Have you people watched Channel 5‘s new psychological thriller cum period piece, Anne Boleyn? The show that premiered on Channel 5 on 1 June 2021 is focused on the last few months of Anne Boleyn, the queen of England. While Jodie Turner-Smith plays the titular Anne Boleyn, Aoife Hinds plays the role of Princess Mary, also known as Bloody Mary.

Read this Aoide Hinds wiki below. Get to know her parents and her boyfriend. And, also find out her age and her net worth.

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Aoife Hinds Age, Birthday

As of February 2021, Aoife Hinds was 29 years of age. We do not know her birthday. So, she might still be 29, or she might have turned 30 in the months in between.

Since we did not know her birthday, we also do not know her zodiac sign.

Aoife Hinds Nationality, Parents

Aoife Hinds was born to parents Ciaran Hinds and Helene Patarot. Both of her parents are quite successful actors, especially her father was a very popular Belfast actor. He has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows and stage productions. His most famous roles were in movies Excalibur (1981), Jane Eyre (1997), Screen Two: Persuasion (1995), etc.

Her mother is a French-Vietnamese actress, who has appeared in esteemed productions like the 1990 TV mini-series The Mahabharata, The Lover (1992), Paris, je t’aime (2006), etc.

Because her parents come from different ethnicities, her father from Irish, and her mother from French and Vietnamese, Aoife Hinds was also of mixed descent. Her nationality, however, is British. She grew up in London and Paris and spoke both English and French. She also represents Ireland’s cultural diversity.

It was most likely that Aoife had no siblings. At least, there was no evidence of it. Other members of her family were Gerry Hinds (grandfather), Moya Hinds (grandmother). She also had four aunts on her father’s side.

During her university days, Aoife studied International Relations.

Her Height, Measurements

Aoife Hinds is quite a tall woman, standing at a height of 5 ft 9 inches. And she weighed about 61 kgs circa 2021. Her other physical features include her dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Although Aoife has a slim physique, we do not know the exact measurements of Aoife’s figure.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Aoife did not seem to be present on any social media platforms. We could find her neither on Instagram nor on Facebook. Her parents were also not present on social media.

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Aoife Hinds Net Worth

By 2021, Aoife Hinds had earned a net worth of over $300 thousand.

Aoife Hinds caught the acting bug from her parents. She was inspired by seeing her father on stage and was excited by seeing her mother touring. She made her acting debut in 2018 with a lesser-known movie called The Commuter.

And Aoife is mostly known for her roles in shows like Derry Girls (2019), Normal People (2020), and the most recent Anne Boleyn (2021). Although she had small roles in all three shows, the roles were quite significant and she had performed well in all three. In Derry Girls, she played Mae Chung. In Normal People, she played the character of Helen, who is the girlfriend of one of the main characters Connell, played by Paul Mescal.

And in Anne Boleyn, she played the character of Princess Mary, who later went on to become the queen of England and earn the title of Bloody Mary because of her atrocious acts. In an interview, Aoife had said that she never thought she was going to play in a period drama, let alone the role of a Queen of England.

Both of her characters, in Normal People as well as in Anne Boleyn, were originally white. But she did a great job of moving the audience’s focus on how they looked to who they truly were. She also commented elsewhere that she loved to see the leading parts played by actors of ethnic minorities.

Apart from her acting performances, she had also lent her vocals to commercials. Currently, she was managed by Kate Buckley of 42 Management.

Aoife Hinds Boyfriend, Husband

Aoife Hinds did not seem to have any boyfriends in 2021. In an interview, she told that she was currently living in Paris, looking after her grandmother. It seemed like Aoife did not have anybody else to quarantine with and when she first went to Paris for holidays, she remained there to take care of her grandmother.

There was, however, one on-screen boyfriend. In Normal People, Paul Mescal‘s character is the boyfriend of Aoife’s character. They study at the same university and dating. Paul and Aoife were also good friends off the screen.

Once when they were shooting in Ireland, a bunch of young kids said some racial slurs at her. Paul instantly wanted to confront those kids but Aoife stopped him. Later, she said in an interview that she regretted stopping Paul from confronting the kids.

Paul is a British actor who rose to fame with his character of Connell in BBC Three‘s series called Normal People, which was the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s juggernaut novel of the same name.

And as far as we knew, Aoife Hinds was not married and did not have a husband as of 2021. She was still in the market and probably single as well.

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