Meet Daniel Sullivan, popular as the partner to the Frozen in Time star, Dan Vickery.

According to HGTV, the brand new home renovation show employed Dan to bring “the structure up to date”, and his co-star Maureen McCormick to decorate the structures “with decade-specific pieces to give the homes a refreshed look.”

But today, we aren’t here to talk about the Frozen in Time stars. Rather, get ready to learn all about Dan’s partner as this Daniel Sullivan wiki proceeds.

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Daniel Sullivan Age

Daniel Sullivan was reportedly born on December 13, 1994. That made him 26 years of age as Frozen in Time garnered attention in 2021.

As per his birthday, Daniel is of the Sagittarius zodiac.

Trivia: Daniel shares his birth month with his friends, Tiffany Best and Tara.

Daniel Sullivan Family

No matter how old your parents are, the reality is, we’ve only been offered a limited time; and Daniel Sullivan understood this. From going on international trips with his dad, or attending festivals with his mother, Daniel was spotted doing it all over his IG.

Moreover, over each of his posts, he shed a little light on them. 

It seemed that his dad, who celebrated his birthday on July 6, was a pilot. He retired from his aerial life in April 2015. Also, Daniel mentioned his dad to “be the man” who showed him ”the world” and taught him how “to love what you do.”

But Daniel’s dad wasn’t just the one he exalted about. On Mother’s day 2016, Daniel took it to his IG to share a pic alongside his mom and sibling. He captioned, 

“Here’s to woman who taught me “no” often means “yes”, the speed limit is a mere suggestion and that you need to fight for what you want in life. #happymothersday”

Daniel also has wished his mother on a very special day a few times before that.

Besides what Daniel has already shared, we also took the liberty to visit his mom’s Facebook profile @lee.sullivan.771 to learn more about her. Well, all we got was that she is a republican, and an animal lover (especially horses).

Talking more about his family, Daniel was also close to his then 90-year-old aunt, and a few Sullivan cousins.

His Height

Daniel Sullivan stands tall at a height above 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm). Likewise, his partner Dan is 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm), and just in case you come across him while he is wearing heels, he is 6 feet 7 inches (200 cm).

Mentioning his distinct features, Daniel is a thick bearded handsome hunk just like Dan. Moreover, the two even shared similar hairstyles.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Daniel entertained 1K followers over Instagram @dan.sull. His bio then stated that he was “a Slytherin who wishes he was a Gryffindor”, and also he openly tagged Dan Vickery to be his partner.

Find him over Facebook @daniel.sullivan.14.

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Daniel Sullivan Job

Daniel Sullivan remained an enigma to us. He regularly promoted Dan and has also helped set the celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Conway’s career in motion. So, although we don’t know the exact details about his job, he seemed like a persona with many connections.

Also, Daniel’s job seemed to have spared a lot of free time as well. As a travel enthusiast, Daniel has traveled all around the places like — New Zealand, Australia, and multiple parts of California.

Just in case you are curious, his partner Dan, apart from being an HGTV star, was also a senior designer at Lonni Paul Design in 2021.

Before 2021, Daniel has resided in places including Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and Los Angeles, California.

As for his political views, Daniel seemed to be a democrat. After Biden’s victory over Trump in the 2020 presential election, Daniel took it to his FB to share,

“Today ~75 million Americans chose unity over division, science over hearsay and truth over flies…I mean lies”.

Daniel Sullivan And Dan Vickery: Children, Married Yet?

Daniel Sullivan started dating Dan Vickery in February 2012. Yes, they were already together for over 9 years. On their 9th anniversary (i.e. on February 26, 2021), Daniel took it to his IG to point out that he had been with Daniel for “almost 1/3 of his life.”

After dating for over 5 years, the lovebirds got married on September 17, 2017. Reportedly, they held a riverside wedding at Hood River, Oregon, and it was indeed a moment to remember. Apart from all the waves of laughter, the two conjured, they even presented the guests with a coordinated dance (choreographed by their friend Emily Chamberlain).

As of 2021, the duo was still married and shared no children.

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