Tommy Montoya is a legendary tattoo artist hailing from California, who appeared in Netflix’s Tattoo Redo. Scroll down this Tommy Montoya Wiki where you can discover details on his wife, net worth, age, and height.

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Tommy Montoya On Tattoo Redo

Tommy Montoya, with his 20+ years of expertise working in the tattoo industry, debuted in Netflix’s Tattoo Redo. The show is hosted by Jessimae Peluso and features artists such as Miryam Lumpini, Twig Sparks, Matt Beckerich, and Rose Hardy.

As per the premise of the show, people, who got embarrassing tattoos that manifested out of a lost bet, drunken night, a messed up relationship, and anything thing imaginable, are attempting to mend their mistakes.

Tommy Montoya Age

Tommy Montoya, born in 1973, was 48 years old as of July 2021. His birthday falls every year on 28 January which made him an Aquarius by zodiac sign.

His Family, Hometown

Tommy Montaya was born to his father Mike Montaya and his mother Cora in his hometown of California, United States. His parents are regularly featured on his social media. As suggested, his parents divorced at least 17 years ago.

Tommy’s father, Mike, who is a tattoo enthusiast and often perceived as very cool by his followers, met his second wife Dianne. Cora, his mother, meanwhile, met her second husband Vincent in circa 2004. On 2 July 2021, Cora went on her Ig (@corag) to wish her husband his 61st happy birthday.

Tommy, on every father’s day, wishes Mike on father’s day.

The tattoo artist is brother to his two siblings. His elder brother Mikey Montoya is also a tattoo artist who goes by the name @mikeymontoyatattoo on Instagram. He also has a sister named Crystal, who was the youngest in the bunch.

On 29 July 2021, Tommy’s mother, Cora went on her Instagram to share that she lost a daughter in 1999. Tommy also seems to have a half-sibling on his father’s side named Anthony who was a college graduate.

Tommy Montoya Height

Standing tall to the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters), Tommy Montaya is a man with an average build.

His Instagram, Facebook

Tommy Montoya is on several social media platforms as of July 2021. Facebook verified his self-titled page which earned him 331k followers. On his personal Facebook account, he had 1,721 followers. His Instagram account (@tommymontoya), earned 237k followers and a verified account. He posted over 1500 times on the platform.

Likewise, he could also be discovered on Twitter (@tommymontoya) with 61.9k followers. He tweeted 3,215 tweets on the platform. His TikTok account (@montoya_tattoo) flaunted 322.5k followers. His TikTok’s earned 2 million likes for his videos.

What Are Tommy Montoya’s Tattoo Prices?

Getting a tattoo in California can cost up to $300 for an hour of work. So, Tommy Montoya might charge around the same amount if one wishes to get a tattoo. But, he might charge extra for his reputation and the craft he mastered for over two decades.

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Tommy Montoya Net Worth

As a maestro of the West Coast tattoo industry, Tommy Montoya was able to build a total net worth of nearly $1.5 million.

Starting with education, Tommy Montoya attended California State University, Fullerton. But, his high school education remains a mystery as of this writing.

Tommy committed himself to the West Coast tattoo scene for nearly 21 years. During that period, he witnessed both the underground and the mainstream scenes. He built a career in black-and-gray tattooing.

The NY Ink tattooist spent most of his career working with the Klockwork Tattoo club. He also associated himself with Fusion Ink. Moreover, he also appeared on TV shows such as NY INK (2011-2013) and Tattoo Shop. He has headlined several events including Feather Falls Tattoo Expo in Oroville, California in 2019.

In an interview with scene360, Tommy talked about the paradigm shift of the tattoo industry. He acknowledged the contribution of shows such as NY Ink and LA Ink to the growth of the tattoo industry. He shared that the stereotype that tattooists were either in the military, biker, or gangster has changed.

Tommy shared that he was happy with the shift in the tattoo industry and he was even motivated to do greater works in the future. Plus, he also uttered talented kids were coming out of art schools so the older generation couldn’t slack anymore.

Tommy Montoya Wife

According to his social media, Tommy Montoya has been in serious relationships twice in his life. There exist no details on his first wife. But, together they had two daughters Saleane and Riri. But, there exists no information on his ex-partner.

As of 2021, Tommy’s oldest daughter was 27 years old and celebrates her birthday in July. She appeared a few times on her father’s IG. Whereas, Riri was on Instagram (@bbxry) with 3,647 followers.


Tommy Montoya and his wife, Keliann Marie together in March of 2016 (Pic: Tommy’s IG)

As for his wife, Tommy Montoya is married to Keliann Marie. She turned 40 years old in September of 2020. Tommy and Keliann married on 24 March 2014. The couple celebrated their second anniversary in 2016. He wrote a caption, “2 years in the trenches with this girl. It’s our anniversary today #married #warallthetime #love”

Tommy and his wife, Keliann welcomed a son together named Christian Lorenzo Montoya in March of 2006. Christian celebrated his 15th birthday in March of 2021.

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