Josh Blue, a stand-up comedian, earn wider fame after winning NBS’s Last Comic Standing. His career has been an open book, but his life as a family needed to be updated. Learn about his former wife, girlfriend, kids, net worth, and height with this article.

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How Old Is He?

Josh Blue was born on 27 November 1978. He turned 42 years old in November 2020.

Where Was He Born?

Joshua ‘Josh’ Blue was born to his father Walter Blue and mother Jacqui Blue in N’gaoundere, Cameroun, a country located on the left side of the continent of Africa.

By profession, Walter was a high school English teacher in N’Gaoundere in 1978. Whereas, Jacqui shared that because when she had her an emergency C-section with ether for anesthesia was less than fun for her.

When Josh was born, he wasn’t breathing well. He had to be transported to Buffalo, New York for better care. Up until fourth grade, Josh attended special education classes. After that, he attended a regular classroom.

Josh has an older brother and two older sisters, making him the youngest in the bunch. His older brother was 9 years older than him, his sister Jessica was eight, and sister Emily was 5 years older than him.

Trivia: Josh participated with US Paralympic Soccer Team, with whom he competed in the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Where Does He Live?

Comedian Josh Blue lives in Denver, Colorado, United States. He made Denver his home in 1998 after he fell in love with the place, randomly moving in with his friend who had asked if he wanted to go there. He built a home for his family in Denver in 2009.

Josh Blue Family Photos

Josh Blue hasn’t shared many family photos only his socials. But the one we discovered was:


Young Josh Blue with his elder brother and two elder sisters (Pic: Josh’s IG)

Josh Blue Height

With his lanky physique, Josh Blue stands tall to the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters).

What Is Josh Blue Net Worth?

Comedian Josh Blue sits on an estimated net worth of over $1 million from his successful career.

Josh Blue started studying stand-up in college and that’s when his journey as a stand-up initiated. He had shared in the Life of Dad interview that he even got credit for doing stand-up. He had always realized he had gifts when it comes to making people laugh.

The comedian never realized that his humorous side could pay his bills but once he delved into the real world, Josh quit his job to do something fun. Moreover, Bill Cosby was the first stand-up he saw and he was quite an inspiration for his career until his body of work got destroyed.

Josh rose to prominence after winning NBC’s 2006 Last Comic Standing contest. Ever since then, his life was all about, comedy shows, tours, and spending time with his family.

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Josh Blue Wife

Josh Blue was once in love with his wife Yuko Kubota who he met through a mutual friend in Boulder. In his part, he accepted that it was love at first sight for him. But, his ex-wife, needed some convincing to do.

Since Yuko was Japanese, Josh had gone to meet her parents in Japan. He asked her if she mentioned Josh’s cerebral palsy condition to her parents. To which Yuko replied, no, but she told her parents that the man she was dating was white.

They married in 2008. And after welcoming his son, Simon, his life on the road became tougher for him. During that time, Josh was always on phone with her. He and his now-former wife, Yuko had a cultural clash at times, whenever the matter was about their son, they were on the same page.

However, the married couple ended up getting divorced in 2014.

Josh never stated the clear reason behind their divorce, but he mentioned on his social that, it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

The last time Josh posted the snap of his ex-wife was on 12 August 2012 on his Instagram, where she was holding her daughter.

Josh Blue Girlfriend

After the divorce from his wife, Josh met a beautiful blonde lady named Mercy Gold. As reported, they started dating each other in 2016. (Ultram) She introduced her on his IG with a caption, Colorado Girl in May of 2016. She started referencing her as “My Lovely Lady” and “My Girl” whenever he introduced her without giving away her name.


Josh Blue and his beautiful girlfriend Mercy Gold (Pic: Josh’s Instagram)

In one of his IG posts from August 2018, Josh wrote a caption that he wasn’t divided about her. Then Mercy started to frequently appear on his Instagram account. Later on, Josh introduced his kids to his girlfriend Mercy, and they starred on his IG giving a glimpse at a potential new family.

Josh Blue’s girlfriend, Mercy Gold is private on her Instagram ( She is also on Pinterest with 164 followers. Her Facebook hasn’t been updated since October of 2020. But the last post on FB was with Josh and his two kids.

Mercy Gold hails from her hometown in Highland Ranch, Colorado. But, she started living in Denver, Florida.

How Many Kids Does Josh Blue Have?

Josh Blue is the father of two children, Simon who he named after one of his favorite recording artists Paul Simon, who turned 13 years old on 21 March, and daughter Seika, who celebrated her 11th birthday on 4 May 2021. Seika was a ballet dancer growing up whereas his son was a taekwondo player. Josh had both of the kids with his ex-wife, Yuko Kabuto.

Talking with Life of Dad, Josh shared that he was terrified as a joke. But, later on, he confessed that he always wanted to be a dad. Even as a kid Josh had pictured himself as a cool dad. Cool in a sense that the friends of his kids would ask if they could play with him.

For sure, Josh loves his kids. He shared a whole lot of stuff posts related to his kids on his Instagram. Josh had earned half custody of his kids and he spends his time as a full-time dad than a touring comic.

But, as a single father and a touring comic, Josh molded his kids into that lifestyle. So, he tried to keep his performance schedule as minimum as he could to spend more time with them while they were young. So as a father, a single one at that, Josh shared with everyone to be there for their kids while they stay little.

But every father has their own responsibility, and Josh surely knows his as a father. The first value that he ever instilled in his kids was kindness, as they say, kindness won’t let you be forgotten.

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