TLC’s Sisters Wives star Meri Brown might be hinting at a new relationship. She appeared on her Instagram alongside a man named Brandon Stone who was her family friend. And fans as we know rushed to conclude that the man was her new boyfriend.

So, before the nature of their relationship gets confirmed, scroll down this Brandon Stone wiki to learn more about the man.

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Brandon Stone Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Brandon Stone was in his early ’40s as of this writing. However, no further information on his precise date of birth was publicly shared. Due to this, information such as his zodiac sign and his birthday remains a secret.

Brandon Stone Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Brandon David Stone was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown of Dixon, California, the United States. Owing to his private nature, he shared almost no details with his parents. However, some of his family members included Lisa G Stone, Rebecca Stone, Jill Gillespie Stone, and a few others he avoided mentioning.

Talking about siblings, he had at least one younger brother named Tylor Stone. Sadly, Brandon lost Bruce Stone one of his family members in June of 2019.

However, Brandon and his family lived in Salt Lake City as of this writing.

Talking about education, Brandon Stone attended Dixon High School. He graduated from high school as a class of 1999. After high school graduation, Brandon went on to attend American Military University.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Coming to social media reach, Brandon could only be discovered on Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram profile which was kept private earned a total of 167 followers in total as of April 2021.

Likewise, he also actively updated his friends and family about his life as a family man on Facebook. The platform sheltered most of the information related to Brandon Stone.

But, Brandon was nowhere to be found on Twitter.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about physical features, it wouldn’t go to miss claiming Brandon Stone was a handsome hunk. He stood tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Whereas, he weighed almost 78 kilograms 81 kilograms (178 lbs) as of this writing.

What’s more, Brandon’s crooked tooth in front, freckles on the face, and his double chin are some of his distinct features.

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Brandon Stone Job, Net Worth, Career

While in college, Brandon Stone studied Transportation and Logistics. Then he started his career joining United States Air Force. By 2009, he was already a Coast Guard 130. Mostly, his job was related to air transportation.

Whereas, Brandon’s brother Tylor was also in the United States Air Force where he worked as an Aircraft Mechanic. Later, he joined Utah Air National Guard for the same position. Then he joined Duncan Aviation as Aircraft Mechanic.

As for Brandon, he worked in medical logistics at Utah Air National Guard. However, unlike his brother, the duration of his service in the military remains undisclosed

During his time in the military, Brandon traveled a lot across the states. But, whenever he was about to return to his family a different excitement resonated on the posts he made on his socials at the time.

He also updated the status from different places he was stationed at. In January of 2010, he wrote,

“Hello facebook…Finally got to use internet here in DR. Hot, humid, and nobody speaks a word of english. Now I know how foreign people feel that come to the US….Stick out like a sore thumb.”

His career as a military man definitely treated him well even though he couldn’t be with his family all the time. Brandon Stone sits on a total net worth of $600 thousand.

Brandon Stone And Meri Brown: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

On 8 July 2019, Meri Brown went on Instagram where she posted a cryptic caption hinting at a new relationship. She presented herself with a man on the post where she wrote,

“And then you meet someone who was right in front of you all along….. @papabrandon1005 😊🤣 #LivingMyWhy #BecauseICan #FriendsWhoBecomeFamily #JustSmile”

Soon after that, Meri’s fans started to wonder if he was the new boyfriend in her life. After her legal divorce from Kody Brown in 2014, she started dating several men but never publicly shared her relationships.

So, questions about engagement and wedding remain far-fetched as of April 2021 since the relationship hadn’t been confirmed yet.

Brandon Stone Wife, Kids, Divorce

As his Facebook revealed, Brandon Stone married his wife Sarah Nielsen Stone a decade ago. However, neither Brandon nor his wife Sarah gave away any details on the length of their relationship and long-standing marriage.

But together, Brandon and his wife, Sarah share three daughters and a son. He loves and is loved by all of his kids. He and Sarah along with their kids appear together on their respective socials. But ever since Meri Brown appeared on the scene, people started to wonder did their marriage met the dead-end.

However, no possible filing for divorce was recorded reported online between Brandon and Sarah. Brandon and his wife last appeared together in October of 2020. So, this raised a lot of questions related to all of the people involved in the relationship.

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