Sidian Jones is many things to many people. However, the public at large recognizes him for his appearance on the TLC series “Seeking Sister Wife”.

Keep reading this Sidian Jones wiki and discover facts about the reality star such as his age, job, and height. What’s more, find out his first wife, net worth, and family.

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Sidian Jones Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In early-2021, Sidian Jones reached the age of 38. Likewise, 18th January marks his birthday.

To mention his zodiac, Sidian was born Capricorn. As a result, he is intelligent, disciplined, and loyal.

Sidian Jones Wiki — Family, Religion, Hometown

As of 2021, Sidian Jones was residing in Boise, Idaho. Many believed the city was his hometown.

Of all his family members, none are more popular than his grandfather who is the legendary shaman Rolling Thunder. Sidian’s grandfather even has a Wikipedia profile dedicated to his life and career.

Although Sidian became widely known as the Open Source Religion guy, very few could pinpoint his religious beliefs.

Moreover, Sidian didn’t list his educational background on both his LinkedIn and Facebook. If one were to make a guess, he must’ve gone to college and acquired a degree.

Sidian’s interests include writing, blogging, singing, poetry, and board games.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

As of 2021, Sidian Jones didn’t seem to be on Instagram. That said, his wife, Tosha had garnered quite a following on her eponymous IG handle.

Meanwhile, Sidian appeared active on Facebook. He regularly updated his profile photo on the platform.

Find Sidian on Twitter @SidianMSJones. He was also on Pinterest with the same username.

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Height, Weight, Tattoos

Reportedly, Sidian Jones is around 5 feet 10 inches in height. On the other hand, his weight should be under 70 kilograms.

For distinct features, Sidian flaunts several tattoos. Both his fashion sense and hairstyles are eye-catching.

Sidian Jones Job, Net Worth, Career

Listing out Sidian Jones’ job titles— author, singer, graphic designer, and personal mythologist. Admittedly, his passion is to empower other’s life stories.

As an author, Sidian co-wrote books such as “The Voice of Rolling Thunder” and “The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder”.

In February 2010, Sidain founded Open Source Religion— the world’s first framework for religion. He later founded MyMythos and MyMthosKids.

Under the stage name Sidian, the Boise, Idaho-resident releases music.

According to his LinkedIn page, the likes of Apple and Stephen King have used his designs in the past. His career highlights include:

  • Played key roles in company acquisition by Apple.
  • Raised over 100k for The Game of Books on
  • Had articles featured in the Spark of Genius series on, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and many other outlets.
  • Book has been featured on The Joe Rogan Experience and can be found on Barnes & Noble shelves.
  • Collaborated with Blizzard North, Patrick Rothfuss, and Warren Adler on The Game of Books.

Also, Sidian previously worked at Belief Genome, Novel Projects, Inc, The Game Of Books, Lotus Vaping Technologies, VRFit, and Alchymest Ejuice.

From his career, Sidian Jones should own under $1 million net worth.

Sidian Jones Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha, First Wife

Together with Tosha, Sidian Jones made their reality TV debut in March 2021 by starring in TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife”. As the season progressed, fans learned that the couple’s first wife had left them. It led to Sidian and Tosha developing abandonment issues.

Their first wife’s exit from the relationship even caused a brief split between Sidian and Tosha. When the couple reconciled, they began searching for a new sister wife. However, Sidian and Tosha found it difficult to find the perfect match.

As of 2021, Sidian and Tosha were raising 2 kids: Tyrion and Liam. Tyrion is the older of the two. Whether their first wife gave birth to either, the public didn’t seem to have a clue.

According to their Facebook, Sidian asked the big question in February 2019. However, neither had shared the wedding date.


Sidian Jones, Tosha, and their kids (Source: Instagram)

A little info about Sidian Jones’ partner— Several years his junior, Tosha Jones is a native of Middleton, Idaho. She described herself as a real estate advisor, polygamist, nerd, and gin connoisseur.

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