Bryan Voltaggio was the runner-up of the 2009 edition of Top Chef, the runner-up of the 2013 edition of Top Chef Master, and the runner-up of Top Chef: All-Stars LA. Most people know this. What most people don’t know is that Bryan is also an amazing husband and an amazing father and has an amazing wife in the name of Jennifer Voltaggio and three amazing kids.

In this Jennifer Voltaggio wiki, we tell you everything about the woman behind Bryan Voltaggio’s success in his professional as well as personal life. So, who is Bryan’s wife Jennifer Voltaggio? What is her age, her height, her net worth? Find out all interesting wikis about her.

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Jennifer Voltaggio Age

Jennifer Voltaggio was born on 1 July 1976. She was 45 years of age by the time of publication of this article in Aug 2021. In fact, she celebrated her 45th birthday with a photo of her chickens on Instagram, and also one with her loved ones.

Jennifer Voltaggio Family

Talking about her family, Jennifer Voltaggio was born as Jennifer Covell to parents Jonathan W. Covell (also called Jack in the family) and Donna Covell. We do not know anything about her mother, but her father appeared quite frequently on Jennifer’s Instagram. For example, on 1 April 2020, Jennifer wished her father his birthday.

Jennifer has two siblings, sisters Claudia Covell and Michelle Ziemer. Not much is known about her sisters except that Claudia lives in Washington D.C. and Michelle is married to some guy named Ziemer.

The last bit of information we have about Jennifer’s family is that her grandmother on his father’s side, Mary Emma Covell, died on 3 May 2010 in Maryland.

Her Height

Jennifer Voltaggio is a very tall and beautiful woman. She has a height of 5 ft 8 inches, blonde hair with dark roots, blue-gray eyes, and a very shapely jawline.

On 28 April 2021, Jennifer posted a comparison photo of her skin with the caption, “What did you do for your skin today? Then (July 2020) vs. Now (April 2021). Feeling transformed!” And indeed, she looked very different.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Jennifer Voltaggio was present on both Instagram and Facebook but we could not find her on other social media platforms. On her Instagram handle @jvolataggio, she had 268 posts and 815 followers. Similarly, she had a regular Facebook profile named Jennifer Covell Voltaggio.

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Jennifer Voltaggio Net Worth

By 2021, Jennifer Voltaggio had earned her own net worth of about $600 thousand. Plus, she is a loyal partner of her husband and his net worth of $800 thousand.

After gaining fame through different editions of Top Chef‘s, Bryan became a restauranteur. He is the business owner and chef in multiple restaurants like AGGIO, Lunchbox, Family Meal, RANGE, and VOLT. In 2012, he was also a semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic. Before starting his cooking career, he went to study at The Culinary Institute of America and graduated with an AOS in culinary arts.

According to her bio on her Facebook Jennifer is a “Jack-of-all-trades at the Voltaggio household”. In fact, she runs the Voltaggio family Farm in Maryland. It was a perfect combination: Jennifer a farmer, producing fresh, organic vegetables, and her husband Bryan an A-grade cook, make something divine out of those vegetables.

Jennifer Covell And Bryan Voltaggio: Relationship, Kids

Bryan and Jennifer Voltaggio are high school sweethearts (they went to Governor Thomas Johnson High School). And the story of the beginning of their love is actually very sweet and very heartwarming. Jennifer first saw Bryan during the school days when he was very casually leaning on his locker “with a rakish baseball hat and a green Puma jacket”.

He sat with her at lunch. She shared her lunch with him. And they started to do this regularly. Bryan never really brought his own lunch so eventually, Jennifer started to pack him a lunch herself. They were best friends before they started dating. They have been together since at least 1994. Also, they went to their high school prom together.

The sweethearts got married in 2004. They celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on 30 May 2004. And in their 17 years of marriage, they had had three kids. Among them, there was a son Thacher and two daughters Piper and Ever.


Jennifer and Bryan kissing during their wedding day (PC: Jennifer’s IG)

The Voltaggio family celebrated 8 June 2020 as the day when their son became an “official teenager”. Also, their daughter Ever turned 8 years of age on 11 July 2021. Bryan is an amazing father to his kids. He taught Thatcher to snowboard and Piper to “dance like a ballerina” and to swim.

Jennifer, Bryan, and their three kids live in Frederick, Maryland.

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