In May 2021, Game of Thrones actor Elyes Gabel was arrested and charged with two counts of assault. For what?

Find out in the writing below. Also, never miss updates on what is to happen to him as well as facts about his wife.

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Elyes Gabel Arrested

British actor of partial Indian and Tunisian descent, Elyes Gabel allegedly choked and spit on his girlfriend while in New York on May 14, 2021. Following this, he was facing multiple criminal charges after his girlfriend accused him of assault on the said date.

According to the “misdemeanor complaint” acquired by E! News, Police arrested Elyes in New York on the same day around 1 p.m. On it, Elyes was held culpable for “recklessly” injuring and choking her.

However, still, Elyes’s lawyer told E! News in a statement that he denies all allegations. And, the E! News also decided not to name the World War Z actor’s girlfriend solely for her privacy.

Meanwhile, E! News also reported: “Elyes was charged with two counts of assault in the third degree and also with criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, aggravated harassment in the second degree, attempted assault in the third degree, and harassment in the second degree.”

And according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, a judge released Eyes without bail, his next court date scheduled for July 7th.

Elyes Gabel In Game Of Thrones (GOT)

Elyes Gabel was seen as Rakharo in Game of Thrones. Originally, his character’s name was supposed to be Jhogo, but HBO decided to change the name because it sounded too much like Drogo.

He initially made a guest appearance in the first season and returned in the role for the first two episodes of the second season and shortly, he was also written out.

GOT’s “The Night Lands” saw Elye’s character beheaded by other Khals to show their contempt for Daenarys. Rakharo was a well-liked character and even the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss agreed it was a pity to see Elyes make such an early exit.

It was later revealed they did not want to kill Rakharo at all, but Elyes had gotten offers for larger roles elsewhere and had no choice but to write him out.

His Age: How Old Is He?

Born on May 8, 1983, as ‘Elyes Cherif Gabel’, Elyes reached the age of 38 in 2021.

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Elyes Gabel Family

Elyse’s parents are Hocine Gabel and Irene (Gurney). His maternal grandparents are Albert S. Gurney and Margaret E. Hope.

He said he was incredibly close to his grandmother who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND).

“We were incredibly close and her diagnosis, life with the disease, and her death were some of the most impactful experiences of my life.”

Elyes was 9-year-old when he and his family moved to Manchester to live with her, in her house for many years. He still recalls how her grandma would have to break up the fights between him and his younger sister.

Elyes Gabel Ethnicity

Elyes is a mix of Asian, Hispanic, and White. He is particularly of English, Algerian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Anglo-Indian, Irish, and Portuguese descent. He was born in London also went on to live in Canada and Manchester.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

Elyes Gabel, in his athletic physique and handsome features, defined by the split chin, deep-set eyes, dark brown eyes, and hair of similar shade, stands to a height of 6 ft or 1.83 meters. Also, most lately, he weighed 72 kg or 159 lbs.

His Instagram

As we write this, it seemed, Elyes Gabel’s Instagram account may have been removed. Although his profile with more than 47.8K followers could be still spotted on Twitter. He was last active on the platform on Dec. 26, 2020.

Besides, there were also a few fan accounts.

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Elyes Gabel Net Worth

For his net worth, Elyes Gabel had already pulled in an estimated $2 million by Nov. 2015.

Elyes Gabel is an English actor, voiceover artist, director, producer, and writer best known for the roles Nuff in I Love Mummy, Walter O’Brien in Scorpion, Det. Adam Lucas in Body of Proof, Rakharo in Game of Thrones, Gurpreet “Guppy” Sandhu in Casualty, DC Jose Rodriguez in Identity, and Julian in A Most Violent Year.

Elyes Gabel Wife, Partner, Katharine McPhee

Elyes Gabel notably and openly dated American actress, singer, and songwriter, Katharine McPhee. It was quite a famous romance in town that lasted for almost two years.

They started going out in 2014 possibly after they co-starred in the TV show, Scorpion. Elyes and his then-romantic partner, Katharine went separate ways in June 2016 and the split was then told to be amicable and that they continued to be friends. At the time, Just Jared had reported, “They’re still friends and work together almost every day. They still love each other but just couldn’t make things work.”

The “Lick My Lips” singer had attended San Diego Comic-Con for the Scorpion panel on 25th July 2016 noticeably without Elyes. This was the closure her fans needed that she was no longer together with Elyes.

The duo was first rumored in Aug. 2014 after they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles amidst takes of their CBS series.

Before Elyes, Katharine was married to actor Nick Cokas from February 2008 until May 2014. And post-Elyes, she had a short-lived romance with Nick Harborne in 2017.

Today, Katharine, who is also the American Idol season 5 runner-up, has been married to record producer David Foster as of June 2019. (Before Katharine, David was married to his fourth wife Yolanda Hadid.)

Elyes Gabel, meanwhile, has never been married before. In fact, with all the recent trouble with his last partner, marriage is the last thing he has in mind.

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