TLC‘s Welcome To Plathville may seem like a copycat of The Duggers at a first glance. But, the inclusion of Olivia Plath–who is an antagonist and the trouble-maker–sets Welcome To Plathville apart.

Ever since Olivia came into the ultra-conservative Plath family as the wife of the eldest son of the Plaths, Ethan, she has been disrupting the core values and beliefs of the family to the much dismay of Ethan’s strict parents, Kim And Barry.

This article will cover the biography of Olivia. From her general wikis to net worth and relationship with Ethan, gets insights into everything reading the article until the end.

Olivia Plath Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Wedding photographer Olivia Plath was born in the year 1993, which meant her age, as of Jan 2021, was 22. Her birthday falls on the 26th of April. Her sister-in-law, Moriah, wished Olivia on her 22nd birthday. Going by her birth date, Olivia belongs to a group of people having “Taurus” as their zodiac sign.

Opening up about her mental health in early 2021, Olivia shared she contemplated suicide on 31st Dec 2019. The following morning she knew she wanted to seek help. By Dec 2020, she was already in therapy.

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Olivia Plath Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Maiden Name

Olivia Plath was born and raised by her adorable parents in Rocky Mount, Virginia. She spent the majority of her life in her hometown.

Much like her husband Ethan, she grew up in a strict home. Growing up in a Christian family, Olivia, or any other woman, was not allowed to speak in the church. Moreover, the church she attended viewed women as mere servants of men.

Olivia was homeschooled. At 17, she started to feel isolated and depressed about her life. As a way to break the isolation, she convinced her parents to take the whole family to a Christian fundamentalist summer camp. It was there where she met her husband for the first time.

Aside from meeting her husband, the camp also served to bring a realization in Olivia’s parents. Her parents no longer wanted to follow the fundamentalist religion. Everyone in Olivia’s family broke away from the oppressive religion except Olivia’s oldest brother.

Olivia’s maiden name is Meggs. She was born as a 4th child to her parents. Overall, Olivia has 9 siblings. Some of her siblings active on social media are Lydia, Joshua, Elise, Nathan, and Sophia.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

As much as Olivia hopes to find beauty in front of the camera, she is indeed one of the prettiest women to work behind the camera.

To talk about her physical attributes, Olivia Plath stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches. Boasting a slim built, Olivia weighs around 55 kilograms. Furthermore, she flaunts appealing body measurements of 34-25-34 inches.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

For a reality TV star, Olivia has a huge social media reach. As of this writing, she is available on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest which means Facebook users have to do a bit of struggle by opening an account on any of the social media platforms Olivia uses if they want to connect with her.

Most of Olivia’s posts are limited to her daily life-activities. To delve into the numbers, she entertained 186 thousand followers on Instagram, 1.8 thousand followers on Twitter, and 700 followers on Pinterest.

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Olivia Plath Net Worth, Job, Welcome To Plathville

Although Olivia Plath starred in the Welcome To Plathville, she is a wedding photographer by profession. She is not an average wedding photographer. More than a photographer, she is a part of the whole wedding. Her website bio explains it a lot. It reads,

“I’m not just another vendor that shows up on your wedding day.  I come ready for every moment, every detail, every little thing you need help with…I’m not just your wedding photographer … I am your new BFF.”

As Welcome to Plathville viewers saw, Olivia even took the help of her sister-in-law, Moriah, to shoot some out-of-state weddings. Olivia posts most of the wedding pictures on her Instagram page.

Since the marriage between Olivia and Ethan, the pair have been bringing abrupt changes in the family to the dismay of Ethan’s parents. It is due to Olivia that Ethan started drinking a can of coke, Moriah knows the taste of candy, and Ethan is addicted to TV shows.

But, this nature of Olivia has created tension between her and Ethan’s parents. She even believed that there wouldn’t be a second season of Welcome to Plathville.

As of 2020, Olivia Plath’s reported net worth is over $100 thousand.

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Olivia Plath & Ethan: Dating, Wedding, Baby

As said earlier, Olivia and Ethan met for the first time at a summer camp in 2014. Since the camp was crowded, they did not do anything much, except for some evening dances.

While Ethan developed a huge crush on Olivia, she was not interested in Ethan. The immaturity in Ethan’s behavior was off-putting for Olivia.

However, over time, Olivia started to develop a liking toward Ethan and the duo began a long-distance relationship.

It was in December 2016 that the pair began writing letters and exchanging phone calls. In April 2017, Olivia went to the Plath’s residence in Georgia. In Ethan’s home, the adorable couple had their first date. The pair enjoyed dating for some time before Ethan popped the question on November 3, 2017.

On a cold November night, the pair got engaged after they had their dinner and visited a special garden in downtown Thomasville.


Olivia and Ethan get married in 2018.

Finally, on October 13, 2018, the pair tied the nuptial knots in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The couple, as of Nov 2020, doesn’t have any baby children yet.

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