Appearing in the Discovery Plus show “Pig Royalty,” Josh Rihn became a household name. He starred alongside his wife and their 3 kids. 

Keep scrolling this Josh Rihn wiki and discover facts about the reality star such as his age, job, and height. Likewise, find out his net worth, Instagram, and more.

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Josh Rihn Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Josh Rihn reached the age of 42. He also grew up celebrating his birthday on 20th May.

If you don’t know, Josh was born a Taurus. Therefore, he inherited qualities like patient and loyalty.

Josh Rihn Wiki — Family, Hometown, Early Life

Josh Rihn calls Sabinal, Texas his hometown. Chances are he spent his early there. Moreover, he was still a resident of Sabinal, Texas as of 2021.

Also, Josh was born to his parents: Linda and John Rihn. Born in 1951, John turned 70 in Feb 2021. Meanwhile, Linda, who has accounts on both Instagram & Facebook, turned 67 in September 2020. Linda and John were residents of Castroville, TX as of 2021.

In July 2019, Josh’s grandmother, Marijo Arche passed away. She was 88 years old and left behind a son and two daughters.

As for his siblings, Josh has at least a brother named Andy. Andy Rihn and his wife, Regina settled in Wimberly, Texas.

What’s more, Josh is reportedly a registered Democrat who grew up with Christian values.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Although yet to receive an official confirmation, Josh Rihn stands no more than 5 feet 11 inches in height. Her weight, on the other hand, shouldn’t be above 80 kilograms.

For distinct features, Josh has a lean body and contagious smile.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Josh runs on all the social media platforms with the username Rihn Showpigs. By far, he was most popular on Facebook with almost 1 thousand friends as of March 2021.

Similarly, Josh enjoyed a respectable following on TikTok.

Josh Rihn Job, Net Worth, Education

Besides the job title of a reality star, Josh Rihn is reportedly a farmer and operates a farm. Safe to conclude, his net worth surpassed $750 thousand.

By 2021, Josh had been selling and breeding for more than a decade.

For education, Josh attended Sabinal ISD.

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Josh Rihn On Pig Royalty

The first installment of “Pig Royalty” premiered in March 2021. According to Discovery, the show delved “INTO THE EXTREME WORLD OF COMPETITIVE PIG SHOWING, FAMILY RIVALRIES, AND TEXAS-SIZED DRAMA.”

Joined by his wife and kids, Josh competed against the Balero family for gifts including money, scholarships, and revered belt buckles.

Although they lived and breathed stock show competitions, Josh and the crew reportedly didn’t win against the Baleros.

According to the Rihns, they didn’t wish to make the stock showcase community bad by appearing on the show. The family also asserted they care for their animals.

Josh And Jody Rihn: Wedding, Kids

On 12th April 1997, Josh married his wife, Jody. On their 20th wedding anniversary, the couple’s daughter, Kammi Rihn took to Instagram and wrote— “Happy 20th anniversary to the two who gave me life! Wouldn’t trade ya for the world. Love y’all with all of my heart! Thank you for all that you do for me. Blessed with the best.”

Besides Kammi, Josh and Jody also have a daughter named Keylie. Both Kammi and Keylie are in their 20s. Meanwhile, their son Kannen was in 8th grade when “Pig Royalty” premiered.

As seen on the Discovery Plus show, Josh and his wife, Jody were also guardians to their foreign exchange student Manuel Perez-Bravo. Interestingly, Manuel also participated in the pig shows.

Indeed, Josh and Jody raised wonderful kids. For evidence, peep the long IG caption that Keylie penned in 2019. It read— “To my amazing family, y’all are my ROCK and truly formed me into the young lady I am today. You all keep me going and I love you with everything I’ve got. Having y’all there to support me regardless of the outcome makes everything so much more worth it. Y’all keep me sane. Thank you for being the best cheering section in the stands.”

The post continued— “To mom & dad, I truly don’t know how y’all have put up with me, but I’m so glad you do. Everything I do, I strive to make you both so proud. Y’all go above and beyond to make me happy and always push me to do my best. There is no way to thank you both enough for all you do. I could not do it without y’all. From many ass chewings to good laughs, it was all worth it. Thank you for being the greatest parents a girl could ever ask for. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my show career. It means the world. Xoxo, Keylie Alexis.”

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