The Real Housewives of Dallas star, Kary Brittingham was open about herself — marriage, relationships with her kids, her upbringing, and dreams, everything was an open book to read.

However, what Kary didn’t talk much about was her first husband. Though her second husband Eduardo was often featured on the show, her ex remained a mystery to many.

Thus, here we are shedding light on Kary Brittingham’s first husband. But first, let’s talk a little about her.

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How Old Is She?

Born: July 14th, 1970, Kary Brittingham was 50 years old in 2021 and is of the Cancer zodiac.

Kary Brittingham Maiden Name

The Mexican beauty, Kary Brittingham’s maiden name is Karyson A “Holmes”. Married twice, Kary went on to take the surnames “Sendra”, and “Brittingham” later.

Kary Brittingham Net Worth

The owner of the jewelry line “Kamo by Kary”, Kary Brittingham flaunted a net worth between $1.5 million to $5 million in 2021. Her company sold necklaces, earrings, bracelets anywhere from $200 to over $1000. Reportedly, she managed to sell about $100,000 worth of jewelry from her collection.

Growing up, Kary had a difficult relationship with her alcoholic mom; moreover, depression and anxiety lived rent-free in her head. But she didn’t let the negativity pull her down. She kept fighting, studied marketing from Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business., and now, Kary is a reality star and a successful jewelry store owner. Someday, she dreams to get “financial independence” through her jewelry company.

Before opening Kamo by Kary, Kary worked in sales/marketing at Advanced Global Communication for over 6 years.

As of 2021, Kary was available over Cameo @karybritt, where she took requests for $50.

Just in case you missed it, Kary has also appeared on Celebrity Page (2019), and Below Deck Mediterranean (2017).

How Tall Is She?

Kary Brittingham stands tall at a height under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Kary Brittingham Young

Young Kary Brittingham moved to the US with her family at the age of 16, and three years later they relocated to Texas.

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Kary Brittingham First Husband

Kary Brittingham’s first husband is Stace Adam Sendra. He celebrates his birthday on August 23 and is a year younger than Kary. As of 2021, Stace was working as Senior Marketing Manager at a food and beverages company called Deoleo (North America) for over 4 years. Before that, he worked as a manager for Bimbo Bakeries USA for over 6 years. Also, he was the co-founder of Globalmex Trading, LLC.

For education, Stace completed his bachelor’s and master’s in business from Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business. This was also the same college Kary attended. So maybe Kary and her first husband met over here.

Taking one look at Stace’s Facebook profile @stace.sendra, we could notice that he was a scenic person. He had filled his pictures with mesmerizing beauties of nature, and his kids.


Kary Brittingham’s first husband, Stace Adam Sendra (Source: Facebook)

Kary Brittingham is the kind of feisty female who isn’t afraid to speak her truth. She and her husband Eduardo Brittingham were both on their second marriage. Just in case you don’t know, Eduardo was the CEO of the social media app called Tu Familia which connected and empowered Latin communities globally.

The two tied the knot in April 2009 and were happily married for over a decade. However, as of early 2021, Eduardo didn’t appear much on RHOD Season 5, which raised a question: Were they still together?

Speculative speaking, Kary omitted the title “wife” from her IG bio then, which could be a hint to something. But then, many believed RHOD might also be more focused on Kary’s mom and kids, so Eduardo got less screen time.

Ahead of the RHOD reunion episode that aired on 4th May 2021, Kary announced she and Eduardo were ending their marriage. Via Instagram, she shared— “I want you to know that Eduardo and I have made the very tough decision to separate”. Kary then expressed her gratitude for Eduardo’s role as a father to their 4 kids. Admittedly, they were stepping into the new journey as co-parents together.

About Kary Brittingham Kids

Kary Brittingham has four kids, who have each appeared on RHOD. She shares three children with her first husband Stace Adam Sendra, namely — Sofia, Olivia, and Alex Sendra (a jewelry designer); and one daughter with her second husband Eduardo named Isabella Brittingham.

Her daughter, Olivia’s journey to her freshman year of college was featured through RHOD season 4. Also, Olivia’s struggle with depression and anxiety, and her determination to share her struggles to help others, became the focal point of the show.

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