Put A Ring On It is an unscripted reality show on the Opera Winfrey Network, in which long-term couples put their relationship to an ultimate test by dating people other than their partner. And the second season of Put A Ring On It returned to TV in June 2021. And one of the three couples featuring this season is Jessica Kelly and Eric Weems.

This article is entirely devoted to Jessica Kelly. Get to know her and her relationship with Eric Weems in this Jessica Kelly wiki. Also find out interesting facts about Jessica like her age, height, job, etc.

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Jessica Kelly Age, Birthday

According to her Instagram, Jessica Kelly celebrates her birthday every year on 23 September. Also, she turned 30 years of age in quarantine (i.e. 2020). So, as of June 2021, Jessica was still 30 years of age.

Furthermore, her zodiac sign was Libra.

Jessica Kelly Family: Parents, Siblings

Jessica Kelly was born to African American parents Mike Branch and Pamela Branch. Her father passed away in 2016 and Jessica seemed to be pretty badly affected by his death. Her mother is alive and active. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and works at Fort Worth Transportation Authority.

Jessica is actually from Texas but currently, she lives in New York. And although Fort Worth is her hometown, later in life, she fell in love with New York.

Apart from her parents, Jessica had three siblings and a lot of other family members. She had a large family. Two of her siblings are sisters, Tanaya Branch and Echo Branch, and one is a brother Kevin Branch.

Her family members include cousin James Sims Jr., aunt Aretha Renee Ferrell-Benavides, uncle Charles Waters, and grandmother Brenda Gardner Pruitt Bj.

Her Height, Measurements

Jessica Kelly is a tall woman standing at a height of 5 ft 8 inches. She is also a voluptuous woman with figure measurements of 37-25-38. Her other physical features include brown eyes and curly black hair.

Jessica also has a lot of tattoos on her body. She had a butterfly tattoo on the right side of her chest. She has another one on her left thigh and one on her right butt cheek.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Jessica Kelly was huge on Instagram and but almost non-existent on Twitter. On her Instagram, @_jessica_kelly, she had a massive following of 127k until June 2021.

On the other hand, on her Twitter handle @jessica87749954, she had 0 followers. Yes, dear readers, that is possible apparently. Actually, there is a reason behind that. Jessica’s old Twitter account was hacked and she had to open a new account. And she was not able to earn as many followers on the new account.

Jessica was also present on Facebook and was quite active as well.

Jessica Kelly Job, Net Worth

Talking about her profession, Jessica Kelly is an entrepreneur. She is the shopping and retail owner of House of Kelly Online Boutique. House of Kelly is all about the latest fashion trends and according to the shop’s Instagram page, “For Fly Girls Only”.

Apart from her regular job as an entrepreneur, Jessica is also a reality TV star. With her boyfriend Eric Weems, Jessica is set to appear on Put A Ring On It, a reality show about relationships on the Opera Winfrey Network. Scroll down to read more about that.

Lastly, as of June 2021, Jessica Kelly had a reported total net worth of $400 thousand.

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Jessica Kelly And Eric Weems: Put A Ring On It, Still Together?

As we mentioned, Jessica Kelly is with Eric Weems, a former American football player. Eric played as a wide receiver for the majority of his career for the Atlanta Falcons. He also played briefly for Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans. Jessica is one of the biggest fans of Eric Weeps.

Jessica and Eric started dating around 2016. However, there was a little confusion over when they wanted to go official. Eric and Jessica do not agree when exactly they went official. And that may suggest that the relationship did not start on firm grounds. Despite the odds, their relationship continued and in October 2020, they were engaged.

Based on their Instagram posts, it also seems as if the couple have two kids together, or maybe from either’s previous relationships. Two little girls appeared quite frequently on Jessica’s IG. One of the little girls was called Ma’Kenzee.


Jessica Kelly with Eric Weeps and the two girls who are probably their kids circa October 2017 (PC: Jessica’s IG)

Now, however, it seems like the two might have broken up. There were no recent photos of them together on either’s Instagram, which suggests that the two might not be together. However, neither Eric nor Jessica has confirmed their break up as of June 2021. To find out what actually happens to their relationship, the readers might have to tune into OWN (Opera Winfrey Network) and watch Put A Ring On It.

If you do not know about Put A Ring On It, it an unscripted reality show in which a few long-term couples take part in an experiment and put their relationship under test. The couple is asked to date, other people. And relationship expert Dr. Nicole LaBeach helps them to discover if they are really fit for each other or this experiment breaks their relationship.

The second season of the show premiered on 25 June 2021. The new season of the show had three couples, Jessica and Eric one of the three, the other two being Alexia and Darion, and LaRhonda and Jay.

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