From an alarming storm to a beautiful sunny day, Liana Brackett was the weather girl to the residents of Atlanta, Georgia.

“I would tune in to The Weather Channel just so I could listen to her,” said a viewer.

Liana Brackett had her charisma over the audience. Her inspiring and captivating personality rationalizes the hearts she owned, from all her admirers.

The on-camera meteorologist was complimented for her work from the governmental sectors to the private media organizations.

Liana was always delivering the news to us. But now it’s time for us to dive into the world of this weather girl.

Liana Brackett Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

Liana Brackett celebrated turning 34 years old on the 6th of July 2020.

Her parents named her ‘Liana’ which means “My God Has Answered”. The other family members remarked that she has a face like her mother, Angelita Ramirez.

Liana was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Later, the Brackett clan moved to Temecula, California, where she grew up alongside her sibling, Alisia Ramirez.

Admittedly, Liana was proud of her mixed ethnicity. Her father is native to Mexico whereas her mother is African-American.

Coming from a strong heritage during the late ’60s, Liana’s grandmother Vern was one of the first women to be employed at the Chevron Oil Factory in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Liana admitted to not being fluent in Spanish as she was in French on her Twitter account.

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Liana Brackett Salary, Net Worth, Career

Liana Brackett is a double bachelor’s degree holder.

She got her Bachelors’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from the University of California, Davis. And for her second degree, she enrolled herself at Arizona State University to study Communication and Media Studies.

Starting her journey as an intern, Liana trained as an intern in KCRA-TV Channel 3. Since then she worked for weather forecast media like National weather service and KPTV Fox 12 Oregon.

Her career took off as she joined The Weather Channel in Oct 2016. It was this very channel that she gained her prominence amongst all other weather reporters.

In 2020, Liana Brackett took a new job at Quibi as the Weekend Today Host.

What’s more, Liana Brackett’s salary was estimated to be around $79K – $103K per annum.

With an above-average salary, Liana had accumulated her net worth to be around $1 million as of 2020.

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Measurements, Height, Weight

At UC Davis, Liana Brackett worked on an atmospheric science program called STE(A)M. She used the knowledge in most of her meteorology field and advocated its use amongst her colleagues.

But Liana isn’t just about brains. She integrated to even more fans as she won the Mrs. Georgia America pageant in 2018. Some say it was her STEAM advocacy that led her to win the title.

Liana stood proud at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm).

She was seen flaunting her crown and sash as she did the weather forecast at the network.

With a body measurement of 36-25-27 inches, Liana endured a hard workout to maintain her 57 kg (125.66 lbs) weight.

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Liana Brackett Husband, Married, Children

Liana Brackett, erstwhile Liana Ramez met David Brackett, the president of Linguava in 2014. Finding warmth in each other’s company, they dated for more than a year before they finally decided to get married.

Liana’s husband, David was always supportive of her and he was even seen beside her as she won the beauty pageant. The couple liked to let the world know how deeply they were in love with each other.

David and Liana were seen frequently uploading pics of them, cherishing their moments.

Liana Brackett embracing her husband David Brackett on their 2nd anniversary (Source: Liana’s Instagram)

As of 2020, Liana and David were going strong in their fifth-year, since they tied the knot. The duo wanted children of their own soon but was engaged in their career building, as they planned to secure their future first.

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