Colin Rea AKA FriendlyFelon43 from TikTok successfully created a cult of his own. By Summer 2020, his social media account boasted an impressive number of followers to whom he shares the prison stories.

Those stories based on his past ordeals eventually end-up making him a TikTok famous. Delve into this wiki-article to know more about his life.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Colin Rea was 18 years old when he was arrested in November of 2011. Based on that, as of 2020, he was 26 years old moving to 27.

Since no precise details on his birthday have been made public, Colin Rea’s zodiac still remains a mystery.

Colin Rea Wiki — Jail, Family, Hometown

Colin Anthony Rea was born to his Father David Rea and his mother Gina Giannascoli-Rea. He hailed from his hometown of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. While his father was allegedly in the U.S. military, his mother attended Wilson College and graduated from the same with a bachelor’s degree in psychology while minoring in sociology.

More on his family: he has two younger sisters: Isabella Rea and Alexandra Rea, and an anonymous older sister, and a younger brother named Ian Rea. While details on Alexandra and Ian remain obscure, Isabella Rea is a cheerleader who has competed in several events.

Tragedy struck the Rea family when Colin lost his father in 2019 for an undisclosed illness. But as Colin dropped hints, he suffered from Dementia and Colin was in prison the whole time he was sick. David is survived by his wife and his two children.

As for the reason behind going to jail, 18-year-old Colin and his accomplice Gabriel-Carson-Rivera then 19-years-old robbed Varner’s Country Store in Letterkenny Township, the Super 8 Motel in Greene Township, and the Kenmar Motel in Lurgan Township.

Judge Joseph D. Seletyn found him guilty in three counts, robbery graded as a first first-degree felony, criminal conspiracy to commit robbery at criminal action number 2084-2011, and attempted robbery at 2087-2011.

As the local police authority reported, his bail was set at $200,000.

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Colin Rea Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Colin Rea stands at a height of 5 feet 12 inches (1.82 meters) while he weighed 86 kilograms (189 lbs) at the time of this writing.

Moreover, his facial hair gave him a distinct feature. Some of his nearest and dearest commented on his social media saying that he resembled his dad, the more he gets older.

He also got a few tattoos on his body including his right side of the chests where he inked a massive tattoo that reads LOVE ALWAYS.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, TikTok

Getting into his social media reach, Colin created quite an impressive following on social media accounts. His Instagram account boasted a total of 25.8k followers (Aug 2020).

Likewise, Colin owned thriving TikTok followers of 674k at the time of this writing. The number has declared him a TikTok celebrity. He is also on Facebook and actively posts on the platform.

But, Colin’s activity on Twitter is almost non-existent.

Colin Rea Job, Net Worth, Education

The @friendlyfelon43 was in the high school year when he committed the crime and got arrested for the act. After being sent behind bars, he probably didn’t complete his high school years. He attended Chambersburg Area Senior High School.

Regarding the job he did to make the ends meet, it remained obscure as of August of 2020. But, he created a massive fan following on his social media.

Colin made his first TikTok and posted it on 17 September 2019. He made a video about his dad and shared details between the two.

He went on sharing prison stories and responded to his followers which gained him, followers, within a very short period of time. Along with that he also shared about how he felt and what it was like for him at the time?

Along with TikTok, Colin Rea explored his success on Instagram. His followers reached out to him on all of his platforms, every way possible. In a certain group of TikTok communities, he has been a celebrated man.

As of 2020, Colin Rea boasted an estimated net worth of little below $100 thousand.

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Colin Rea Girlfriend, Dating

Colin Rea posted many pictures but he was yet to reveal who he was dating at the time of this writing. He mostly shared pictures of his loved ones but didn’t delve into details regarding his potential girlfriend.

But prior to his arrest, Colin Rea was dating Karli Helman. The couple eventually parted ways, and Colin’s arrest might’ve been the alleged reason for the split.

As of 2020, Karli Helman was engaged to her fiance and also had a baby with him. She studied at Institute for Caregiver Education. She is also a licensed Practical Nurse working at Laurel Lakes Rehabilitation and Wellness Center.

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