Dear readers, do you know anything about the Amish community? Or do you want to know? Or you are an Amish but you want to know about the experiences of other people just like you. If your answer to any of those questions is yes, read this article about Daniel Byler.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Daniel and his Amish roots. We will also talk a little about the reality show for which he is famous: Return to Amish.

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Daniel Byler Age

We do not know the exact birth date of Daniel Byler. However, there were some reports that his age was in the 20s.

And since we do not know his birthday, we also do not know about his zodiac sign.

Daniel Byler Teeth

The public first saw Daniel in the reality TV show, Return to Amish, and they were shocked by his teeth. Daniel had really awkward teeth. The story was that when he was a child he accidentally drank Drano, a chemical used to clean the clogs in the drains.

Because of that accident, not only his teeth were ruined, but he also had scars all over the body, including his face. Doctors recommended he have plastic surgery to remove the scars, but his Amish parents decided to not do that.

They believed that it was God’s will for him to look that way. So, he did not have his scars removed not he got his teeth fixed by any dentists. And although there was a tradition among Amish people of removing the teeth and replacing them with dentures, Daniel did not get that either.

Apart from that, Daniel has a rather cute person with many people saying so on Twitter. Also, he stood at a very normal height of 5 ft 11 inches.

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His Parents, Hometown

Daniel’s hometown was Dorset, Ohio. And he was born to Amish parents and grew up in an Ohio Mennonite community. As far as we know, he is no longer Amish. And he had left his community in Ohio and was currently living in Harrisville, Pennsylvania.

While the names of his parents were not known exactly, there were the names of the other family members we dug out from a little social media research.

Daniel’s family members include Jonathon Byler, Elizabeth Byler Panner, Paul Byler, Andy Byler, Ada Marie Byler, Barby Byler. We do not know the relationship between Daniel and any of those family members.

His nickname among his loved ones was Smutzy.

Daniel Byler IG

Daniel Byler was not very big on social media. He was present on Instagram and Facebook but not on Twitter or any other social media platforms.

On IG, he had 269 followers. He had 24 posts in total, the earliest of which was dated 2017.

His Job, Net Worth

We do not know which university Daniel went to or if he went to any. We do know, however, that he went to Jefferson Area for his high school education.

For his living, Daniel Byler had a job as a Taxi driver. And the average salary of a taxi driver in Pennsylvania, where he currently, lived was about $832 per week. Moreover, he had also appeared in a reality TV show called Return to Amish. More about the show in the next section.

Apart from his major job, Daniel also had a lot of hobbies. For instance, he loved riding bulls as well as buck hunting. He also loved his trucks.

And as of 2021, Daniel Byler had amassed a net worth of about $350 thousand.

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Maureen And Daniel Byler: Dating, Engaged, Still Together?

As we have already said, Daniel Byler is one of the mainstays of TLC‘s new reality show Return to Amish. Daniel appeared on the show by way of his girlfriend Maureen Byler. Maureen is one of the newest addition to the cast of the long-running show.

Maureen Byler and Daniel first met when Maureen took a ride in Daniel’s taxi. She thought he was handsome and she gave him her number and asked him to call her. While we do not know how the relationship progressed after that, but they did start dating.

And they eventually engaged on 24 July 2020. At the least, the relationship status on their FB profiles was updated on 24 July 2020. They have not yet announced any wedding dates.

Regarding the question of whether or not they were still together in 2021. Out best guess would be yes. The final episode of the sixth season of Return to Amish aired recently on 26 April 2021 and they were still together in the storyline.


Daniel Byler with his girlfriend Maureen Byler circa March 2020 (PC: Daniel’s IG)

The thing is though, the episodes must have been shot a while ago. So, there is not really exact information regarding their current status. But then there was also not any news of their separation. We think it would be alright to say that they are still together.

Daniel Byler Ex

Before meeting and falling in love with Maureen Byler, Daniel Byler was in a relationship with a woman called Rose Spangler. When he was with his ex, they also had a daughter named Madison Marie.

Daniel’s daughter was born on 15 August 2018. And she lived with her mother (Daniel’s ex) in Junction City, Ohio.

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  2. […] Also, Don’t Miss: Daniel Byler Wiki: Return To Amish, Teeth, Maureen Byler […]

  3. […] See Also – Daniel Byler Wiki: Return To Amish, Teeth, Maureen Byler […]

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