Jessimae Peluso is a Syracuse-based comedian and sketch who starred in Netflix’s new show Tattoo Redo. This article covers details on her husband, boyfriend, mom, and dad.

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Jessimae Peluso On Tattoo Redo

Jessimae Peluso is the host of Tattoo Redo on Netflix. The series featured people with embarrassing tattoos that manifested out of a lost bet, drunken night, a messed up relationship, and anything thing imaginable who are attempting to mend their mistakes.

The Syracuse-native shared every tragic tattoo was backed by a ridiculous story. But, five extremely tattoo artists were there to correct their mistakes. She even considered some of her own tattoos to be poor decisions.

While Jessimae tried maintaining privacy regarding the show, she shared that one Tramp-stamp, in particular, got her shook. So, binge-watch the show to witness all the thrills the show brought.

How Old Is She?

Jessimae Peluso was born on 16 September 1982. She turned 38 years in 2020.

Jessimae Peluso Mom

Jessimae Peluso was born to her mom Nancy Finley Juliano. Nancy and her late ex-husband divorced a while back. She attended Heuvelton Central School. After graduation, she attended Hard Knocks University.

Moreover, Nancy allegedly married her second husband Steve Juliano. Steve hailed from Liverpool, New York attended Liverpool High School and got his college education from Midwestern College, and graduated in 1969.

Nancy has also been one of Jessimae’s comedy subjects. She has also invited her for discussing life in her podcast, All Things Comedy. Sadly, she also lost her mother in 2020.

Jessimae Peluso Dad

Jessimae Peluso’s dad was Joseph ‘Joe’ Peluso. She described her dad as a lover of vodka sodas, the music of Sinatra, and of course his family. In late 2017, Joe was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Jessimae went through a great deal of pain when she lost her dad to the disease in late October of 2018. In his loving memory, she penned a touching tribute that resonated with her fans. Her fans had watched him for years attending her comedy shows and on her videos.

Admittedly, Jessimae rarely went to sleep without thinking about her late father. She would recall funny memory with him, or cry and ask where he went. Ever since the loss, she became an Alzheimer’s disease advocate.

Does Jessimae Peluso Have Siblings?

Yes, Jessimae Peluso has one sibling, her sister Emily Peluso. Emily moved to Ithaca, New York in 1996. Then, she enrolled at Ithaca College in August of 1996. She graduated college on 8 May 2000.

As a lover of traveling, Emily has been to several places such as Russia in 1995. She traveled to Hawaii and Dominican Republic in 2009. In 2013, she traveled to Barbados.

As for her relationship status, Emily married Stephen DiMarco in 2016. They have a son named Elliot and an adorable daughter together from their marriage. Talking about her husband, Stephen attended Syracuse University where she studied management. He is a partner/owner of Summit Automotive.

How Tall Is She?

Jessimae Peluso stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters).

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Jessimae Peluso Net Worth

Syracuse-based Comedianee Jessimae Peluso sits on a reported total net worth of $400 thousand.

Jessimae Peluso and her upbringing in her hometown of Syracuse, New York is an important element in her comedy. Every time she travels back home during the holidays, she believes in spending time with her family as she can extract a minute worth of material from her family.

She started her gig as a comedian in Syracuse. So, performing the shared experiences of her time in front of the Syracuse crowd was like performing a show in front of her family and relatives. Plus, her mom invited everyone over for her shows, everyone she ever met in her life from her hometown.

As a guest, Jessimae had witnessed that it was both excitement and horror for her parents to be on the show. While they were excited that she made it, they were terrified of what she was going to say next.

Jessimae gained popularity as an outspoken cast member on MTV’s Girl Code. She was also featured on Deal With It, NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly, Chelsea Lately, World’s funniest fails, Gotham Live, Comedy Knockout, and several other shows.

The comedienne also ran a weekly Sharp Tongue podcast. Jessimae performed on several comedy festivals such as New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy & Arts Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, and JFL 2016 Festival.

As a writer, Jessimae also contributed to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Self Magazine, GQ.Com,, and

Jessimae Peluso Boyfriend, Husband 

Jessimae Peluso has not explicitly mentioned any details about her boyfriend — or her future husband, for that matter.

However, in her 2013 interview with Jessica Booth, Jessimae stated that she dated a guy who had arranged a romantic beach day for both of them. The pre-planned day didn’t go smoothly according to her, which was arranged by her then-boyfriend. The date was so bad that she even listed it as the most embarrassing dating moment of her life.

According to Jessimae, she and her girl went out and she ended up crashing on her couch. The day after, she woke up late. He had messaged her, “I’m outside your apartment.” For a more romantic gesture, he came up to receive her in her apartment but found her friend in her pajamas which confused him.

After the event, Jessimae tried contacting him but then he never responded.

In a different interview in April 2013, Jessimae said her boyfriend is a fan of Guy Code and excited to watch the new show ‘Girl Code.’ 

Over the years, Jessimae mentioned her boyfriend here and there in the interviews. But she thought it best to keep their identity behind the curtains. This also meant she suggests that she prefers privacy in her love life.

Further, Jessimae also keeps funnily posting on Twitter and Instagram, expressing her emotions about the guy she wants to date.

As for her dream date, Jessimae has a big crush on former ‘Full House’ star John Santos. Her fantasies of John shattered when he got engaged and expressed her feeling via an Instagram post.

Once, Jessimae grabbed all the attention when she posted an edited picture of herself with John on her Instagram in June 2019. She called him “her bae” and recalled the things they did, ending the post with a calling the two soulmates.

There were also rumors of Jessimae dating a fellow comic Yannis Pappas who she later dumped. As reported, Yannis broke down crying in times square, and the incident was discussed on Reddit.

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