On 23 February 2020, Brunswick-native college student, Ahmaud Arbery went jogging. But sadly, he became the victim of racial-profiling which ended up taking his life.

The murder-victim was shot three times and killed out on a two-lane street in a middle-class neighborhood by two white men. However, the murder garnered a nationwide outcry for justice when the black man didn’t receive the necessary justice he deserved for losing his life.

This wiki-article unfolds details on Ahmaud’s life along with the exact incident of what went down.

Ahmaud Arbery Birthday, Age, Zodiac

Ahmaud Arbery was born on 8 May 1994. The Brunswick-native would’ve turned 26 years old had he not been murdered.

Per Ahmaud’s date of birth, his zodiac sign was Taurus.

Ahmaud Arbery Wiki, Parents, Siblings

He was born Ahmaud Marquez Arbery to his mother Wanda Cooper-Jones and father Marcus Arbery, Sr. His loving parents had him in Brunswick, Georgia.

More on his family: Ahmaud’s two siblings, Marcus, Jr., his older brother, and his sister Jasmine Arbery, survived him. More on that, he had two nephews and six uncles, and ten aunts in his family.

All of the family, remembered him to be an individual of a kind and lovable personality.

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Ahmaud Arbery Job, Education

Ahmaud attended and graduated from Brunswick High School in 2012.

While in high school, he was an important player for the school’s football team. He donned the #21 number jersey which was passed down to him by his older brother.

Besides football, he also loved basketball with the same intensity.

After graduating high school, Ahmaud enrolled at South Georgia Technical College. After watching the vast prospect of a technical field, he pursued an Electrical Technician course.

Following graduation, he probably would’ve landed the job of an electrician.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ahmaud stood at a towering height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) with a body-weight of 76 kilograms (167 lbs).

He donned a clean-shaved haircut that suited the gentleman’s dashing look.

Girlfriend, Dating, Relationships

As per Ahmaud’s family’s recollection of him, the handsome athlete housed a charming personality. A fun-loving person by heart, he surely has been in a few relationships.

However, his family never revealed facts regarding his dating life.

After Ahmaud passing away, one can only imagine what his girlfriend had to go through after hearing the news of his death.

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Who Killed Ahmaud Arbery?

On 23 February 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was out jogging in the Satilla Shores, a middle-class neighborhood. He and his mother lived 2 miles away from the place where he was murdered.

Two men, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34 spotted Ahmaud running in their neighborhood. Gregory with a .357 Magnum handgun and Travis with a shotgun, arm themselves before they got in the truck and started pursuing Ahmaud.

The three individuals involved in the incident struggled for a while. During the struggle, two shots from the firearm went off before the third one got Ahmaud killed in a broad-daylight.

Gregory was a former investigator in the Brunswick district attorney’s office. He also worked as an officer in the Glynn County PD from 1982 to 1989.

Whereas, Travis ran a company that specialized in giving custom boat tours.

Who Shot The Footage? What The Video Showed?

The murder case of Ahmaud didn’t receive widespread attention until the video of the shooting was released on social media. The video of the brutal murder was taken by William “Roddie” Bryan.

William shot the video from inside of a moving car. The footage showed a black man jogging on the left-hand-side of a two-lane residential road.

A man stood in the pickup’s bed and another beside the open driver’s side door of a white truck parked in front of the jogging black man.

The runner crossed the road to pass the truck and cross back in front of the same and disappeared from view for a brief period. A moment after that, a shot from a gun went off followed by shouting.

The video further showed the black man brawling with a man and punching him after the second shot went off. Finally, the third shot, from point-blank range had the black man fall on the road with his face down.

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What Does The Police Report Say?


After the thorough investigation, both suspects Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael were taken under custody. Gregory said that he was in his front yard when he spotted Ahmaud.

Gregory further justified his action making a statement that he and his son believed Ahmaud resembled the man caught on security footage from the recent break-ins in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, since they were unaware if Ahmaud had a weapon on him or not, so Gregory and his son grabbed a firearm from their house and started chasing Ahmaud.

The police report further unfolded, both men got out of their truck holding the weapon. The struggling began when Ahmaud “violently attacked” him.

During the struggle, Travis fired two shots which Gregory agreed was his son’s doing.

However, the report didn’t reveal whether Ahmaud was armed or not.

Aftermath Of Shooting Footage

Following the release of the footage, the fact that lack of any further development on the arrest of the suspect of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery triggered nationwide outrage.

The #IRunWithMaud caught the major attention of social media. Several prominent celebrities and activists vouched to join the 2.23 miles run. The distance marked the date when Ahmaud passed away after being shot and killed.


News of the arrest of Ahmaud Arbery on The Brunswick News (Pic:

Along with that, a past-arrest record of Ahmaud Arbery re-surfaced. Also, on the day of his killing, a security camera caught his entering an under-construction house.


Obituary of Ahmaud Arbery (Pic:

The nearest and dearest of Ahmaud released the obituary notice on 8 May 2020.

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