The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez muddled-in several people in the case. Out of many involved, Isauro Aguirre was one of the two who was found guilty for the death of Gabriel.

Isauro Aguirre was in a relationship with Pearl Fernandez, Gabriel’s mother, and the other convicted individual of the case.

After Aguirre’s arrival into the family, he and his beau was tormented and tortured Gabriel to his death and were found guilty. But during the interrogation, he displayed concern for the boy after he was hospitalized.

The fact he had sentiments for Gabriel baffled jurors in the court and the detectives involved with the case. It was hard to differentiate whether his sentiment for the boy was real or was it just an excuse to get by.

Here in this wiki-style article, we explore the relationship between Isauro and Gabriel through the life of the former.

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Isauro Aguirre Wiki, Family, Age

Isauro Aguirre turned 39 years old on 13 June 2019. He was born in 1980.

No further details on Isaauro were ever made public. The absence of a handful of people even remotely close to Isauro represented his estranged nature.

Isauro was working for AVL Private Security since October 2012. Before his arrest, he was working as security at the Vallarta Market in Palmdale.

Before his security job, he worked as a caregiver and a driver for several employers. So during his trial, the previous employers were called forth to give the character description of the man.

All of Isauro’s previous boss spoke very fondly of him. They noted it was a shock to them that he did the unforgivable act.

Isauro Aguirre Meets Gabriel Fernandez

As Virginia and Ezequiel, two of Gabriel’s siblings were already with his mother Pearl Fernandez.

At that time, Pearl was dating and in a live-in relationship with Isauro Aguirre. The rumor of the eldest two being abused was frequently heard by Gabriel’s grandparents while Gabriel was living with his grandparents.


Isauro and Pearl when they were dating each other (Pic:

One day, Isauro and Pearl moved in with David and Sandra. But a few days later, Isauro noted that he was going to take Gabriel to school and bring him back home but didn’t.

Following the commotion, Sandra called and reported to 911.

Later the report revealed, the custody of Gabriel given to David and Sandra was temporary and could be revoked as per the wish of Pearl Fernandez.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged that Pearl who showed no interest in taking care of Gabriel sought custody of him all of a sudden. The fact on its own made it clear it was all the doing of Isauro for the welfare payments.

So, Gabriel Moved in with Pearl and Isauro.

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Torture To Death, The Trial of Gabriel Fernandez

After a thorough investigation and presented evidence, the court found Isauro guilty of the first-degree murder of Gabriel Fernandez.

Investigation and interrogation report shade light on the relationship between Gabriel and Isauro.

When Gabriel came in, he was already bound to be abused. His mother didn’t like him much. In addition to that, when Isauro sniffed off feminine traits in Gabriel, he started exploiting Gabriel in particular.


Gabriel Fernandez When Hospitalized on 24 May 2013

Isauro and Pearl abused the boy beating him, gagged him, and bind him and left starved in the cubby, which Ezequiel named the box. Isauro was accused of force-feeding Gabriel cat litter, which was seen inside his stomach during the autopsy.

Moreover, Isauro thrashed him with a bat and belt buckle. He was also accused of putting out a cigarette on the skin of Gabriel.

All this harrowing revelation was made by Ezequiel, during the interrogation.

Conviction and Execution Date

After the court hearing and the defense attorney’s plea to reconsider the sentence. He was convicted for the first-degree murder of Gabriel Fernandez and was given the death penalty.


Isauro Aguirre during the trial (Pic: YouTube)

Isauro’s attorney tried negotiating with the jurors that a life sentence is an extreme punishment in itself so there was a necessity to re-think the verdict. More on that, he tried minimizing Isauro’s punishment with his reading difficulties.

But the Jurors declined the made argument claiming it had nothing to do with him not able to control his action. And the transpired horror was done in a sane and conscious mind and it was personal.

The execution date of Isauro hasn’t been confirmed yet. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation awaits the new decision concerning the nature of the procedure.

Until then, Isauro’s life lies in the hand of the decision-making committee.

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