Bravo’s highly anticipated Below Deck Season 9 is returning on 25 October 2021.

And yes with some old yachties and a few more in number newcomers.

With a new captain Sean Meagher stepping in for Lee Rosbach, they have the returning Eddie Lucas as first officer, Rachel Hargrove as a chef, and the new faces — Heather Chase as a stewardess, Jessica Albert, and Fraser Olender as stews and Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsay and Wes O’Dell as deckhands.

So in this Jake Foulger Wiki, we mean to cover all you need to understand about the deckhand Jake Foulger.

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Jake Foulger On Below Deck

Excited Jake Foulner took to his Instagram to share the first teaser of his season of Below Deck in August 2021 and wrote, “Ohh lord what the fuc* have I done 🤣 #belowdeck”.

Following the just-released trailer, the other sailers and Jake’s co-star also promised the season is going to have even choppier waves ahead of them — from “boat-mances” to cleaning dildos and new crew alliances.

As per Refinery29, the cast of Below Deck makes can take home quite a hefty sum of money at the end of the season. As the cast on the show does not work a whole yacht season, so they are likely to make more throughout the season as they move from boat to boat.

Reportedly a deckhand like Jake usually makes around $3,500-$4,500 a month, while a bosun would make a little bit more at approximately $5,000 a month. Plus, there is a handsome tip coming in from the guests on the boat by the end of every charter.

Jake Foulger Age

Jake Foulgner was born before 1995. So, she should have at least reached the age of 25 in 2020, following his birthday on 14th October.

His Family, Where Is He From?

Jake, with the full name Jake Anthony Foulger, is from some part of the United Kingdom. His nationality is English.

His father had a lockdown wedding during the first wave of the COVID pandemic, late in December 2020. Everyone in the family, including Jake, seemed super happy for his dad and his bride.

This also means Jake’s parents are no longer together. Jake had shared a throwback memory of them when they were expecting him in 2015. he had captioned the Instagram post with “Mum and dad and Jake the bump.”

Jake’s mother, Lisa Foulger-Barthropp, is on Instagram @foulgerbarthropp. And Jake often mentions her in his writing, “Thanks for putting up with all my shit for years, I know deep down you enjoyed it. Love you lots @foulgerbarthropp. Can’t wait to see you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

The matriarch is a registered dental hygienist at The Arthur Road Dental Practice and clinical contact caseworker at NHS Professionals Graphic in Kingston upon Thames, England. She was awarded the prize for ”best clinician performance” at Kings College Dental Hospital in London.

Her LinkedIn mentions as part of these multiple jobs, over decades, she has managed patients of all ages with varying needs working in general, implant, and periodontal practice alongside St Helier Hospital, pediatric dental department, and domiciliary visits to nursing and residential homes.

Then, Jake’s much younger “little” brother, who towers over him, turned 20 on 7 April 2021.

Jake Foulger Height

Jake Foulger, who seemingly loves tattooing and piercing, stands 5’10” tall in height.

He has had his ears and nose pierced and often we saw him sport a nose ring and so well.

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His Instagram, Facebook

Until 21 August 2012, Jake Foulger on his ‘Jakey’ handle on Instagram had 804 followers @jakefoulger1.

Then, Jake had only one follower on his Twitter @MRFOULGER while his “proper Twitter” account did not exist at the time of this writing.

You may also find Jake on his Pinterest @jakefoulger.

Jake Foulger Net Worth

Jake Foulgner had less than an estimated $300K net worth by August 2021.

He is an artist on Instagram. It appears his sketches/drawings are tattoo designs.

Then, on his Instagram bio, Jake also introduces himself as a sex therapist.

Because there was no LinkedIn linked to Jake, at the time, his qualification, and career details could not be understood.

Jake Foulger Girlfriend

Jake Foulgner did not appear to have been married before the time of this writing. At the same time, it was also not understood if he was dating anyone.

His social media sharing would not give away his current relationship status. But mostly, Jake seemed to have no girlfriend. Because all of the alone time he posts online has been with his dog with the likes of “I want my dog! People that are isolated with their dogs are lucky bastards!!” captions.

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