The time when the majority of people could not fulfill their thirst for TV by watching any kind of TV shows are long gone. Nowadays, different TV shows are made to keep a different niche audience in mind to make TV shows for different people.

History‘s Forged in Fire is an American reality show where four bladesmiths compete to make the best-bladed weapons to win a hefty $10,000 at the end of the episode. J. Nielson, who is one of the judges in the show, is the best in his business.

This article is going to be about James, who has been making the best knives in the US for the last twenty years. From his general wikis to net worth and information about his married life–this wiki-style article has it all.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

J. Neilson was born in the year 1969, which meant his age, as of November 2020, was 50. bellevuehealthcare Ever since he was born, he’s been celebrating his birthday on the 8th of November.

Going by his birthdate, James’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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J. Neilson Wiki — Hometown, Family, What Does J Stand For?

For a long time, James used to go around with just J. Neilson. But, as his popularity soared up, many of his fans became curious as to what J could mean. However, the popular knife maker did not keep the mystery for long and revealed that J stood for James.

In case you have not been following James for long, there’s one thing everyone should know, and that is James does not talk about his family and early life in public.

James’s hometown is in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Moreover, he has previously lived in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, and Brick, New Jersey.

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J. Neilson Forged In Fire Injury, Height, Weight

Anyone who watched Forged In Fire from its start would know that James was cast as one of three judges in the show. Master of the art of forging blade and weapons, James was recast as a judge in the 2nd installment of the show.

But, when his fans did not see James in the judges’ panel of Season 3, they began to worry about him. As it turned out James missed the show because was having surgery on his hand.

J Neilson, whose weight is 88 kilograms, revealed in an interview that his hand injury happened in his late 30s and was not knife related. He had fractured his bone and did not care to consult the doctor until it started causing problems to him.

J. Neilson, who stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch, returned for the Season 4 premiere again missed the rest of the season. It was later informed to the public that the Mastersmith had taken another break to heal the wound properly.

However, it seems like James is fit now and is ready to join the eighth season of Forged In Fire which returns to the TV on November 18, 2020.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

J. Neilson has a huge social media reach. He is available to contact on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To delve into the numbers, James boasts 24 thousand followers on Facebook, 4.4 thousand followers on Twitter, and 85.8 thousand followers on Instagram.

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J. Neilson Net Worth, Salary, Why Are His Knives So Expensive?

James has been making knives in a silent environment in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. The quiet setting enables James to develop his forging skills.

Considered to be one of the best American blacksmiths, James specializes in bowies, swords, daggers, among others. James makes knives using both the stock removal method and the forging method. Furthermore, James himself does the on-site heat treating, laminating, and canister Damascus making.

James pays attention to the minute details during the knife making process. That is the reason why J. Neilson’s knives are relatively expensive. If you are interested in James’ collection of knives, you can check out:

James gained an international reputation after he achieved the title of Mastersmith in the American Bladesmith Society in 2008.

James, who hones his art of knife making all the time, earns a good amount as his salary. As of this writing, J. Neilson reported net worth is $500 thousand.

J. Neilson Wife, Married, Children

When J. Neilson is not working on his knives, he makes to spend quality time with his wife Beckie Allen-Neilsen.

By 2020, James and his wife Beckie had been married for at least 11 years. Beckie’s birthday falls on the 1st of March and her age 50 (as of 2020).


James and his wife, Beckie.

As of 2020, James and Beckie had two children: a son named a daughter. While their son was nearing his teenage years, their daughter was entering one.

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