Bravo’s popular reality series about yacht-crew Below Deck will be returning for its ninth season on 25 October 2021. The new season will come with a new Captain and almost entirely new crew. And one of the new additions to the show was Rayna Lindsay.

In this Rayna Lindsay wiki, we cover everything there is to know about Rayna. Read along to find out about her family life, her dating life, her boyfriend, as well as her age, figure measurements, height, net worth, etc.

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Rayna Lindsay On Below Deck

On the 9th season of Below Deck, the long-running caption of My Seanna, the yacht where the show is filmed, Lee Rosbach is going to be replaced by Captain Sean Meagher. And there have been other huge cast alterations in the cast. Apart from Rayna Lindsay, other additions to the cast members are chief stewardess Heather Chase, stews Fraser Olender and Jessica Albert, and deckhands Rayna Lindsay, Jake Foulger, and Wes O’Dell.

Apart from them, there are going to be two returning cast members, First Officer Eddie Lucas and chef Rachel Hargrove.

This season of the show is expected to have a lot more drama. The cast members have promised, “choppier waves ahead”. Furthermore, Rayna herself promised “some crazy shit in store” for the viewers.

Rayna Lindsay Age

Rayna Lindsay was 27 years of age, having turned 27 on 21 January 2021. And, she celebrated her 26th birthday in Panama. Also, because of her 21 January birthday, her zodiac sign was Aquarius.

Her Family, Hometown

Rayna Lindsay was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota to a Minnesota African American family. Her mother was called Jody Scroggins Grace and her grandmother was called Lue Lindsay. Rayna has mentioned that she looked exactly like her grandmother. In a 2019 post, Rayna mentioned “I have the same attitude and demeanor as her…. my confidence and independence is exactly like hers.”

Apart from her mother and grandmother, we know that Rayna has a sister in the family. We also know that her family is quite large but we do not know the names of other family members.

Also, the Lindsay family was not religious, but all of them, including Rayna, believed in Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book called “The Secret”. On the flip side, her family also wanted Rayna to stay in her hometown in Minnesota. on the other hand, Rayna wanted to see the world.

Rayna Lindsay Measurements

Rayna Lindsay is a tall woman and measures a height of 5 ft 6 inches. She is also a very curvy woman and has figure measurements of 38-24-37 inches.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Rayna Lindsay had a decent social media following as of Aug 2021. Her handle on Instagram was @raynaeats_mlps, on which she had 168 posts and 1.6k followers. She was also present on Facebook and had 1.8k friends.

Moreover, Rayna also had a Youtube channel called Rayna Lindsay, which she opened in 2018 intending to create a Travel Guide channel. She had one single video named 5 Tips For Traveling Abroad with 283 views. And she had 11 subscribers on her channel.

Rayna Lindsay Net Worth

As a deckhand on My Seanna, Rayna Lindsay could earn somewhere between $3500 and $4500. And as of 2021, she had amassed a net worth of about $400 thousand.

In the show Below Deck, Rayna was working as a Deckhand on the yacht My Seanna. However, according to her Linkedin profile, Rayna is currently working as a G.O. at Club Med. That might actually be Rayna’s previous job. Moreover, her other previous jobs include Deckhand at Orca Adventure Lodge, Marketing Coordinator at Kaskaid Hospitality, and Court Management at Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx.

As a deckhand, Rayna has been traveling the world. By Aug 2021, Rayna had visited 5 countries in the world. And she wished to visit 4 more before the end of the year. Rayna basically loves her job. Interestingly, about a month before Rayna had given up on an opportunity to visit Greece with her friends and instead chosen to “invest” her money.

For her education, Rayna went to Augsburg University and studied BBA in marketing.

Rayna Lindsay Boyfriend

We know little about Rayna Lindsaya’s dating life. There have been hints here and there on her Facebook but the hints were not always clear and often confusing. There was a 2018 post on Facebook, in which Rayna wrote, “I truly feel like I found my husband…”

Then there was the 2019 post that said Rayna was “vacationing with the man I love everything”, i.e. her boyfriend. But the said boyfriend was never explicitly mentioned again. At one point, Rayna also proclaimed her love for Bad Bunny.

Apart from the boyfriend talk, Rayna has also expressed her opinion about marriage and kids. In a 2019 post, she talked about the pressure to get married and have kids. Rayna made it clear that she would not have kids before she was ready to provide for them. And she did not want to have kids before marriage and before accomplishing all her traveling dreams and sorted out her career.

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