Ohio native and American journalist Hollie Strano had a health scare recently in 2019. Tons of messages and calls flooded in for her well-wish. That showed how popular she is among the audiences.

Stick until the end of the article to know more about Hollie Strano. Know some general wikis regarding her, her net worth, and everything about the health status.

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Hollie Strano Wiki, Family, Education

American meteorologist-cum-anchor Hollie Strano became a 47-year-old woman in late-2019; she was born on December 3, 1972.

Hollie’s parents, Mike Strano (father) and Joni Strano (mother) raised her in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio — also her birthplace.

Besides her parents, brother Michael and sister Stephanie were also part of the Strano’s family.

Furthermore, Hollie’s mother Joni is well known to WKYC viewers as she shares the Strano family’s holiday recipes through the channel.


Hollie Strano with her parents.

For her education, Hollie went to John Carroll University and graduated from there with a degree in communications. Additionally, she also went to Mississippi State University from where she got a degree in meteorology.

Upon her graduation, Hollie went on to work as an intern at various weather stations. Finally, when she completed the necessary steps, she got a Seal of Approval from the National Weather Association.

The said Seal of Approval certified that Hollie was qualified at both basic meteorology knowledge and on-air performance.

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Hollie Strano Salary, Net Worth, Career Detail

Immediately after Hollie Strano was granted Seal of Approval, she joined the NBC-affiliate WKYC TV as a meteorologist on Channel 3.

As of March 2020, she worked as a morning show anchor on 3GO from 4 am to 7 am. Later, she did weather and news cut-ins in the Today show on Channel 3. Hollie was also the host of the midday talk show, Live on Lakeside.

For her indelible marks on the TV world, Hollie was awarded different honors.

Even though what Hollie did in front of the camera was common knowledge, what still was hidden was how much she earned from her work. However, a rough estimate placed her salary at around $60 thousand.

Online reports cited $700k as the net worth Hollie accumulated throughout her career until now.

Is Hollie Strano Married? Kids, Divorce, Husband

It would be fair enough to say that, probably, no one would thirst over Hollie Strano’s relationships.


Hollie Strano with her kids.

The veteran anchor was married to her husband Brian Toohig, with whom she had two kids: Jessica Toohig (daughter) and Grady Toohig (son).

However, their relationship did not last long as the pair decided to divorce in 2011. Then came a new man in her life, Alex Giangreco, a Buffalo native and a mixologist. Hollie met Alex while on a vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When they felt the urge to take their relationship to the next level, Hollie and her second husband Alex did the wedding ceremony in the same place on June 15, 2014.

Hollie and Alex’s marriage did not last either; they divorced in 2017. However, unlike the first one, the second divorce impacted Hollie’s mental health far more dangerously.

Hollie Strano Dating, Boyfriend Now

As of 2020, there seemed to have been no information, whatsoever, if Hollie Strano was dating someone or not.

Most likely, Hollie was still recovering from the mental trauma she underwent and did not want any boyfriend.

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Health Scare

Albeit Hollie Strano was a patient of mental health issues, it only spiraled to severe anxiety after her second divorce.

She even endured shortness of breath and panic attacks for the time being after the divorce. It went to a degree that Hollie had to take a few days off work in November 2019.

Hollie’s friends, family, and fans were very supportive of such perilous times. Probably it was because of the prayers from her them, she recovered to a great extent within a short time.

Upon recovery, Hollie returned to Channel 3 and stated she was doing a lot better compared to the last few months.

Hollie opened up about this traumatic experience on the show Live on Lakeside and encouraged people who are also going through similar experiences like her represented.

Weight Loss, Height, Measurements

Not only this traumatic incident attacked Hollie Strano mentally, but it also had a considerable impact physically. She mainly suffered from weight loss. However, she began slowly starting to regain the lost weight for her health condition is improving. (

To those concerned about Hollie’s height and measurements, sorry to disappoint you, but there existed absolutely no information regarding the matter.

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