If there was a modern-day incarnate of J.D. Sallinger’s notorious privacy, it must be Issa Rae and her personal life. However, unlike Sallinger, Issa’s desire for privacy is very balanced and has not bordered on paranoia.

For one, the name of her husband is known: Louis Diame. It is also known that he has been her Louis for a long time. To know anything further please read the article below.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

To know what we do know about Louis Diame we need to know what we don’t know. We don’t know the exact birthday of Louis. And so it stands to reason to say that we do not know about his zodiac sign.

What we do know is the estimate of his age, which says that his age is somewhere in the 30s.

Louis Diame Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Again, in the face of a complete lack of information, we could say that Louis’s family was from Senegal and only that. We know nothing about his parents or siblings.

Interestingly, Louis’s wife is part-Senegalese. Her father was a pediatrician from Senegal but her mother was from Louisiana, US.

Issa grew up with a brother named Lamine Diop. According to Lamine, Louis is like a brother to him because he and Lisa had been together for ages.

Louis Diame Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Louis Diame stands at a tall height of 5 ft 11 inches and weighs a modest weight of 79 kgs.

The only distinct feature of Louis’s appearance we can say for certain is that he is charming as hell, has wide jaws, and pronounced cheekbones.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Louis is not present on social media. There we said it, no beating around the bush. And we can’t blame him in this nosy world.

His absence from social media is one of the reasons behind the complete lack of information about Louis Daime.

Louis Diame Job, Net Worth, Education

Here we know something, just one bit of information but important. Louis was a businessman and a very successful one at that. While still in his 30s, Louis Diame had already garnered the massive of the net worth of almost $1 million.

Where did he get his education, the training to be such a successful businessman? Maybe Senegal, maybe the United States. Take a guess. Your guess would be as good as ours.

According to, Louis is allegedly independent banking professional. Reportedly, he worked in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Louis Diame & Issa Rae: Dating, Engaged, Married

Most of what is known about Louis has to do with his relationship with Issa Rae. While Issa Rae was not as reclusive in most of the aspects of her life when it came to her dating her life she wanted media and its unnecessarily protruding nose out of it.

Here is a direct quote from Issa Rae’s interview with Vogue:

I’ll take input on kids if I’m going to have kids. How do I not kill the kids? Work? Give me the input. Any other aspect of my life? Give me the input. But who I’m f*cking? No, I don’t need input. I’m good.

Still, she did let the public know a few things, perhaps to keep the media satisfied and thus keep them from hounding her. In 2019, Issa appeared on the cover of Essence magazine with a ring on her fingers.


Louis Diame’s girlfriend Issa Rae appearing on the cover of Essence magazine with what looked like an engagement ring (PC: Issa’s Instagram)

However subtle that gesture was, it was enough for the media to pick it up and start making guesses. That guess, in this case, turned out to be true as was later confirmed by two of Issa’s co-stars and close friends, Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji, while walking the red carpet in 2019.

Issa, however, not-so-subtly dismissed the question saying, “I have a lot of rings on my fingers.” Anyway, her engagement with Louis Diame was as sure a piece of news as could be found about the couple.


Louis Diame and his then-fiance, Issa Rae appearing on the red carpet (PC: Getty Images)

The information after that, however, was scarce, non-existing to be honest. It could be that Louis and his famous fiance could be having a long engagement and the media had no idea.

In July 2021, Louis and Issa tied the knot in the South of France. On the 26th, the actress shared photos from their wedding via Instagram. She cheekily labeled the shots as an “impromptu photo shoot”.

E! Online noted that the wedding guests stayed in a Saint Jean Cap Ferrat hotel. Meanwhile, on the big day, Issa rocked a Vera Yang gown.

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