After almost six months of peace, it looked like Nessa Barrett, a popular TikTok influencer, had again dragged herself into controversy as she hinted that Talent X‘s co-founder and vice president Michael Gruen is probably “gay” in the third installment of Talent X‘s co-founder Josh Richards and Barstool Sports‘ president Dave Portnoy’s new podcast BFFs.

Nessa previously faced severe criticism after she posted tone-deaf content on her TikTok handle.

Ever since the dramatic first episode of BFFs went on the air, Michael and Nessa had been in a “war of words.” With Nessa brutally taking down Michael in the said episode of BFFs, many expected Michael’s response might be in the making.

This article is going to explore the life of Michael Gruen. From his general wikis to net worth and all the drama between Michael and Nessa — this article covers everything you wanted to know about Michael.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Social media influencer Michael Gruen was born in the year 1998, which meant his age, as of October 2020, was 22. Ever since Michael was born, he’s been celebrating his birthday on the 13th of July.

Going by his birthdate, Michael belongs to a squad of social media influencer whose zodiac sign is Cancer.

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Michael Gruen Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Michael Gruen was born in his hometown, that is Los Angeles, California. He had an above-average upbringing and childhood from his parents like any other LA kid would have.

Michael has not been too open when it comes to sharing information about your family.

However, on June 27, 2020, it looked like Michael’s dad’s health was in serious condition. Michael tweeted, “Don’t leave me dad. Please,” on his Twitter handle. A lot of his followers prayed for his dad and the family.

There is no information about Michael’s siblings. However, Michael calls his best-friend and co-worker, Josh Richards as “brother from another mother.”

Michael’s ethnicity is Jewish. He is multi-lingual and speaks Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Arabic, and Aramaic fluently.

Michael Gruen Height, Weight, Distinct Features

While Michael’s physical features are not something people know him for, it’s there on the Internet for informational purposes.

Michael Gruen stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. His weight is around 92 kilograms and is composed of heavy built.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

Since Michael is a social media influencer; he is available on almost every social media platform. As of October 2020, people can find him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Michael had a huge social media reach. To go into the numbers, he enjoyed 77.1 thousand followers, 3.5 thousand followers, and 16.2 thousand followers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok respectively.

Michael Gruen Net Worth, TalentX, Sway House

Michael began showcasing his extraordinary talent from the age of 13. He started volunteering for NBA players’ charities as soon as he turned 13 years old.

At 15, Michael created a management company and marketed athletes across four major sports. Before 20, he became the senior vice president of NBPA and FIBA certified 3PT Sports Management, and also scouted talents.

In August 2017, Michael co-founded Creator Edge Media and worked there as a CEO until December 2018. Then in April 2019, he co-founded FRAX.

In December 2019, Michael co-founded TalentXEntertainment with some of his friends and has been serving as the vice president. He is also known for his association with the social group Sway House.

In a very short career, Michael Gruen has done numerous jobs to amass a heavy net worth of $3 million.

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Nessa Barrett & Michael Gruen Drama

When the host of the podcast BFFs, Dave Portnoy claimed that Nessa Barrett found her fame as a girlfriend of TalentXEntertainment co-founder Josh Richards (they have broken since June 2020), it caused a stir in social media.

Michael worsened the already poor relationship between Nessa and him by commenting on Nessa’s Instagram fan page. He wrote,

“I must’ve missed the memo that Nessa – or anyone for that matter – deserves ‘the world’. The earth is inhabited by ~7B people…last I checked Nessa is just one of them (along with myself and everyone else).”

Things went terrible after Nessa was invited in the third episode of the podcast. As Dave mentioned Michael in the podcast, Nessa had nasty words to say about him. Nessa said,

“I do not like him. He’s rude. He hates me. I think he’s jealous because he’s secretly in love with Josh. He is a certified a**hole.”

Michael is yet to give a response to Nessa’s brutal words, but given his reputation, he will reply very soon.

Michael Gruen Girlfriend, Dating, Gay

Interestingly, Michael is quite secretive about his personal life. As of Oct 2020, he had never spoken in public about any of his girlfriends if had any.

One time though, Michael Gruen uploaded a picture with the growing YouTuber, Mackenzie Smith, on June 23, 2019. But that was it. No one could say with certainty that he was dating Mackenzie.


Michael walks down the road with his rumored girlfriend, Mackenzie Smith.

Some people even began to question his sexuality after they did not find any of Michael’s girlfriend information. Nessa’s remarks even made some people think that he is gay.

While there is not much substance to deny that speculation, it felt like those Nessa’s words came out of frustration. Therefore, it is best not to take those comments seriously.

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