In 2021, Su Pollard starred in the reality cooking show Celebrity MasterChef. As of result, everyone began to question details about her daughter, net worth, and husband. This article has all the answers to FAQs.

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Does Su Pollard Have A Daughter?

No, Su Pollard doesn’t have a daughter. She doesn’t even seem to have a son for that matter.

Here, we debunk the rumor that Claudia Winkleman is Su’s daughter. Claudia’s mother is Eve Pollard (more on that later).

Who Is Su Pollard Husband?

As of 2021, Su Pollard isn’t married. However, she has a former husband in Peter Keogh.

Su and Peter tied the knot in 1984. By 1992, the couple had already divorced.


Su and her husband Peter (Source:

Born in 1994 in Scarborough, Australia, Peter is the author of the 2014 memoir My Hi-de-High Life: Before, During, and After Su Pollard.

As of 2020, Peter was still writing for November that year, Peter penned a piece for the publication and claimed he knew he was gay when he married Su. In the same article, Peter praised Su’s vocal chops and labeled her talented.

By his admission, Peter met many stars including Princess Diana through Su. Needless to say, he discovered his passion (entertainment industry) because of the actress.

Back to Su Pollard’s relationship status, she vowed never to marry again in her August 2021 interview. According to Su, she’s happier dating men. Rather than settling down, Su claimed she’d rather “entertain gentlemen” a couple of nights a week. Asked about her comment on marriage proposals, Su said:

“I was joking. I wouldn’t want to be doing with all that again. I’d rather entertain gentlemen. You know, it is better if somebody comes and visits two or three times a week. But you’ve got to be careful because each time they come they bring more stuff. You think, “When I first met you, you’d only have one pair of shoes and now there are 10 pairs in my wardrobe!””

Is Su Pollard Related To Eve Pollard?

No, Su Pollard isn’t related to Eve Pollard. Because they share the same last name, many automatically assume they are relatives. However, that is not the case.

To those unfamiliar, Eve Pollard is the former editor of the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Express. She also earned fame because of her regular appearances on Through the Keyhole and Loose women.

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Are Su Pollard And Jenny Eclair Related?

Su Pollard and Jenny Eclair aren’t related despite being each other’s look-a-like.

Jenny is very vocal about people mistaking her for Su. Back in July 2014, the comedian tweeted:

“At least when Su Pollard gets mistaken for me – she is being mistaken for a woman ten years younger #worsetheotherwayround

Fast forward to 2020, Jenny took to Twitter and wrote:

“Today I have been mistaken for Su Pollard, Eve Pollard and Jenny Mc Carthy!”

To those unfamiliar, Jenny Eclair is a multi-faceted individual. She soared to prominence for her appearances on Loose Women and Grumpy Old Women.

Su Pollard Young

She was born to her parents Don and Hilda Pollard. Young Su Pollard grew up alongside her baby sister Jean. The Pollard siblings have 7 years age difference.

Talking about Don and Hilda Pollard, the couple worked for Players Cigarettes.

Here’s a photo of young Su.


Young Su (Source: Readers Digest)

Where Does She Come From? Where Does She Live Now?

Su Pollard hails from Nottingham, England, UK. As of 2021, she was living in London.

How Old Is She?

On 7th November 2020, Su Pollard reached the age of 71.

How Tall Is She?

Su Pollard measures 5′ 6″ (1.68 m) in height.

Su Pollard Net Worth

By 2021, Su Pollard had already bagged more than $2 million in a reported net worth.

Su first entered the public domain with her chart-topping 1966 single Starting Together. She then earned stardom for her role in the situation comedy Hi-de-Hi!.

What’s more, Su’s career has spanned over 45 years. At 24, she had received her first break after landing a chorus role in the John Hanson tour of The Desert Song. Before that, she acted with the Cooperative Arts Theatre.

Because of her versatility, many have likened Su’s to Barbra Streisand or Shirley MacLaine.

Some of Su’s notable TV credits include acting roles on You Rang, M’Lord?, Penny Crayon, Two Up, Two Down, and Oh Doctor Beeching!

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