Ethan Precourt is Chloe East’s fiance. As of March 2021, when the TV show “Generation” starring Chloe premiered on HBO, they were still together.

This Ethan Precourt bio explores facts about Chloe East’s fiance including his age, job, and family. Furthermore, it highlights his height, Instagram, and education.

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Ethan Precourt Age

Ethan Precourt was reportedly born in the year 1992. Thus, in 2020, he reached the age of 28. Meanwhile, Chloe turned 20 in 2021.

According to this Instagram post by Chloe, Ethan celebrates his birthday in December. What’s more, he should be a Sagittarius.

Ethan Precourt Family

Ethan Precourt is a native of Hanover, Massachusetts. He was born to his parents: Kristine Krutz and Douglas Precourt.

Also, Ethan hails from a family of 5. He grew up alongside 2 siblings (both sisters): Sarah and Annie Precourt.

As of 2021, Sarah is married to her husband, Carlton Pukahi. What’s more, she resides in Orem, Utah while working as a Customer Care Representative.

Meanwhile, Annie and her husband, Armando Jacox shared 2 kids by 2021. A resident of Denver, Colorado, she began working as an HBIC at Foothills Roofing And Exteriors, Inc. in 2019.

Ethan seemed very close to his maternal grandfather, James Kurtz. He even ran an Instagram account showcasing James’ photographs.

How Tall Is He?

Ethan Precourt should stand above 6 feet in height. Moreover, he is British politician Boris Johnson’s look-a-like.

Is He On Social Media?

As of 17th April 2021, Ethan enjoyed around 3.092 thousand followers on Instagram. At the same time, he had 445 posts.

Ethan was also on both Tumblr and Facebook. However, he had a lesser reach on the platforms.

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Ethan Precourt Job

Ethan Precourt is the CEO of Happy Paws Dog Treats— a company he co-founded with Chloe East.

The story of how Ethan and Chloe began their company is really inspiring. When their dog Lola couldn’t climb the stairs, they invented Happy Paws Dog Treats.

Launched in early 2021, Happy Paws Dog Treats sources its Hemp oil responsibly. The company aims to support a Happy, Healthier life for Dogs and Puppies.

Before Happy Paws Dog Treats, Ethan worked for Amanda Senior Care, TaiSystems, and Capital LLC. He also enjoyed stints at Seven Brothers LLC and Sales Associates.

Besides running his own business, Ethan is also a talented photographer. As his website noted, he charged anywhere from $200 to $1500 from his clients, depending on the nature of the job.

Between 2010 and 2016, Ethan studied business, management, marketing, and related support services at Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Before that, he attended Cosby High School.

While in college, Ethan was a member of several clubs including Music, Latin, and Hawaiian. For 2 years, from 2012 until 2014, he served as a missionary in Chile under The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, helping the people improve their lives.

Ethan Precourt And Chloe East

It was in July 2020 that Chloe East tagged Ethan for the first time on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Ethan began posting about Chloe around August that year.

On Chloe’s 20th birthday, Ethan took to Instagram and penned a sweet message. It read— “Happy Birthday!! Oh man, Teens these days just grow up so fast! You’re no longer my little teenager, you are now officially my Woman. Love you Schmoopie!”

Days before “Generation” premiered on HBO, Ethan made a Facebook post celebrating the occasion. He did so by sharing a Vogue feature starring Chloe.

In mid-April 2021, Ethan asked Chloe to marry her during a beachside proposal. Announcing their engagement, he shared numerous photos from the day on Instagram and wrote— “Love you Chloe Monet East @chloeeast”. For her part, Chloe also uploaded engagement pictures and captioned it with the words— “We’re engaged!!! I love you @grande.pre Can’t stop crying. 💍 @markbroumand”

Before Ethan Precourt was her boyfriend and later fiance, Chloe dated fellow dancer Julian DeGuzman. The romance began in 2018 but ended prematurely.

About Chloe East— She is an accomplished dancer/actress. Born in 2001 in California, Chloe began modeling at 9. By 11, she was taking acting classes. As an actress, she starred in “Liv and Maddie,” “True Blood,” and “Jessica Darling’s It List”.

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