Alone in the wild without clothes or modern devices, Joe Ortlip was one of the ambitious survivalists featured in the hit reality TV show, Naked and Afraid. Though the show intended to shed light on how much people are reliant on modern technology, it certainly didn’t fail to add some drama to reel in the viewers.

In March 2021 ep, Joe was paired along with the self-described “Gold Star lesbian” Sam, where the manipulative her was playing mind games with the calm and collected Joe. 

Keep reading this wiki to learn more about what happened, and follow the article to the end to all about Joe’s personal life.

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Joe Ortlip Sam, Naked And Alone

Over Naked And Alone, the viewers never got to see Joe Ortlip and Sam get alone. While Joe flaunted a laid-back persona and obeyed the minimalistic rules of the wild, Sam on the other hand, relentlessly played mind games and bullied Joe.

In a trailer, Sam was seen bullying Joe into drinking more water, implying that his failure would mark him of reckless and self-destructive nature. But since the water was so scarce, Joe stood his ground and didn’t let Sam’s verbal abuse bring him down. He said,

“Nothing out here takes more priority than water. When you went hiking you were gone all day. What if this would have happened? I wouldn’t be able to help you. And then what?”

However, Sam didn’t budge an inch from her absurd wish. In the end, Joe eventually told her that she was right.

For handling the situation with composure, fans applauded Joe and obviously started trashing Sam. To which, Joe took it to his Reddit, asking fans to be kind to Sam, as he believed she was “still a good person”.

About Joe Ortlip Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Joe Ortlip was born on  April 3, 1982. That made him 38 years of age in 2021. As per his birthday, Joe is of the Aries zodiac.

Joe Ortlip Wiki — Ethnicity, Hometown, Family

Joe Ortlip is of Asian ethnicity — to be specific, he might be Korean. No wonder, he loved Korean Soju. He once shared over IG that “there was nothing like drinking pure rubbing alcohol (Korean Soju)” that got him “in touch” with his “roots.”

As for his family, they are probably from Hawaii. He often started his greeting with “Aloha”, and ended his words with “Mahalo.” Some of his family members and associates included Kerry Ortlip, Shirley Ortlip, Timothy Ortlip, and James Frey.

Before 2021, Joe resided in places like Gilbertsville, PA, and Boyertown PA, one of which could be his hometown.

Trivia: Joe has a nephew named Gryphon with whom he finished his 10-mile-run at Tough Mudder in 2018.

Height, Weight, Tattoos

Joe Ortlip stands tall at a height under 5 feet 9 inches and weighs below (176 lbs). Previously, he was 13 kg (30 lbs) heavier than now. According to him, he started working on weight loss in 2020, after people started calling him 40. Joe shared that he was changing his intake to a high protein diet and wearing a 40lbs vest with the nightly routine.

Talking about his tattoos, Joe has two over his chest, one on his right arm, and in March 2021, he got one on his left arm — a tribute to 21 days on Naked and Afraid.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Reddit

As of March 2021, Joe entertained 621 followers over Instagram, and 93 followers over Facebook. Most of his posts featured his show and adventures in the wilderness. Also, find Joe over Reddit @NAAJoeS12Montana.

Joe Ortlip Job, Net Worth, Career

While we already know that Joe Ortlip is a Naked and Afraid star, to actually define his job, Joe is a “survivalist”. Reportedly, a “survivalist instructor”  in the US made around an average of $41,776 a year.

In 2021, Joe Ortlip’s net worth was above $750 thousand.

Talking about his career, Joe Ortlip joined Naked and Afraid for its 13th installment in 2021. Before that, he has tried his luck as a musician, and even debuted at 2016 Relay for Life (a cancer charity walk) in Boyertown, PA.

Joining Naked and Afraid wasn’t out of the blue kind of thing for Joe. He always wanted a life full of adventures and was always interested in outdoor events. In 2018, he partook in the Spartan race in Philadelphia, and also participated in the Rugged Maniac race.

Joe Ortlip Wife, Jennifer Conrad,  Kids

Joe Ortlip might enjoy living out in the wild, but when he was not, he came back to his wife, Jennifer Conrad Ortlip in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The two shared two lovely kids — a son (elder), and a daughter named Olivia.

His wife, Jennifer who appeared to be slightly taller than him, is a year older than him as well. She hailed from Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, and was spotted for a sec on the trailer of Naked and Afraid 2021. 

On Jennifer’s 38th birthday (i.e. on January 13, 2020), Joe took it to his IG to share a picture of her and their baby girl, captioned.

“Happy Birthday to the most intelligent, compassionate, and unconditionally beautiful angel to ever cross my gaze. You’ve brought peace to an otherwise chaotic world, and helped to mend this broken heart. Thank you, my love.”


Joe Ortlip with his wife, Jennifer Conrad, and their kids (Source: Instagram)

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  3. […] Interesting Still: Joe Ortlip Wiki: Naked And Alone, Sam, Age, Wife, Job […]

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