Bronny James, son of star NBA player LeBron James, has grown up to become a fine athlete. In early November 2020, Bronny turned the heads of his fans after he commented on a post of an Instagram model.

Scroll down, as the wiki-article addresses two questions, who is Bronny James’ girlfriend, and what is his total net worth?

Biography — Age, Mother, Siblings

Bronny James was born to basketball legend father LeBron James and mother Savannah Brinson. hailed from the hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, the United States.

While not much is required to be told about Lebron, Savannah is a businesswoman and a philanthropist who speaks loudly of empowering women. She is best known for launching Women of Our Future.

Talking about siblings, Bronny James is the eldest of the three James siblings. He has a younger brother named Bryce Maximus James and a sister named Zhuri James, the youngest of the bunch.

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Bronny James Height

Bronny James stands tall at the height a little above 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters), just a few inches shorter than his father who stands at the height of 6 feet 9 inches (2. 06 meters).

Moreover, Bronny James weighed 80 kilograms (176 lbs) as listed on the public records.

What Is Bronny James Net Worth?

Before delving into details regarding Bronny James’s net worth, he attended Sierra Canyon School. He also attended Old Trail School and the Crossroads School.

Being born to a legend comes with higher expectations that live on generation after generation. Based on that, Bronny fell under the radar of college recruits as a young athlete. Before Bronny even turned 10 years old, he had already attracted the attention of colleges.

While Bronny was in high school, the University of Kentucky offered him a scholarship.

Sierra Canyon is one of the top high school basketball teams and the team has received hype personalities such as Drake and Jamie Foxx. With access to all the requirements to make it into the NBA, he could make a name for himself.

Often, Lebron’s and Bronny’s skills were put side by side by analysts who wanted to predict his potentials. Paul Biancardi, ESPN national recruiting director scouted LeBron James in the early 2000s and he is doing the same with Bronny.

As Paul said, Bronny’s passing is similar to LeBron’s at the time. But, shooting from outside, Bronny’s jumper surpassed his father at the same age.

Bronny James is all set to be recruited in the 2023 team, and hype has been built around that. But he has a lot to work on when it comes to his skills.

As reports submitted by 247Sports’s Evan Daniels commended his athletics. Evan praised the feels for the game which Bronny possessed, his passing, and his vision.

Bronny is also an impressive shooter with good shot mechanics. He comfortably performs one- and two-dribble pull-ups and carries immense potential for becoming a long-range shooter.

With all of these skills, Lebron is sure to attract several million dollars contributing to his net worth. But for now, he is worth around $100 thousand, and whatever he inherits from his multi-millionaire father.

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Who Is Bronny James Girlfriend, Isavbarr?

On 5 November 2020, Lebron James Jr. AKA Bronny James commented on a girl’s Instagram post. He commented on the social media post of an Instagram model named ISAVBARR.

Brief scrutiny suggested that ISAVBARR or Isabella has been on Instagram starting from February 2020. She further wrote on her bio that she inherits Brazilian and Venezuelan heritage.

In the post with two photographs of Isabella, Bronny commented on the post a princess with a crown. As of this writing, his comments earned 2317 likes in total with 257 comments.

What’s more, Isabella is undoubtedly an attention grabber with her curves.

But, Bronny & Isabella’s relationship is yet to be confirmed.

Before Isabella, Bronny James appeared on TikTok with his new “girlfriend” who went by the name @itspeytonbabyy on TikTok. The pair acted silly and playful on the TikTok and most assumed they were together and happy with each other.

Furthermore, the girl’s real name was Peyton Sama, a member of The Vault House. However, not everyone entertained the relationship between Brony and Peyton.

Bronny faced criticism for finding a white girl for himself. But a few of his fans defended him claiming people talk about equality, but when Bronny is dating a white girl, people feel offensive.

No matter, Bronny James has taken a liking and we as a fan of him and his father are excited to see how far does the relationship between the two goes.

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