They say good karma always comes back. In June 2021, the retired Carolina Panthers tight end/a generous philanthropist, Greg Olsen found a heart donor for his son. Reportedly, the donor came eight days after Olsen’s son was placed on the transplant list.

And while Greg was obviously overjoyed, sharing this joy was also Greg’s wife, Kara Dooley. But who is she? Keep reading this bio on Kara, and enlighten yourself.

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Kara Dooley Age

Kara Dooley was born on September 29, 1985. That made her 35 years of age in 2021 as her son received a heart transplant.

She shared the same birth year as Greg Olsen who was a March-born.

As for their zodiac, Kara is a Libra, while Greg is Pisces.

Her Hometown, Family

Kara Dooley hails from Orlando, Florida. But as of 2021, she was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, two states across her hometown.

Talking about her family, Kara was born to parents, John and Deborah Dooley. Before 2021, they lived together in Farmingdale, New York, and were a proud grandparent of eight. Mentioning their hometown, John is a Long Island native, while Deborah is from Farmingdale, New York.

Trivia: Kara’s parents were 2 years apart in age — John was born on April 2nd, 1956, and Deborah on Feb 20, 1958.

Also, Kara has a 2-year-older sister named Kristen Dooley McCullough (birthday: February 5). She is a University of Central Florida, and University of Miami alumna, who went on to become the president of KAMCOM Media in 2014. The company was a full-service public relations firm that helped organizations achieve their business goals.

Apart from them, Kara’s family members and friends included Gregory Olsen, Christian Olsen, and Allan Dooley.

Kara Dooley Height

Kara Dooley stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 10 inches (177cm) in height. She is a lot shorter than the tight end/her husband, Greg Olsen who is 6 feet 5 inches (195 cm).

Her Instagram, Facebook

As of June 2021, Kara entertained 9.6K followers over her Instagram that she kept private then. Her Twitter then had 801 followings.

Also, find Kara on Facebook @cara.olsen, where she mostly uploaded posts about her family and charity works.

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Kara Dooley Net Worth, Job

Kara Dooley’s flaunted a net worth of $5 million in 2021. Likewise, her husband Greg Olsen’s net worth was a stunning $16 million then.

But unlike Greg, Kara didn’t make her fortune in the sports industry. Rather, it was the real estate business that kept her on par with Greg. Her Twitter profile stated that she has worked with The Campins Company in Chicago. 

Just in case you are curious, a realtor in Chicago made an average of around $68 thousand per annum.

Besides selling homes, Kara was also involved with Greg on most of his charity programs including Receptions for Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation. After the birth of her twins, she also began the HEARTest Yard initiative, to raise money for less fortunate families going through crises.

Fact: Kara once played a role of a street kid in the movie, A Shot at Glory (2000).

Kara Dooley And Greg Olsen: Wedding, Kids 

Kara Dooley was still attending the University of Miami when she first met Greg Olsen. The two then went on to get married in March 2009. Reportedly, their wedding reception was held at The Ginn Hammock Beach Resort with fun-filled and relaxing activities such as “putt-putt golf, brunch, rehearsal dinner, spa and gentlemen shaves.”

Almost 2 years after their marriage, Kara and Greg welcomed their firstborn, a son named Tate, in July 2011. Unfortunately, he suffered from a rare congenital heart condition called “hypoplastic left heart syndrome” which meant that the left side of his heart was severely underdeveloped.

The following year they welcomed their next two kids, twins name Talbot and Trent Jerry (T.J.). The sister-brother twin turned 8 on October 10, 2020.

As of 2021, Kara and Greg were falling even deeper for one another, and the footballer proved it over IG with a sweet caption on their 12th wedding anniversary (i.e. on March 22.)

He wrote,

“Today we “celebrated” our 12th wedding anniversary with a Cracker Barrel breakfast in a local Georgia hotel. Spent the weekend cheering our boys on and nobody I’d rather do it with! To a lifetime of memories. I love you @karaolsen29! Happy Anniversary!”

Little info about Kara Dooley’s husband, Greg Olsen: He is a football payer who won the Comcast SportsNet Bears Player of the Year award in 2008. Also, he was the one who helped Carolina Panthers reach Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

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