Alex Harvill, best known as Daredevil hailing from Ephrata, Washinton, passed away in June of 2021. He was attempting a practice run for the world-record-breaking event and it took his life. Learn more about his life, career, family details, wife, and kids in this Alex Harvill wiki.

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Alex Harvill Dead, World Record Jump

Daredevil Motocross racer and world-record-holding Alex Harvill is dead. He left the world leaving behind his wife, kids, dad & mom, and other family members with teary eyes. Jeff Harvill introduced Alex to motocross got nervous every time he leaped from the ground. So one can only imagine what he was going through.

Fans were always eager to know about his reckless passion and wondered if he ever thought about death. Alex, in response, shared about exercising unflappable optimism and focuses on a series of minor details to ensure his safety. For him, believing is becoming.

But the unthinkable happened in June of 2021 when he crashed during a practice run to break the world record jump. Alex was attempting to break the world record of a jump from a ramp 351 feet which was set on 29 March 2008 by Robbie Maddison.

Rest In Peace, Alex Harvill, and our heart goes out to the grieving family, especially his wife and two sons.

His Age: How Old Was He?

At the time of his death, Alex Harvill was 28 years old. However, the precise date of his birth is yet to be known. Furthermore, his birthday and his zodiac sign remain anonymous.

Alex Harvill Family

Alex Harvill was born to his father Jeffery Harvill and his mother Debi McPherson Chamberlin in his hometown of Ephrata, Washington, United States. He and his father have been long related to the motor racing business. His parents appear to be divorced and have been married to their respective partners as of this writing.

While nothing surfaced on Alex’s father, his mother Debi attended and graduated from Westminster High. Following graduation, she attended the Big Bend Community College and graduated. Then she joined Heritage University where she studied education and Grand Canyon University where she studied Reading.

Debi has been working as Academic Instructional Coach at Quincy School District.

Moreover, Jeffrey married Christina Harvill and started his second family. Whereas, Debi remarried Ryan Chamberlain.

Other family members of Alex Harvill include Elishia Harvill (Aunt), Aryn Harvill (Cousin), and Taylor Harvill (family member).

Alex Harvill Height

Alex Harvill reportedly stood at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). Furthermore, he weighed 70 kilograms (155 lbs). He inked several tattoos on his body like MOTO4LIFE on the side of his chest and DREAM ON on his wrist.

His Instagram, Facebook

Coming to social media reach, Alex could be discovered on Instagram and Facebook. His IG  account garnered 9791 followers. He posted last time on the platform on 16 June 2020. The last post was about him attempting a jump to keep the new world record.

On Facebook, Alex was friends with 3.4k people. He posted similar content on the platform but has been removed. A total of 815 people followed him on Facebook.

His social media are filled with heartfelt words of last goodbyes from his fans, friends, and family members.

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Alex Harvill Net Worth

Alex Harvill accumulated a reported net worth of $600 thousand.

It was Jeff Harvill, Alex’s dad who was a motocross enthusiast. He took Alex to Methow Valley when he was only 2 and fell asleep on handlebars.

Alex Harvill began riding a bicycle without training wheels when he was only 4. He competed in his first dirt-bike race at age 5. He graduated to a KX 60 dirt bike to age 7 which only took him a year to master.

This made him capable of making a jump that adults wouldn’t try on their bikes. Soon, he also started building ramps at a park in his hometown some of which stood still even today. As his mother shared, tools like a shovel along with other tools started missing from their house because of it.

Alex always tested his limits and tried his best to push them. Over the years, he was hospitalized a few times with severe injury but that didn’t stop him from following his dreams to be the best in the world.

By the age of 15, Alex started riding an adult-sized bike. But his daredevil jumping didn’t arrive until May of 2012. But he has been in competitive motor racing for years and grew up racing, he had an advantage over everyone. He made a jaw-dropping 425-foot run. He launched into the air at 105 miles per hour, soared past the helicopter, and landed perfectly.

It was him breaking his previous record of 391 feet jump, which was set by Ryan Cappes in 2008. His other records include Dirt to Dirt 297.55-foot jump in Richland Washington.

With his daredevil nature and notoriety, Alex also earned sponsorships from several brands. The sponsorship contributed to his thriving net worth. He attended Ephrata High School.

Alex Harvill Wife

Alex Harvill and his wife Jessica Harvill were together at least since 2012. She appeared on his Instagram for the first time in August of 2015. After dating for at least 4 years, they got engaged and tied the knots on 1 September 2019.


Alex Harvill and his wife Jessica Harvill together on the day of their marriage (Pic: Jessica’s FB)

Furthermore, Alex and Jessica recently welcomed a baby, Watson Robert Harvill, on 18 May 2021. Before that, they had another son named Willy Harvill.

Talking about Jessica, she is also an Ephrata native and worked at Sole Performance.

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