Jessica Bowman is best known as the mother of TLC’s Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza. Since she debuted on the show as a supporting cast of the show, Jessica had a rusty relationship with her daughter’s boyfriend. So, fans are eager to know more about this protective mother.

Delve into this Jessica Bowman Wiki to learn more about Chloe Mendoza’s mom.

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Jessica Bowman Age

Jessica Bowman turned 39 years old while celebrating her birthday in August 2020. She celebrates her birthday on 13 August which is the same day as actor Sebastian Stan. Furthermore, she secured Leo as her zodiac sign.

Jessica Bowman Maiden Name

Jessica Bowman’s maiden name is Marrujo.

She was born to her father Johnnie Marrujo and her mother Diana Marrujo who hailed from her hometown of Tularosa, New Mexico, United States. Furthermore, she currently lives with her family in Phoenix, Arizona.

While her father is a baseball fan and showed almost no information on his social media reach. Whereas, some records showed that he was the principal of the School District of Tularosa. As for her mother, she attended Tularosa High School and graduated from Western New Mexico University.

Jessica’s parents celebrated her 47th anniversary in July of 2020. They reside in Ahwatukee, Arizona as of this writing in June of 2021.

Jessica grew up with two sisters: Jennifer J Madden and Candice Marrujo. Jennifer Madden married John Madden and has a son named John Paul Madden and a daughter named Alyssa Madden. 

Her Height

Looking very much like her mother, Jessica Bowman stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Whereas, she weighed 54 kilograms (119 lbs).

Her IG, Facebook

Coming to social media reach, Jessica is on Facebook. She posts on the platform regularly. Moreover, she is on the platform in March of 2021. Moreover, she is also on Instagram with 17.3k followers (June 2021).

However, she is nowhere to be found on Twitter.

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Jessica Bowman Job

Getting to Jessica Bowman’s job, she joined Edward Jones in January of 2011. She worked there as Sr. Branch Office Administrator till August of 2015.

But, as of 2021, Jessica is linked with Kyrene School District. She worked in the Benefits Department of the school district where she served as Chief Benefit Specialist. She has been honored several times for her contribution as a benefits specialist.

In September of 2018, she attended AZ Awards where she was acknowledged for her work as a member of the Wellness Committee Members Champion (Worksite Wellness). In the same way, she was also recognized Kyeren School District as a valued staff for implementing systems that support the strategic plan and “making a difference.”

Jessica Bowman kept it quiet regarding the information on her academic qualifications. She must’ve completed her school and college as of this writing. But, since she worked in Kyrene School District, she must’ve at least earned her bachelor’s degree.

Besides her regular job, Jessica also earned recognition as the supporting cast of TLC’s Unexpected. She starred in the show alongside her daughter Chloe Mendoza. According to TVShowsCase, she made an estimated $1,000 per episode like any other cast in the show.

From the very beginning, Jessica was clear about her feeling towards Chloe’s ex-boyfriend Max Schenzel. She was expecting that her daughter would break up with her boyfriend but that didn’t happen in season 2. In response, Jessica set a few boundaries between the two. But, they did eventually in season 3.

Meanwhile, Jessica Bowman sits on a total net worth of $200 thousand.

Jessica Bowman Husband

Jessica Bowman is married to her husband, Nate Bowman for over a decade. To be more precise, she tied the knots with her husband on 24 May 2008. they receive anniversary wishes every year from Jessica’s beloved parents.

The couple celebrated their 13th anniversary in May of 2021.

Furthermore, Jessica and Nate have a daughter named Brooklyn Bowman. The couple welcomed their daughter in June of 2009. She turned 11 years old excited to turn age 12 in June of 2021. They had organized a communion ceremony in May of 2018.


Jessica with her parents, husband, and kids in December 2020 (Pic: Jessica’s Instagram)

Apart from Brooklyn Bowman, Jessica is the mother of two older kids Anthony Mendoza and Chloe Mendoza. Allegedly, she had two kids from her previous relationship with her previous partner Jacob Mendoza.

Almost all information on her partner was known but it seemed she raised her two kids as a single mother. Anthony Mendoza, her first-born celebrated his 21st birthday in December of 2020. She took to Instagram where she wrote, “Happy 21st Birthday to my firstborn, my first love, my only son! I can’t believe you are 21 😭😭. I pray God continues to bless you this year and show you the man you are meant to be. Enjoy your day son! Love you always and forever 💙”

As for her daughter, Chloe was welcomed on 3 July 2001. She was in a relationship with Max with whom she had a daughter named Ava Grace. Ava was born on 11 July 2018 who weighed 9lbs 30z and 21 inches in length.

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