British YouTuber Eleanor Neale had more than 1.62 million subscribers on her YouTube channel (as of May 2, 2021).

She started on the platform in March 2016 and over the years impressed millions with her “Get Ready with Me vlogs”, makeup tutorials and hauls, and true crime videos.

Even though she is continually on social media discussing her expertise, still some of the aspects of her life are a complete mystery to her fans. And so, here’s this Eleanor Neale wiki covering as much of those yet undisclosed topics.

Eleanor Neale Age

Born as an Aquarius on January 24, 1999, Eleanor Neale reached the age of 22 in 2021.

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Eleanor Neale Accent: Where Is She From?

Eleanor Neale’s northern English accent has many people believing she is from Ukraine. While in fact, she is from the United Kingdom. She is precisely based in Yorkshire, a historic county of Northern England and the largest in the whole United Kingdom.

Talking about her development as a true-crime investigator during ‘The Love/Hate Club’ podcast, she revealed she had very humble beginnings as a YouTube makeup artist, and then she mentioned her mother, as well.

Eleanor said she has always been into true crime. She remembers the times she was still very young and how her mom would always have on CSI and stuff like that.

Following her interest in crimes and human psychology, she enrolled in a college under the Psychology program. Unfortunately, although she was dead set on studying the “serial killer psyche”, she had to leave college due to some illness. That is when she landed on YouTube.

Besides, the other time, she also commented the relationship she and her mom have is very much like best friends.

Her Height

Eleanor whose bio on Twitter read as “scary YouTuber, professional pokemon trainer and raging emo” defensively tweeted about her 5′ 4″ height in a tweet that said:

“i’m fu*kin 5’4 some of u are being offensive to me, i hope u know god is watching and he saw u call me 5’0”

Her Instagram, Twitter

Eleanor had 171K followers on Instagram and 154K followers on her Twitter account (as of May 2, 2021). Not to miss, she also entertained her 212.3K people on TikTok where she collectively had 3.3 million likes on her videos.

Aside from these official accounts, there are a few popular fan pages of her.

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Eleanor Neale Net Worth

Apart from the aforementioned YouTube channel, Eleanor Neale has one more YouTube channel titled simply by his first name ‘Eleanor’. This one she started in Nov. 2020 and on it, she had 66.6K subscribers (as of May 2, 2021).

Her YouTube earning, as estimated by SOCIAL BLADE, is $48.5K – $776.7K yearly and $4K – $64.7K monthly.

She has also been compounding her net worth from her online merch store where she sells True Crime Hoodies (£34.99), True Crime Longsleeve (£22.99), True Crime Mugs (£11.99), True Crime Masks (£10.99), and True Crime Phone Cases (£12.99).

Eleanor Neale Dating Status

Eleanor Neale appeared single, at the time of this writing.

She has a guy best friend with the name Jack Hodgson. Jack, with 27K followers on his TikTok account, did not seem romantically involved with Eleanor though.


Eleanor spotted with her guy best friend (PIC: Jack’s IG)

Early in March 2021, Jack helped Eleanor to move into a new house in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is when the picture of the two was taken. Jack, sharing the memory on his Instagram wall had chosen the teasing words— “as if I helped Eleanor move a house btw I must be really strong” as a caption.

Then the other time last year, Jack notably featured on Eleanor’s TikTok video where she asked her followers if their boy best friends too pampered them the way Jack did her. The video shows Jack adoringly putting nail paint on Eleanor’s hand.

Back, in a June, 25, 2018-dated video that she uploaded on YouTube, she showed her fans a live reaction to what her mom said when found out her daughter was bisexual. (Yes, Eleanor has been open about being a bisexual!) A year later, in a tweet she wrote, she is bisexual but never “desperate”.

The social media influencer who also lately quoted her bisexual awakening was— the way Demi Lovato said “don’t b scared cuz I’m ur body tyyyyyppee”— was looking for a boyfriend back in Sep. 2018. And so, at that time, she was kind of conscious her way of ignoring every boy that ever spoke to her, was not at all helping with her situation.

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  1. […] Interesting Still: Eleanor Neale Wiki: Age, Dating Status, Where Is She From? […]

  2. […] Interesting Still: Eleanor Neale Wiki: Age, Dating Status, Where Is She From? […]

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