Fans of TLC’s reality show Doubling Down with the Derricos know Marion Derrico as grandma GG. She is a beloved individual in the show who supported her son Deon and her daughter-in-law, Karen. Since she is an instant hit, let’s learn more about her.

Tag along on this Marion Derrico Wiki to learn more about grandma GG.

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Marion Derrico Age

Born in 1949, Marion Derrico turned 71 years old in 2020. She celebrates her birthday every year on 27 August. This made her a Virgo.

Marion Derrico Maiden Name

“I wish my mother was still here to see her grand Son and his wonderful family…I miss her sooo much💜, ” this is what Marion Derrico wrote on her Instagram in August of 2020. Along with the caption, she posted a snap of her mother. An old-aged steel-haired lady putting on a pair of shade, white sweat-shirt with palm tree printed all over, holding a bag with her wrinkly hands sitting in a chair with a cheerful smile.

But, Marion omitted her name and her age. Sadly, she had passed away a while back without knowing her grandson had a wonderful family. At least, we know what Marion’s mother looked like in person and we don’t even have the name of her anonymous father.

Nevertheless, Marion grew up spent plenty of time in North Las Vegas we claimed to be her hometown. Her maiden name and information on her siblings remain a mystery.

Her Height

Deon stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). So, as an observation, Marion Derrico, who is a few inches shorter than her son, measures at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). At 71 years old, she looked almost half her age and stylist with her sense of style.

Marion Derrico Job

Ever wondered why Marion Derrico’s hair looked so good all the time. That’s because she was a trained hairstylist and had a hair salon. Allegedly, that’s how she supported her family as a single mother after her husband became estranged.

But, there exists no information on the total year she spent working in the hair salon. To add more to that, we also know that Marion took help from her son Deon to run the salon every once in a while.

Furthermore, Marion also taught the skills to her son which allowed him to open his own barbershop to make a living. Other than that, he also pursued a career in acting, a bus driver, and finally real estate.

Based on the information on, an average hairstylist made $21,000 per year. But, Marion as the owner of the shop, must’ve pocketed quite an impressive sum, provided that she ran it in full efficiency.

Meanwhile, Marion’s total net worth is assumed to be about $150 thousand.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Marion Derrico is on two social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, the platform garnered her 3,555 followers as of June 2021. She made a total of 37 posts. Whereas, she was also on Facebook where she posted regularly.

While her big family was the subject matter for the contents in Instagram, her Facebook was dominated by the post of Jesus and god. However, she couldn’t be discovered on Twitter.

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Marion Derrico Doubling Down With The Derricos

Marion Derrico is also hugely credited for looking after the kids of her son Deon Derrico and her daughter-in-law Karen Derrico. Plus, all of her kids and her grandkids adore her. She was introduced in the show as grandma GG.

Grandma GG was an instant hit in the show. Fans loved how she stepped in and looked after the grandkids selflessly. It was the time when her daughter-in-law was pregnant with a triplet in hospital. So, the fans demanded her return to the show.

Marion Derrico Husband

Marion Derrico was married to her husband Eddie Derrico a while back. By rough calculation, they stayed married for over a decade and separated in 1984 circa. However, the reason for the split was never addressed.

As for her husband, Eddie was the owner of a construction company so he was probably well to do. Together, Marion and Eddie had two kids; Christopher Turner and Deon Derrico. Sadly, Chris passed away in January 2020 at his home in Detroit.

Other family members were Eric Jefferson and how wife Mami FiFi who were always around to help the family. Eric is Deon’s nephew and looked up to him as a father figure. While there remains an assumption that Eric is the son of later Christopher, the show never discussed Eric’s parents.

All the adults in the family looked after the kids. The eldest among them is Darian, Deon and Karen’s daughter, then comes Derrick, a tech-enthusiast. The Derrico couple welcomed the first set of twins Dallas and Denver.

Later came the quintuplets, Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten.

And Finally the second set of twins, Dior and Diez. They were born triplets but their brother Carter couldn’t survive which is why they are referred to as triplins.

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