After American professional racing driver, A.J. (Anthony James) Allmendinger won the first NASCAR Cup race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 15 August 2021, the delighted fans have also been prying about his married life and wife Tara Meador.

So, in this Tara Meador Wiki know all about A.J. Allmendinger’s wife, their married life, and more.

Tara Meador Age

Tara Meador, who also goes around by her married name, was born on 7 February 1989. So, in 2021, she reached the age of 32.

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Her Family, Hometown

Tara Meador grew up in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. And now (in 2021), she called Denver, North Carolina her home.

Tara says she is blessed in this life to be a big sister to her siblings, Audra Elise and Colton Meador.

Her brother Colton worked at Metropolitan Utilities District and lived in Omaha, Nebraska as of August 2021; sister Audra also lived in the same town, and there, she was a registered nurse at Nebraska Medicine.

All of the Meador siblings appear to be happily married. Colton, meanwhile, also welcomed a baby in June 2021.

Their father, Leonard Meador, turned 63 in September 2020.

Sadly their mother, Glorie Meador passed away of cancer in June 2011 at the age of 51.

Tara often took to her social media to write something like this whenever she missed her mother/father.

“I live because u loved. Happy Anniversary to my parents. Miss you every day mom. #loveneverdies #cancersucks”

Tara Meador Height

Tara Meador is above 5’7” in height which is an inch towering to her husband’s 5′ 6″.

The beauty has revealed, on her website, how she did not always look and felt the way appears today.

“Years of stomach pain, depression, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, anxiety, etc. kept me from living my best life.”

Thus, over the years, Tara grew up believing pageants and bikini fitness competitions are her vehicles for self-improvement.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Until 16 August 2021, Tara Meador had 2,576 followers on her Instagram @mrs.allmendinger.

Meanwhile, Tara enjoyed 6,207 followers on her Twitter @_TaraLea.

Then, she had 689 followers on her TikTok @taraallmendinger and 2425 friends on her Facebook @mrs.allmendinger.

She also joined YouTube on her channel ‘Active Lifestyle by Tara’ late in 2020.

Tara Meador Job, Net Worth

Tara Meador had below an estimated $600K net worth (by August 2021). While her stock car and open-wheel racing driver husband already had $18 million and by Dec. 2010.

In June 2021, Tara became the proud winner of Mrs. North Carolina America 2021.

The social media personality competed in the Mrs. America Pageant as well. A look over her social media suggests she is very dedicated to her pageant life.

Tara is also part of Victoria’s Voice Foundation and has opened up about years of struggle and how she overcame it all.

Then, LinkedIn also introduced her as a freelance entrepreneur of Glorie, Inc. (in existence since June 2017).

From Feb. 2018 – Oct. 2020, she was an aquatic consultant and design associate at ARIES AQUATICS in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Likewise, from Feb. 2017 – Oct. 2020, Tara served as an aquatic consultant as well as an assistant project manager at Connor Construction corp.

Also back in the day, Tara briefly experienced working as a teaching assistant at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and an architectural Intern at Leo A Daly. Then, for two years, she was an undergraduate research student at the FACT team of UNL.

For education — Tara studied for her bachelor’s as well as master’s in Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 2007 – 2013. And before that, she went to Fort Calhoun High School from 2003 – 2007.

Tara Meador And A.J. Allmendinger: Married Life, Kids

Tara Meador got married to A.J. Allmendinger, on 7 October 2019. However, they have known each other for much longer.

Celebrating their first wedding anniversary, Tara Meador took to her Instagram to write they have been together for over seven years.

Tara and A.J. are clearly head over heels in love with each other. There is sufficient proof of it on Tara’s Instagram. “Twenty-four months ago AJ changed my whole life when we asked me to marry him”, Tara wrote on her Instagram on the seventh of February as the day marked her birthday and her and A.J.’s engagement anniversary.

At the time, Tara also revealed how they had celebrated their day afterward on a rooftop in Charlotte. Some of their best friends were also there to celebrate their union.

So now a couple of years into the marriage, they did not have any kids but are more than happy to have pets Mr. Tickles the cat and Xena Allmendinger the blue and tan French bulldog. Both the pets had separate social media handles of their own.

That been said, you might be wondering why Tara was not present at the race as her husband scored his second career Cup win at the Indianapolis road course lately in August. So, Tara, who has always been a support system to A.J., had other prior commitments. At the time, she was in Greenville, South Carolina, carrying out her Mrs. North Carolina duties.

Anyway, Tara still congratulated A. J. for his win. She revealed that even though they are miles apart, their strong understanding brought them a lot closer as it did before.

Tara is A.J.’s second wife. He was previously married to Lynne Kushnirenko from 2005 – 2012.

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