Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac returns for its sixth season on July 11, 2021, with new housewife Mia Thorton and friend of the housewives Askale Davis joining the original cast.

In the meantime, people were already interested in Mia’s married life. So, below is writing concerning her husband of nine years and more. He goes around by the name of Gordon Thornton.

Gordon Thornton Age, Birthday

Gordon Thornton reached the age of 68 on Sep. 17, 2020. On his birthday a year before, Mia lovingly dedicated a birthday message to him that read:

”I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me.” Happy Birthday, King! 67 Years Fine💋”

Gordon Thornton Family, Hometown

Gordon Thornton hails from his hometown of Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He also lived in places including Chicago, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. And at the time of this writing, i.e. in May 2021, he continued to live in Charlotte, the major city and commercial hub in North Carolina.

Gordon was born to her mother Lois Hinton Thornton, who passed away in 2016 at the age of 90. Lois was the daughter of William E. Hinton and Lillie Wilson Hinton.

For siblings, Gordon had 2 sisters and 5 brothers. They are Lillian Harris, Vivian Armstrong, Rev. Raymond Thornton, Dr. Carlton Thornton, Murphy Thornton, Marvin Thornton, and Ronnie Thornton.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

Gordon Thornton stands 5’9” in height which is noticeably taller than his young and fashionable bride’s 5′ 6″.

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Gordon Thornton Job

Gordon Thornton works together with his wife Mia as a regional developer at The Joint Chiropractic. Reportedly, The Joint Chiropractic’s mission is to improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care.

Just like Mia, Gordon is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses under his belt. He established the Thornton Investment GRP in January 2017 and became the president, owner, and CEO at the Charlotte-based Giselle Executive Management in Jan. 2012.

From 1993 to 2012, Gordon was the owner/operator of American’s famous McDonald’s. Also, from January 2011 to 2015 he was the owner of Massage Envy Spas. At the time, Mia also equally held ownership at Massage Envy.

Gordon Thornton Net Worth

Equally successful as his Real Housewives of Potomac wife, Gordon assembled an estimated net worth of $8 million and (before May 2021).

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His Instagram, Facebook

Gordon Thornton is relatively less involved with social media. He could be spotted only on Facebook where he occasionally shared some of his family moments. Then again, he would feature in Mia’s Instagram account where she is a ‘Mrs. Mia Thornton.’

Gordon And Mia Thornton: Wedding, Kid

Gordon and Mia Thornton tied the knots on March 18, 2012. Nine years into the marriage and Mia still believed that she would find Gordon sooner and love him longer had she been able to turn back the clock.

Time and again, she pointed that their big age gap (of 32 years) did not matter.


A rarely seen moment from Gordon And Mia Thornton’s wedding day (PIC: Mia’s IG)

Describing her union with the ”Ol Man” unbreakable, Mia keeps expressing the likes of … on social media, now and then.

“I am happily married to this quote Y’all may not understand how or why but it’s not your place to seek understanding. No I didn’t need to post an extra long explanation as to why we love each other on Valentines Day…Why? Because we celebrate our love everyday!”

They have been together since 2007.

In a March 18, 2021 – Instagram post, Mia hinted Gordon nearly lost his life. Grateful for his recovering health, she had written this to a pic of them:

“Then just like that God has a way to pull you back to your knees. The thought of losing my BEST-FRIEND brought on a whole new perception of life. I’m Truly thankful that you are getting stronger with each passing hour. I promise to hold your hand…Forever & Always~ MrsMiaThornton”

Otherwise, Gordon and Mia seem to be doing just fine living just the life they imagined with their kids.

Whenever (i.e. on rare occasions) Mia mentions her kids or husband on her sharings on social media, she makes it obvious just how much she is fond of them all.

Together, they are parents to their three young kids Joshua, Jeremiah, and Juliana while Gordon alone has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Her name is Debrecia Fonville. Now living in Elizabeth City, just like her dad, she is a regional talent acquisitions specialist at Randstad.

Gordon Thornton Ex-Wife

Before Mia, Gordon Thornton was married to his ex-wife Deborah Poole. She is a chaplain at Community Home Care and Hospice. Her Facebook bio also mentioned her as a Registered Nurse at the College of The Albemarle and a former admissions coordinator at Albemarle Home Care.

Besides, Deborah is from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and never really left the area. Her relationship status reads ‘single’ and it was Dec. in 2016 the last time she updated her Facebook.

Also, for now, one could not tell if she is Gordon’s eldest daughter Debrecia’s mother.

If only judging from the names ‘Deborah’ and ‘Debrecia’, it seems possible that they are a mother-daughter pair.

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