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When it comes to versatility Charlotte Ritchie maps out as the perfect example. The British actress cum songwriter started loving music and being part of a musical band.

After a few successful years, she jumped into the acting business and did not look back ever since. From then onwards Charlotte showcased some of the most versatile roles in the Television industry.

Also, she became BBC’s sweetheart featuring two of its biggest hits “Call the Midwife” & “Siblings”.

If you are knee to know more about this actress walk right into the article.

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Is Charlotte Ritchie Lesbian? Partner Info

While playing versatile roles was always the mantra for Charlotte Ritchie, she gave her fans a new benchmark score after taking up a lesbian role.

Partnering alongside the famous Canadian comedian, Mae Martin, who is a rising talent on the comic circuit and known for her unique take upon sexuality, Charlotte was seen in Netflix’s drama “Feel Good”.

The series circles around the romance between two women with a fight against drug addiction.

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Is Charlotte Ritchie Married? Husband, Boyfriend

Though Charlotte Ritchie is not a lesbian by any means, her fans were curious to know more about her personal life and relationship status.

Charlotte was occupied most of the time with her film-related works which kept people away from her personal life.

However, unlike some of her portrayal of characters like the eager-beaver midwife Barbara in “Call the Midwife” or the self-centered Hannah in “Siblings”, the actress was a completely humble and down to earth lady.

Much to the surprise of the fans she also has a long-term relationship with her boyfriend from the university. Though the actress failed to mention the name of the lucky man, she did mention he was an economist.

Again when asked about getting married or having babies in the future, the Siblings actress replied that she was not yet ready to call him her husband and does not have plans for babies in the future.

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Charlotte Ritchie Net Worth, TV Shows, Movies

Charlotte Ritchie turned 30 at the end of 2019, but she was already a big name early on in her career.

Landing short cameo roles here and there she made her big move in 2011 with the television sitcom “Fresh Meat”. Since then she has appeared on more than 30 TV shows and short films.

Charlotte-Ritchie-Lesbian-Husband-Net Worth-Height-Bio

Charlotte Ritchie with Mae Martins in their upcoming series in March 2020 (Pic: Mae Martin’s Instagram)

Some of her most recognizable roles were from the BBC’s “Siblings” & “Call the Midwife”. Though she was yet to make it big in the movies she massed a healthy net worth around $900 thousand.

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Music — Songs, Albums, All Angels

Music was something Charlotte Ritchie grew up listening to. There was always someone playing the piano and her mum singing on the tunes in her family.

Inheriting the same genes, Charlotte also started as a singer. She joined Youth Music Theatre in the UK and sharpened her singing skills.

In 2006, she recorded her first album with “All Angles”, but later on, she gave up on singing. Also, the gorgeous actress released a song titled “Light of Another” in June 2014 alongside her brother Luke.

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Bio — Height, Family, Siblings

Charlotte Ritchie was born in Westminster, London on 29 August 1989. Her parents Robin and Elise Ritchie raised her alongside two sibling brothers Luke and Alice.

Growing up, she attended James Allen’s school in Dulwich. At the age of 11, she was at the Youth Music Theatre UK and toured Japan for the production of “Pendragon”.

Soon she started reading English and Drama at Bristol University and started her career in acting. Talking about her appearance, the British actress has a white complexion that compliments her slender body and height of around 5 feet 5 inches.

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