet Matt Hamilton who caught everyone’s eyes playing Peck’s sidekick, US Marshal Trent Havelock, in Disney+’s Turner and Hooch series.

Matt, as an actor and screenwriter, appeared in many TV series including Supernatural and Marvel’s Legions before landing the celebrated Havelock role in Hooch.

Now, as he enjoys the newfound fame obtained from playing his dream role, find out all about him in this Matt Hamilton Wikipedia.

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Matt Hamilton [Actor] On Turner & Hooch

Matt Hamilton remembered watching the classic 1989 comedy Turner & Hooch when he was a kid. He used to love it. And to be a part of its reboot was one thing he had never imagined to happen.

He was shooting a movie in Kelowna when he got the audition and immediately he was like “oh my God. This is everything that I need in my life.”

Because of COVID, the callback process was on Zoom.

This way Matt amazingly portrayed the character who is not a fan of dogs despite being a huge dog person himself.

His Age, Birthday

Born as an Aquarius, actor Matt Hamilton grew up celebrating his birthday every year on February 6th. He reached the age of 37 in 2021.

Matt Hamilton [Actor] Family

Actor Matt Hamilton was born and raised in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Lately (by 2021), he called Vancouver his home.

He is grateful for her mother who went through it all to run the family and raise kids with a differently able husband.

Matt Hamilton: “She’s put up with a lot of shit. 4 boys, a husband with one hand and one eye, a brother like @jeffdevine and the list could go on and on.”

Matt Hamilton often shares stories as such on his Instagram dedicating her mother Wendy (aka silver bullet, Wendo, Wendovski, Wondo, Nana) who turned 64 on Feb. 4, 2017. “While I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I do know I couldn’t have done it without her”, he shared.

It seemed Matt has three brothers. Quinton Hamilton, the youngest continued to live in their hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Then, Spencer Hamilton lived in Calgary, Alberta working as a manager in Events and Properties at Hockey Canada. Then, there is Mike Hamilton, who seemed happily married with two beautiful young daughters.

At the time, we could not gather details on Matt’s father.

Matt Hamilton [Actor] Height

Actor Matt Hamilton, in his physically attractive and well-developed muscles, stands to a height of 6′ 1″ (1.85 meters).

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His Social Media Reach

Until August 13, 2021, Matt Hamilton had 3,010 followers on her Instagram @_matt_hammer.

Then, Matt enjoyed 2,353 followers on Twitter @_matt_hammer.

Matt Hamilton [Actor] Net Worth

As of August 2021, actor Matt Hamilton had above an estimated $700K net worth.

Matt is an award-winning actor and writer. Before he pursued his career, he graduated from Vancouver Film School for Writing for Film and Television. Also, he had his B.F.A in Writing from the University of Victoria.

As an actor, Matt was nominated with a 2015 Leo Award Best Actor award for his role in The Actress Diaries, the web series which was also nominated for “Best Web Series”. Further, he won the Best Performance category for The Fence at the Sunscreen Film Festival.

Then, of course, his writing also has been placed in numerous contests and festivals such as Praxis Fellowship, Scriptoid Television Screenwriting contest, Creative Screenwriting CS Open, Story Pros screenwriting contest, 13 Horror screenwriting contest, Vancouver Web Fest, the Leo Awards, among others.

The last time we heard, Matt was represented by Candace Fulton Kirk Talent and was managed by Ron Williams from Williams Management.

Matt Hamilton [Actor] Wife, Girlfriend

Actor Matt Hamilton did not appear to have been married before the time of this writing. At the same time, it was also not understood if he was dating anyone.

His social media sharing would not give away his current relationship status. (Of course, the wife jokes Matt cracked on Twitter were nothing but fiction.)

While Matt has been very careful to not reveal his former dating life stories as well, his fans sure seemed interested in who this ‘Jen Grant’ is who has repeatedly appeared on his Instagram.

Matt shared one of the first posts with “babe” Jenn back in Sep. 2016. They seemed to be fully enjoying each other’s company dining at LOCAL Public Eatery Kitsilano.

The next year in February, Matt and Jenn appeared again on Matt’s Insta-post which he captioned “Babe goals.”


Is Jen Grant actor Matt Hamilton’s girlfriend? (PIC: Matt’s IG)

Again in August 2018, Matt and Jen greeted the fans from the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium. The same year, they also attended some weddings.

Then, Matt wished her a happy birthday writing,

“Happy birthday to my favourite.

She may not get all my jokes. Or most of them. Or any of them now that I think about it. Oh god. AM I NOT FUNNY?! #happybirthday”

The last time we saw them together was in January 2019 when Matt and Jen and Matt’s brother and what seemed like his plus one shared meal at Rodney’s Oyster House.

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