Joey Edgar is a reality star best known for appearing on the popular History Channel show “Swamp People”.

Delve into this Joey Edgar wiki to know about his wife, net worth, and age.

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Joey Edgar Age

Joey Edgar celebrates his birthday every year on 8 August. Born in 1969, he turned 51 years old in 2020. Furthermore, Joey secured Leo as his zodiac sign.

Joey Edgar Family: Mom, Dad, Siblings

Hailing from the hometown of Louisiana, Joey Edgar was born to his dad Daniel Edgar and mom Juanita Broussard. A commercial fisherman and trapper by trade, Daniel established an empire that gained widespread recognition in their hometown for dominating the seafood industry.

The family profession could be traced back to the time of his grandfather, the man from whom Daniel learned the art of fishing. Later, he passed on the knowledge he had on his children and then grandchildren.

Daniel’s great-grandparents on their father’s side were of Francophone roots. They spoke French staying true to their roots even after living in Southern Louisiana. But, the family profession to a well-paying business did take a toll on their marriage.

Eventually, Joey’s parents divorced. However, they agreed to remain in a good term for their kids. Sadly, Joey lost his mother in 2018 when she took her last breath at the age of 68. As for his father, he is healthy & well, and effectively operating St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated. He also founded and partnered with the Louisiana Bait Products company.

More on the family, Joey is an elder among the two siblings. He has a brother named Dwaine.

About Joey Edgar Nationality

Even though the family inherited Creole ancestry bestowed by their mother. Being born in America, Joey Edgar owns American Nationality.

His Height

Joey Edgar has a stocky physique and looks formidable because of his build. Moreover, he weighed about 94 kilograms (207 kilograms). Moreover, he stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9.5 inches (1.76 meters).

His Instagram

To unfold details on Joey’s social media, he is on all of the social media platforms. His Instagram account earned 744 followers in total as of May 2021. Likewise, he gathered 378 followers on Twitter.

Moreover, he was also on Facebook and updated the profile regularly.

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Joey Edgar Net Worth

Sources online claim Joey Edgar owns above $1.5 million net worth. Appearing on “Swamp People,” he reportedly pockets $10K per episode.

Drawn to alligator hunting from a young age, Joey learned everything from his father and grandfather. Meanwhile, his brother Dwaine pursued a career in pro baseball.

With Joey behind its helm, the company ran by the Edgar family reportedly generated around 19 million pounds of bait annually. Per the 2020 data, the company hauled almost 500 thousand pounds catch a day.

Together with his father, Joey operates 500 acres of crawfish ponds. However, the month-long alligator hunting season is the most exciting part of their job. So is the act of collecting alligator eggs.

History Channel began airing “Swamp People” in 2010. Documenting the lives of alligator hunters in the Louisiana area, the show also touched on Cajun and Creole cultures.

Admittedly, Joey and his father were reluctant to join the show but had a change of heart. The father-son duo began appearing on “Swamp People” in 2014. They would turn into fan favorites over time.

Joey Edgar Wife

In 2002, Joey Edgar married his wife, Jennifer Brooks. The couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on 8th June.

Joey and Jennifer began dating around 2000, after meeting through mutual friends. The year 2021 marked their 19 years together.

By her admission, Jennifer had a crush on him since she was 13. For their first date, they went to crawfish at Mrs. Debra’s house. According to Jennifer, she is a more social and a better driver of the two.


Joey Edgar with his wife, Jennifer Brooks (Source: Facebook)

According to Jennifer’s Facebook profile, she hails from Chicago, Illinois. For education, she attended New Iberia Senior High School. Reportedly born in 1975, Jennifer was 46 years old in 2021. If true, she is 5 years older than Scott.

Joey Edgar Son

Joey Edgar and his wife, Jennifer Brooks are parents of 3 kids: Kallie, Karlie, and Cole. Their son, Cole was born on 23rd November 2005.

On Cole’s 14th birthday, Jennifer took to Facebook and wrote— Today we’re wishing our one and only son Cole a happy 14th birthday!! Wow, time is flying by too fast!! We are so blessed to have you as our son! Anyone who truly knows you know that You have a pure loving heart and a sweet gentle soul. Today’s your day son! Daddy and I love you!!!!


Joey Edgar’s son, Cole (Source: Facebook)

By marrying Jennifer, Joey became a step-father to her daughters from an earlier relationship. They are Kaurie Raphael and Caylin Moneaux.

From their grandfather, Kallie, and Cole began learning the insights of the family business. During the night shift, the siblings operated the soft shell crab system. Meanwhile, Karlie made an appearance on “Swamp People”. Whereas, Kaurie and Caylin worked around the office.

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