Donny Dust is best known as the Survival Expert and Professional Caveman on several social media platforms including TikTok. He starred in History Channel’s Alone but retreated due to a health condition. But, he landed a new show titled Mud, Sweat & Beards with NBC Universal which is set to premiere in early 2022.

Scroll down this Donny Dust wiki to learn more about him.

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Donny Dust Age, Birthday

Donny Dust celebrates his birthday in the first week of October every year. Per that, he owned Libra as his zodiac sign. Furthermore, he turned 40 years old in October of 2020.

His Family, Real Name

Donny Dust, real name Donald Dust Jr., was born to his father Donald Dust and his mother Christie Dust in his hometown of Colorado, the United States. Per his social media, he resides in Monument, Colorado as of this writing.

About Donny’s parents, they tied the knots on 3 September 1971. They have been happily married ever since. Donny’s father, Donald attended Trenton High School and graduated in September of 1966. After that, he joined Northwood University to study business.

Later, Donald graduated from Monroe County Community College. Then, graduated from Harvard University in 1996 with a major in business, executive education program. As for his job, Donald worked as a vice president for GM/GSM at Kinney Shoes, executive Vice President at Urban Brands, VP sales & Operations at Vitamin World, and President at D.Dust and Associates.

Donny’s parents have moved and lived in various places. They moved to Grand Blanc in Michigan, to Coventry in Rhode Island, to Crystal Lake in Illinois, to Middletown in New Jersey, to South Amboy in New Jersey, and Fort Mill in South Carolina.

More about his family: Donny grew up with two sisters; Kimberly Dust and Jennifer Dust. Kimberly resides in Keller, Texas where she worked as a realtor at Ebby Halliday Realtors: Southlake. She proudly boasts about her brother’s accomplishments on her socials.

Likewise, Jennifer is married and lives with her husband and e kids in Indian Land, South Carolina.

Donny Dust Height, Heart Attack

For most of his fans, one of the major concerns has been his build. After years of training as a marine, Donny was able to obtain a buff body. Plus, Donny Dust stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters).

Donny had suffered a severe hereditary heart attack before he joined the History Channel’s show Alone. He dared to survive alone in the Arctic along the shore of Great Slave Lake in Canada. However, he started vomiting acutely from tainted muskrat meat which he consumed during the second week in the bush.

Soon after the coronary symptoms were experienced, Donny was evacuated from the region. He was allowed to keep his heart medication with him on the trip. But, his throwing up was not on the side of his well-being.

Donny shared about being in pain where his muscles and the joint was throbbing. He also feared another heart attack, mind you, he was dehydrating that increased thickness which made it hard for the heart to function.

His TikTok, YouTube

Coming to his social media reach, Donny is popular on most of the platforms. His Instagram earned him 225k followers as of May 2021. In his personal Facebook account, he was followed by 8526 people.

He could be located on Twitter as @DonnyDust where he boasted 2456 followers. He only tweeted 317 times as of. However, Donny is the most popular on Tiktok. The platform earned him 8.4 million followers where his Tweets garnered 102.7 million likes for his videos.

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Donny Dust Net Worth

From his career, Donny Dust was able to accumulate a total net worth of $700 thousand.

If you want to explore the history of the primitive ways of life or get the first-hand experience of living like a caveman, Donny Dust is definitely your man. He is an adventurer and survival expert who has starred in several TV shows, spoke on countless podcasts as a guest, and runs programs where the interested could participate.

In an interview with Free Range American Donny told that his interest to become a “Professional Caveman” stemmed from his love of living in caves, hunting with traditional weapons, and his pursuit of stone tools, and techniques used millennia-before.

He not only acquired the knowledge of the past but has all the necessary skill set not only to survive but adapt to any situation in the wilderness. Donny founded the company Paleo Tracks Survival in late January of 2016. The company imparts knowledge on survival and primitive living.

Donny has spoken on several events since 2017 such as in Building The Resilient Mind, US Army, California, Communication – Booze Allen Hamilton, Maryland, BSA Outdoor Adventuring Event, Colorado Springs,  Leading With Presence, US Army, Germany, Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal, US Army Texas, and a few others.

Some of the TV shows Donny made appearances in are Knapper (2018), The Big Bend (2019), Alone Season 6- Arctic (2019), and Alone: The Beast Season 1 Swampland (2020).

On top of that, Donny also wrote articles for several publications including Survivors Edge Magazine, American Frontiersman Magazine, and The New Pioneer Magazine. He also published two books— SCAVENGER: A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change and EARTHROAMER: Let Curiosity Guide You.

Was Donny Dust In The Military?

Donny Dust is a Marine Corps Veteran who spent 12 years in the service. He was discharged from his service in 2011. While in United States Marine Corps, he realized that humans are fully capable than what we give credit for.

Donny attended survival courses in numerous locations that further helped him to become a “professional caveman.”

Donny Dust Wife

As Donny Dust’s social media revealed, he is a married man. He has a wife who occasionally features on his social media but shares nothing about herself. Together, they have kids, two teenage sons; Will Dust and Alden Dust.


Donny with his two sons youngest son Alden and the eldest Will (Pic: Donny’s Facebook)

Like Donny Dust, his sons are also the student of wilderness survival and learn the skill set from their father. Meanwhile, his wife also accompanies him in his travels.

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