Peloton instructor Christine D’Ercole is engaged.

Christine announced her engagement to boyfriend Brian Hicks on via Instagram, on August 12, 2021, with the caption: “It was a good day. @therealbrianhicks You are my heart. And, It’s about time.♥️”

Amidst the congratulations pouring in find out more about Christine and Brian Hicks’s romance in this Christine D’Ercole Wiki.

Christine D’Ercole Age

On August 12, 2021, Christine D’Ercole reached the age of 50. This makes her supposedly an honest, loyal, confident, and ambitious Leo.

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Christine D’Ercole Family, Where Is She From?

Christine’s father, Victor Charles, passed away in June 2002 of some illness. Only months ago, on the anniversary of his passing which also happened on Fathers Day itself, Christine missing him “terribly” took to her Instagram to remember— they did a lot of father-daughter weekends when she was in Girl Scouts — building fires, hooking worms on fishhooks and catching sunnies, and canoeing at Camp Tweedale, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

The other time on Father’s Day, Christine also shared a small excerpt from her book-in-progress. It said, her father wanted to be a priest but became a Marine, and later, a regional manager of Pantry Pride Grocery Stores in Delaware county, in Pennsylvania.

Then, thankful Christine D’Ercole still has her mother, Marjory Dercole, by her side. Currently (by 2021), the matriarch, lived in Lewiston, Maine. In June 2021, she had a knee replacement was recovering well.

Christine believes that one of the greatest gifts her parents gave her was the gift of creativity.

Now a New York, New York resident Christine grew up with her younger brother, Matthew D’Ercole, in their hometown of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Her Height, Weight Loss

Christine D’Ercole stands above a height of 5′ 8” or 1.73 meters.

In 2020, Christina D’Ercole lost a ton of weight as she had a bunch of surgery. Over the course of having three major surgeries in six months, she was 30 pounds less and was happy.

And although Christine has it strongly believing she does not have to lose weight when this happened, she was like “yay, I’ve lost 30 pounds”. “That’s the old brain, that’s my weird monkey brain kicking in that says that’s better”, she said.

As a young girl, Christine wanted to be a ballerina. She faced various setbacks, as people repeatedly rejected her for her thighs. Christine was told they were “too big” for a ballerina. Instead, after gaining pregnancy weight she decided to become a plus-size model.

Has Christine D’Ercole Undergone Surgery?

Around March 2021, Christine D’Ercole was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. So, she had to go through its removal and the reconstruction around it on her face, smack in the middle. As a result, she was literally was not allowed to move for the next three weeks. Because of this she also had to totally sideline her training for some time.

As she was explaining all these on Talk of the T-Town Podcast, the show’s host had said how “terrific” Christine looked despite having recently undergone surgery.

“You look great, by the way. Our listeners can’t see you because we’re not a video podcast, but I can see you and you look terrific.”

Her Instagram, Facebook

Until August 13, 2021, Christine D’Ercole had 178K followers on her Instagram @iamicaniwillido.

Meanwhile, Christine had 6,904 followers on her Twitter @iamicaniwillido.

Christine also entertained 13,754 followers on her ‘Christine D’Ercole’ Facebook.

Then, Christine also ran a business account on Facebook. The ‘Christine D’Ercole – Peloton’ page, about her rides, playlists, and upcoming events, had another 106K followers.

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Christine D’Ercole Net Worth

Christine D’Ercole, primarily as a global track cycling champion and Peloton instructor had above an estimated $1.5 million net worth (by 2021).

Senior instructor at Peloton since October 8, 2014, Christine also founded WORDSHOP™ IAMICANIWILLIDO in 2006.

From 2003 – 2009, Christine was a Fitness professional at Equinox.

You might as well find the part-time businesswoman in her online merch shop —

Regarding academics, Christine studied BFA in Acting at Carnegie Mellon University from 1989 – 1995.

Christine D’Ercole Husband

Christine D’Ercole has been together with her fiancé, Brian Hicks, since at least March 2020.

The to-be-husband, Brian Hicks is an Of Counsel at Fenwick & West. He went to Redlands High School and studied Law at Stanford University and Philosophy and Political Science at UCLA.

He is from Redlands, California, and lived in Brooklyn, New York at the time of this writing.

Brian seemed to have popped the question targeting Christine’s 50th birthday. On that day, which was soon to carry even more significance, Christine had chronicled the whole day, beginning with her waking up to discovering the house covered in birthday decorations. She and Brian had then dined at Aska in Brooklyn.


Christine D’Ercole shows off her engagement ring and fiancé as she also turns 50 (PIC: Christin’s IG)

While Christine was yet to share more details about their relationship, we know, she knew she has a 23-year-old daughter, Victoria, born in 1999, who she frequently shared photos of on her Instagram.

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