Joshua Silverstein is best recognized for being the childhood sweetheart of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Every time the talks about Meghan Markle surface online, everyone turns towards him for his take on the issue.

Delve into this Joshua Silverstein Wiki to learn more about him.

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Joshua Silverstein & Meghan Markle: Dating, Split

Joshua Silverstein first came to the public attention when Megan Markle opened up about her first kiss. She shared that it happened when she was 13 at a camp, and they dated throughout the summer and split after that.

Again in the mid of May 2021, Joshua Silverstein made headlines after praising Meghan for being for causing tension with Oprah’s interview in an interview with Lorraine Kelly. Furthermore, he criticized the Royal Family for being racist in the show that stirred conversation.

While viewers slammed Joshua for claiming the Royal Family as racist, Lorraine was bashed for saying that Joshua was Meghan’s one that got away.

Joshua Silverstein Age, Birthday

Joshua Silverstein celebrates his birthday every year on 29 November. Based on that, Joshua is a Sagittarius by zodiac sign. Moreover, he turned 39 years old in November of 2020.

His Height, Distinct Features

Joshua maintained different hairstyles over the years. He styled his hair curly until late June 2019 and stayed decided to go almost bald after that. With his long bushy beard, he did in fact managed to pull off that looks which made him look very dashing.

During his time as a teenager, his light skin and ponytail earned him the name “Pretty J.” He struggled with severe asthma for the most part of his life.

One of the many distinct features of Joshua Silverstein is that he puts on glasses to correct his eyesight. Furthermore, Joshua stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9  inches (1.75 meters). Whereas, he weighed about 85 kilograms (187 lbs).

Joshua Silverstein Nationality, Ethnicity

Born to David Silverstein and Beverley Silverstein, Joshua hails from his hometown of Los Angeles, California, the United States. So, this made him an American nationality. As mentioned, he grew up in a multi-racial and multi-religion household. His father was a Jewish man whereas his mother was of African-American ethnicity.

This made Joshua Silverstein a mixed-ethnicity baby. He was proud of both cultural backgrounds.

More about his parents: David worked for Walters Wholesale whereas his wife Beverly was an educator. Both of his parents were politically active individuals. His father directed the community activism division of the trans-denominational spiritual center, Agape.

Joshua grew up in a secular household. He declined to become a bar mitzvah in large part with a belief that nobody would attend the large party if he had one. With that, being said he had the benefits of enjoying the best of both worlds.

P.S. Joshua Silverstein has no siblings.

His Instagram, Twitter

As Joshua’s career progressed his reach on social also started growing one day at a time. As of 19 May 2020, he had 2160 people following him on his Instagram account. Similarly, he was on Twitter where he had 884 followers in total.

Moreover, Joshua was on Facebook with where he was friends with 4982 people. He actively posts on all of the social media platforms.

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Joshua Silverstein Net Worth, Job

Growing up, Joshua Silverstein spent a lot of time around a Pediatrician because of his asthma. This instilled a desire inside him to become a doctor, a Pediatrician in particular. So before the age of 5, anywhere he would go, he would tell people he wanted to become a doctor. And his second goal was to become a clown.

Besides asthma, Joshua also battled with not liking himself. So, that manifested in his solo show in May of 2016 Tell Me I’m Pretty at Bootleg Theatre. He used satire, humor, and beatboxing to stand up against his insecurities that remained intact even in his ’30s.

One of the notable jobs Joshua had was co-hosting Downbeat 720, a high school open mic night for almost 19 years. He spent plenty of his time in theatre and performed several shows. He teamed up with his creative partner, Joe Hernandez-Kolski to do a two-man show titled So Fresh, So Clean.

Joe also created a solo show at the Greenway Court Theatre titled The Joshua Silverstein Show. The content of the show was entirely based on race and economy and him wining on stage about the topic. The content didn’t sit right with him so he sought help to make amends. The show turned to Tell Me I’m Pretty.

Once he got past his narcissism, he reached out to Diana Wyenn, an actor and a drama consultant who shared similar family background. She loved Joshua’s enthusiasm and extended her helping hand.

Talking about on-screen work as an actor, Joshua worked in Not So Foreign Filmmakers Showcase, An Urgent Announcement from the GCPFRC, dated., Let It Shine, Downbeat TV, Men Talking Themselves Out of Sex, Connect, Do It for Us: Election 2016, The Comedy Show Show, Baked Goodes, and Life-Size 2.

The Cali-native also appeared in The Late Late Show with James Corden on the segment Drop The Mic and the stand-alone. He is also co-hosted of The Joe and Joshua show. He also hosted Silversteins’ Show with his wife.

Joe also beatboxed in front of the TEDx Manhattan Beach community in 2014. The beatboxing has been with him since the age of 5. He was titled “one of the best beatboxers in the world” by Jewish News Service.

Whereas, he facilitated countless theatre, improv, and spoken word workshops where the youths learned about freedom to express themselves.

Joshua Silverstein’s Jobs? He has many. He is an actor, comic, writer, beatboxer, and finally an educator. Meanwhile, his net worth surpassed $1 million.

Joshua Silverstein Wife, Kids

Joshua Silverstein married his wife Cynthia Silverstein and is living happily with their kids in Los Angeles. The couple first appeared together in 2014 and they had already started dating each other at that point. However, Joshua only confirmed the relationship in 2016.


Joshua with his beautiful wife and three adorable kids (Pic: Joshua’s Instagram)

The year that Joshua got married to his wife, Cynthia is yet to be announced. As of May 2021, he has a beautiful daughter named Laila Rae Silverstein and two sons. His youngest son, Shel Philip Silverstein, was born in September 2019.

Talking about his wife, Cynthia Silverstein is a photographer by profession.

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