Netflix is offering viewers a documentary titled Seaspiracy. The documentary is based on the impact of human activity on life inside the sea. It was prepared by the team who brought Cowspiracy in 2014. One of the important personalities in the documentary film is Ali Tabrizi who was the director.

Know more about the British-Iranian director with this Ali Tabrizi Wiki that unfolds details on his life.

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Ali Tabrizi Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ali Tabrizi turned 27 years old while celebrating his birthday in October 2020. He owned Libra as his zodiac sign. His loved ones wish him his birthday every year on 8 October.

Ali Tabrizi Wiki — Parents, Nationality, Ethnic Background

Ali Tabrizi was born to his parents: Saeed Tabrizi and Shaine Tabrizi. His father, Saeed immigrated from Iran to the United Kingdom. Whereas, his mother, Shaine is a local of Ramsgate who owns her own business named Better Cakes By Shaine.

More on his family: Ali’s parents raised him with his three siblings; Shantanna, Trinity, and Arianne. All three Tabrizi siblings are British citizens inheriting Iranian ethnic background.

Moreover, all the members of the Tabrizi family practice the vegan lifestyle.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Starting with Ali’s distinct features, he has strong eye-brows a common feature in middle easter people. Plus, he looks good with facial hair that he trims often. He had long dark brown hair which he cut short in recent years.

Furthermore, Ali Tabrizi stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) making him the tallest of the Tabrizi family. With his medium-sized body, he weighed 78 kilograms (171 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Ali Tabrizi knows the power of social media and the impact it can have on his career as a filmmaker. He is followed by 10.6k people on Instagram as of March 2021. He is also on Twitter with just 4 followers and has only tweeted twice.

Moreover, Ali is also on Facebook but last posted on a platform in September 2020. He has minimum activity on the platform as of March 2021.

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Ali Tabrizi Career, Seaspiracy, Director Credits

As a boy who followed a Vegan lifestyle, all of the Tabrizi siblings’ interest grew in the protection of the environment. However, the college that he attended and graduated from remains obscure as of March 2021.

Furthermore, the career that he pursued had the environment in focus. Ali founded and operated Ikiru Media and Disrupt Studios. The company produced documentaries related to the environment and the topic surrounding it.

He also runs a podcast under Disrupt Studios that revolves around the environment.

In 2018, Ali Tabrizi produced a documentary titled Vegan, marking his directorial debut. The documentary covered the benefit of opting vegan lifestyle. Before that, Ali and his girlfriend Lucy worked together with Kip Anderson on another Netflix documentary, Cowspiracy (2014).

Film director Kip Anderson enlisted Tabrizi and his team for Seaspiracy with Netflix signing them for the upcoming in 2016. He is set to the director, his directorial debut in mainstream and also features in the film.

Ali Tabrizi Wife, Lucy Manning, Kids

Ali Tabrizi tied knots with his wife, Lucy Manning on 25 June 2019. The newly married couple announced being pregnant on their respective social media in December 2019.

Alis and his wife, Lucy welcomed a son and named him River. They shared a few pictures of their wedding on their respective social media. However, neither of them dug deeper into details from the day.

Talking about Lucy Manning, she worked as a cinematographer and also featured in several works of Ali Tabrizi. As for her nationality, she is an Australian citizen who studied accounting, architecture, and law.

Before delving into a career as a cinematographer, she did regular jobs.

Not only the love of movie making is what Lucy shared with her husband, like Ali, but her parents also raised her to be conscious about the environment. Lucy’s mother who was an artist and poet by profession advocated for the protection of animals.

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