Guy Marlon Dure, a local celebrity in Miami, Florida, piqued everyone’s attention when his wife made her debut in Love & Hip Hop: Miami. In the teaser of the show, we also saw him, which could only mean that he also appears as a supporting cast of the show.

Learn more about the husband of reality TV star Florence Dure with this Guy Marlon Dure Wiki.

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Guy Marlon Dure Age

Guy Marlon was born on 15 March 1986. He turned 35 years old in 2021.

Guy Marlon Dure Family

Guy Marlon was born to his mother Guilene Gachellin Chevallier and his anonymous father in Plantation, Florida, United States.

His mother, Guilene is on Instagram by the name (@gibelle2012). She is a traveler who has been to Italy, Belgium, Monaco, and India. Whereas, no information surfaced on his father besides a couple of Instagram posts.

In his family, Guy has at least one sister named Patricia Chevallier. Patricia graduated college in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Health Sciences. She was further pursuing her master’s degree in medical school.

His Height

Guy Marlon Dure, who is a dashing handsome hunk, inherited his good looks from his father. He measures tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

His Facebook, Instagram

On Instagram, Guy Marlon Dure went by the name (@guymarlondure). The profile earned him 22.8k followers. Furthermore, he posted 399 times in total on the platform. On Facebook, his account garnered him 31, 824 followers in total. The recent post on his platform was about his wife being on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

On Twitter, Guy went by @DureGuy, with 27 followers. However, there existed no post on his Twitter.

Guy Marlon Dure Job

Guy Marlon doesn’t have a job. Instead, he and his wife Florence Dure own Dure Multiservices LLC. One of the services they provided was to help people do their taxes for IRS returns. Florence is a certified Tax accessor or preparer who served their client.

Guy supported his wife who earned herself wide recognition as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. But before her career as a musician blew up, she pursued a career as a business lady and established and ran it in Florida.

Guy, along with Florence, joined forces founded and helped her run the company as its CEO. The business ventures include beauty brands, tax services, restaurants, clubs, and many more.

Florence’s line of hair-care products and wigs, Riske Kollection, and her makeup brand, Siret Cosmetics are the ones that were extremely popular with her customers.

According to their website, Riske Kollection offered top-of-line quality assurance from start to finish. The hair that they offered was 100% virgin and unprocessed. They have a two-line, Pure and Luxe collections of hair. The Pure Collection was derived from India whereas the Luxe Collection was derived from South East Asia.

Since Luxe is considered better than Pure, Luxe has a slightly higher price than the other one. Their product price ranges from a minimum of $200 to $400.

Riske Kollection offered bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs at reasonable prices. According to the store policy, they only did exchanges and no refunds. Because of the COVID-19 season, the shipping of the product took 2-3 days. She also launched a beauty bar to complement Riske.

As for her make-up brand, Siret Cosmetics, her online store offered eye shadow, mink lashes, waist trainers, skincare products, and lip gloss. While Guy looked after the operations of the company, his wife also pursued a career as a musician.

Musically, Florence rose to fame with her debut song titled ‘Site Non’m,” in 2020. With that, she became an overnight success. Her work ethic allowed her to build momentum in her music career. During her performance in Chile, 15,000 fans attended to watch her perform.

Her prominence has increased both in the United States and outside of it. Florence also became the first Haitian to perform at the Amazura nightclub in Queens, NY to a packed house of 10,000 people. Following the release of her latest track, “M pa pale trop,” Florence collaborated with fellow Haitian singer Joshua Benoit for “Dekonekte” which was released in July.

Besides businesses, Guy and his wife involved themselves in philanthropic works. The accepted donations from everywhere to support the Haitian community after the August 2021 earthquake. ( They have also done philanthropic work in the United States contributing to the Haitian community living in the U.S.

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Guy Marlon Dure Net Worth

Guy Marlon Dure reportedly flaunts a total net worth of nearly $1 million.

Florence Dure And Guy Marlon Dure: Wedding, Kids

Both Guy Marlon Dure and his wife Florence Dure found success in businesses as well as their marriage. They met each other in 2005 and as Guy recalled, “She had a perfect body in my eyes and her style immediately caught my attention.” Her then-boyfriend couldn’t help but notice her style.

After a couple of years of dating each other, Florence became pregnant with her firstborn. Then her mother suggested they should tie the knots. So, the couple married each other on 14 February 2008.

At the time of their marriage, Florence had turned 19 and Guy was 21 years old.


Florence Dure and her husband Guy Marlon Dure (Pic: Florence’s IG)

Over a decades later, Florence and Guy are parents to three beautiful children; Pino, Marion, and Akeem Raws Dure. Their marriage did hit the rough patch. She had discussed infidelity in their marriage. As it appears, both were at fault when loyalty was the topic for them.

Guy shared that “despite all the confidence I have in us, as soon as I arrive. not knowing where you are, I don’t really know how to live.”

However, the artist and entrepreneur never revealed further details on the minor setback in their relationship. But, all was well and they surely reconciled their differences. Now, the married couple works together as business partners and philanthropists.

In the August 2021 earthquake, Guy arrived in Haiti with clean water and medical supplies.

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