Wil Willis is a man of unmeetable talents. His career experiences have been so appealing that it can encourage many out there to stand up and never sit down.

To know more about Wil’s experiences, his net worth, and also his personal life including his parents, children, wife, and many more, read the article!

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Wil Willis reached the age of 45 on his 2020 birthday. He was born in the year 1975, near Valentine’s Day. Hence, Wil is Aquarius by zodiac.

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Wil Willis Wiki — Nationality, Parents, Siblings

Wil Willis was born to his parents in Portugal. However, he grew up in the United States and served the US Army, which assures his nationality to be American.

 Wil’s father was a military man and retired in the year 1991. So Wil also lived most of his childhood on military bases.

Regarding his siblings, the man has a brother named Nik Willis. Although Wil never revealed much about his parents as well as brother in the public, he’s been thankful for his life as an army. He has also stated that he was proud to serve in the military.

What Did He Do In The Military?

Wil Willis joined the military soon after he graduated from his high school education in the year 1993. He served as Army’s active duty 3rd Ranger Battalion from October 1993 to February 1998.

Later, from June 1998 to March 2007, Wil held a place as an active duty Air Force Pararescueman. After his active duty service for about 14 years, Wil went for a year-long reserve duty service. From August 2007 to 2008, he performed as a reserve duty officer with the Air Force itself.

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Wil Willis Height, Weight, Distinct Features

No doubt Wil Willis was born in a military family as the man stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches. Also, his weight of 86 kgs fits in perfectly with all his distinct features.

As an army man, Wil obviously possesses some unique characteristics including his extraordinary body structure. Further, his amazing hair helps his uphill personality grow to the next level. 

Wil Willis Leaves Forged In Fire

Wil Willis has been the host of the History channel’s show Forged In Fire, since the 1st season. As the 8th season neared its release date (i.e. 18th November 2020), some rumors said, “Wil Willis Leaves Forged In Fire”.

Although there was no clear indication from the producers about Wil being in the show, there seemed to be no other way for the makers. As his bio from Forged In Fire says, Wil was for real, perfectly positioned to host the show.

Moreover, it said that Wil’s experiences from his ex-service add invaluable insights into the weapons of the bladesmith’s participating in the show. The show, Forged In Fire is a competition between world-class bladesmiths to recreate historical edged weapons.

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Wil Willis Net Worth, Salary, TV Career

Wil Willis’ net worth is obviously an impressive amount. It is because he has been engaged in seemingly reputed jobs. How did he make a grand net worth of $1.25 million? His salary as an ex-army must also be good enough.

However, that’s not it for the man as he is busy with his TV career that gains him a salary of over $69K per year. Wil works as the host in the History channel which sets such average income for its employee.

Wil’s TV career was not limited to the History channel. He previously also worked for the TV shows Special Ops Mission and Triggers that aired on the American Heroes Channel. The American Heroes Channel was formally Military Channel.

Wil Willis Wife, Married, Children

Wil Willis got married to his artist wife Krystle Amina in the year 2017. The beautiful couple welcomed their first child together in March 2020.


Wil clicks with his wife and son while they’re asleep. (Pic-Wil’s Instagram)

Will and his wife announced their pregnancy in August 2019. After the delivery of their son, Flash Orion Willis, Wil wrote on his Instagram that both mother and baby were doing great.

Besides Flash, Wil has two children, Jacob and Caleb, from his previous relationship.

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